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St. Louis, MO… 8 years ago…

So, I was trying to get a job as a pizza delivery guy.

I had a stable job. I was supporting my family. But I felt like something was missing

Not only did I loathe my job, but we had another kid on the way. So, even with a professional background, a professional degree, and a professional job, I figured I’d start delivering pizza so I could make some extra dough on the side. (Logical, right?)

And little did I know, trying to get a job delivering pizza was one of the hardest things I ever had to do!

Why was this so hard?

I kept getting rejection after rejection – yes, from pizza delivery places! – because I didn’t have what it took to “deliver pizzas”.


You can imagine how this felt. Was I really not good enough to even deliver one lousy pizza?

Bruised ego aside, I still held on to my dream of making a little more money so that I could enjoy spending more time with my family, supporting them, and actually doing work that I enjoyed.

So because pizza places were throwing my resume out the window, I started researching how to make money online.

I had Never Been More WRONG In My Life

During this time I happened to get introduced to one of the most amazing industries that just happens to be at the peak of ripeness. What am I talking about about? 2 words…


More specifically, “Online Courses”. (Now a $107 Billion industry and growing!)

You see, I hate risk. (Especially after failing so many times)

My goal for the past decade has been to figure out how to create a business that didn’t rely on me having to do something I hated.

For me to dive headlong into another business, it needed to be fail-proof. I didn’t have much ego left to damage.

It needed to NOT rely on me exchanging time for money like getting a 2nd job or delivering pizzas.

It needed to be rejection proof.

Then, 8 years ago…I did it. And now I want to show you exactly how you can do the same thing.

But first.. I want to tell you a story.


A few years back, I started reading blogs like and Pat Flynn’s and I was excited about the thought of blogging, self-publishing, eBooks etc., and all the other opportunities I saw to help people and start making a side income at the same time.

And then I did what few people do.I actually started 2 blogs and wrote an ebook. That’s right. I took action. Without knowing what I was doing or where I was going. But I knew to win I had to be in the game.

So I spent months writing this instructional e-book. I thought I would self-publish it – everyone would buy it – love it – and tell their friends to buy it.

  • 😰 I agonized over every word.
  • 🖼 Meticulously added in pictures in all the right spots,
  • 🧐 Researched quotes that reinforced my message.
  • 👌 Everything was perfect.


No one told their friends about it

And no one saw all the pretty pictures and mind-blowing quotes.

I lost lots of money and almost a year of my life working on projects like these that never saw the light of day. Not to mention the precious time sacrificed away from my family that I will never get back. The only thing I gained during that time was a few grey hairs related to stress (ugh again)

⏩ Fast forward to the present day…

Today, Learn Scrivener Fast has generated over $5 million in online sales and helped more than 28,543 students (and counting).

I’m no special snowflake. I’m just a guy from Missouri who figured it out. And with the right guidance and accountability, you, too, can achieve what I have, if not more.


Waking up every weekday, without an alarm clock, and instead of rushing out the door to commute to a job you hate, walking to your home office and firing up your laptop to check course sales that came in while you were sleeping.

But that’s not the best part…

The thing that matters most, what really makes it all worthwhile, is reading emails from students all over the world, thanking you for helping them solve their problems.

This isn’t a pipedream. This isn’t something that’s just for a select few.

This is what it’s like to have a successful online course. And, contrary to popular belief, it only takes one course. But it has to be the right one.

One that influences people’s lives and changes the world for the better…

One that creates an impact.

One that you can start building today.

Creating An Online Course Has Literally Changed My Life

  • $40,000 a month in passive income (when I started I just wanted an extra $300 a month).
  • Grew my email list by 50,000
  • Allowed me to quit my day job
  • Allowed my wife to quit her job and homeschool our children
  • Allowed me to spend precious time with my family (instead of commuting and sitting in traffic)
  • Allowed us to travel, see the world, and make lifetime memories (since an internet connection is all you need to run an online business!)
  • Allowed me to do work I love instead of loathe (while also helping other people and experiencing true fulfilment with my work)
  • Allowed me to connect with high-level influencers (*hint: an online course is the best business card and key to getting your foot in the door!)
  • Gave me options to pick and choose what I wanted to work on.

and the list goes on and on…

I don’t say that as a pat on the back, but to show you that If an average guy from Missouri can do this, you can too!

The Easy Course Creation Process Is

Is Taught Over 6 Easy To Follow Modules




We’ll start at the beginning and lay the foundation for building an exceptional course that people are excited to go through. I’ll share with you my secret formula for coming up with course ideas that won’t leave you spending months creating something that no one buys.

Also included in Module #1:

  • 3 “must have” elements every successful course contains—and they have nothing to do with the training itself.
  • ​Why your excitement level is critical—and how to quickly determine exactly what “sets you on fire” and will help build momentum.
  • 4 ways to quickly identify exactly what your ideal student needs right now—get this right, and your course will sell itself.
  • ​Why your course must align with your business brand—and how to test any potential course ideas before investing time in it.
  • ​The one goal all course instructors must keep in mind—miss this and you’ll be wasting valuable time, money and energy for very little benefit.
  • My top strategy for fast (and accurate) market research—just one hour of your time can bring in dozens of ideas.
  • ​How to know if people are willing to pay for specific training—because the last thing you want to do is create a course you cannot sell!
  • ​10 popular course types with real life examples, so you can see where your idea might fit.
  • ​9 different ways to structure your course—and how to choose the right one for your business and your audience.



Once you know what you’re going to offer, it’s time to talk pricing. And let’s face it, this is where a lot of new (and even established) creators get stuck. After all, if you price yourself too high, you run the risk of losing sales. Too low, and your potential audience might wonder if your course has any value at all.

Also included in Module #2:

  • The number one question you must answer positively—because a “no” here will send you right back to the drawing board.
  • The 2-step process that virtually guarantees the best price for your course—This one strategy will greatly reduce your stress levels over pricing!
  • What to do if you’re facing a true “money block” over pricing—and how to identify the issue quickly so you can move past it
  • How to help financially strapped prospects—not everyone will be able to afford your course, but you can still help them if you adopt one of these 3 strategies.
  • Why overloading bonuses is not a good tactic—and how it can actually reduce the value of your new course.
  • One course element that will turn buyers into raving fans—and two easy ways to incorporate it into everything you do.
  • How to engage your students—and help ensure sales of future courses at the same time



If you’re like a lot of super creative, heart-centered teachers, module 3 is where the magic will happen. By this time you’ve probably already outlined your course—maybe several times. You already know what you’ll charge for it and who will buy it and why they need it.

What you don’t know (yet) – is how you will deliver it. In module 3 I’ll walk you through the techy bits and relieve that feeling of overwhelm so you can finally release your new course to the world.

Also included in Module #3:

  • 3 essential tools every course seller needs—plus a few optional (but nice to have) systems
  • What you must know about delivery options—and how to choose the right one for you.
  • ​Why a new domain name for your course is critical—and how to choose the right one
  • ​My top resources list—save time and money by browsing through the proven solutions for everything from graphics to calendar management.
  • ​How to simplify the creation process—so you can get on with the marketing and attracting students
  • ​Content creation traps to watch for—knowing where the pitfalls lie will save you a ton of work (and money, too).
  • 2 powerful ways to name your course—get this right, and you’ll both attract your ideal student, and turn away those who aren’t a good fit…and all before they even hit your sales page



Now that you have all the pieces in place, it’s time to get the word out and make your course a raving success. I have a simple plan for making that happen, and it’s all laid out for you in module 4…

Also included in Module #4:

  • How to know “what’s next” in your product creation plan—this is a critical consideration, and will help determine how successful your first course is
  • ​How to create a compelling incentive that magically grows your list—and the drop-dead easy way to create a gift that perfectly resonates with your ideal participant.
  • ​8 elements of a successful landing page—when you get this right, you’ll enjoy a flood of signups
  • ​How to craft a follow-up series of emails—and 4 ways to write enticing subject lines that encourage opens.
  • ​A proven, 7-email map for launch—follow this plan and you’ll set yourself up for success (even with a tiny list)
  • ​10 powerful pre-launch sales strategies—use these to get your audience excited for your new course!
  • ​How to manage customer support—and how to take the stress out of refunds and other requests
  • How to seamlessly incorporate masterminds and VIP days into your overall marketing plan—and without feeling like a fraud!



This is my favorite module! You’ll get to watch over my shoulder as I build out a course from start to finish. This is where you get to connect all the dots from the previous lessons — but rather than simply telling you what to do next…I want to SHOW you.

Also included in Module #5:

  • How I outline a course using both a linear outlining system and something more visual like a mindmap – perfect for those who struggle with writer’s block and want to learn how to “unlock” ideas
  • My favorite way to collect research from the web and & those random bursts of inspiration – this one free tool is all you need
  • How I create course worksheets and where I host them for downloading
  • The little known FREE tool I use to create those PDFs with fillable forms (student’s love these)
  • My step-by-step process for creating slides (hint: templates are key
  • How I record, edit, and upload my course videos
  • ​The specific tools I use to keep on track, organized, and actually enjoying the process
  • My two favorite ways to get the right logo for my course.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how I setup my best-selling course, Learn Scrivener Fast – I show you every detail. (Until now this was only available to private coaching clients)
  • How to pick the best pictures for your lessons, illustrations & sales pages
  • ​An exact email series you can use to launch your first product to your email list
  • And so much more!



Module 6 is all about the finishing touches. It’s time to put the icing on the cake course! Having the right graphics will not only facilitate learning for your students, but it’s also the secret to making your course stand out and appear credible.

Also included in Module #6:

  • The #1 mistake course creators make when designing their own courses
  • Where to “swipe” multiple examples of winning course designs without paying a single penny. (Perfect if you suck at design–just copy these and you’re good to go.)
  • 2 places to get professional looking course logos without blowing your course budget
  • How you can design 99% of the stuff you’ll need with Canva for free – I’ll show you how
  • My secret for creating those fancy 3D product shots (hint: you can do this even if you can’t draw a straight line)
  • Where I find my slide deck templates – and how to tweak them to match your own branding
  • How to find an abundance of royalty free pictures to use in your training materials
  • My two favorite ways to get the right logo for my course.
  • ​My 2 “can’t live without” tools for creating high-quality screenshots
  • Plus much much more!

Bonus #1

Behind The Scenes Course Tours

(Every detail explained!)

Join me on a guided tour as I take you behind the scenes of some of my top-rated and best-selling courses. You‘ll get to see exactly how everything was set up and understand the thought process behind it all. I’ll point out the design elements, the layout, the curriculum design, and even my secret must-haves that most courses lack.

You’ll see behind the scenes of:

  • Learn Scrivener Fast (over 20,000 students)
  • ​30-Day Book Writing Bootcamp (2,347 students)
  • ​Amazon Bestseller Blueprint (2,714 students)
  • Unchained Writer Membership (647 members)
  • Writer’s Treasure Chest (7,516 students)
  • ​Writer’s Block Relief (2,062 students)
  • ​Weekend Book Warrior (New)
  • ​Outline Your Book (New)

🍭 Think of it like “Inspiration Candy” to get those creative juices flowing!

Bonus #2

Tools & Resources Collection

I’ve specifically curated a collection of tools & resources that will help you create your online course so you don’t have to think and waste time searching. When it comes time to tackle various aspects of your course, just open up this massive collection of organized resources, find the tool, app, or service you need and then get back to business.

Bonus #3

Automated Courses

(Repeat Sales System)

What If You Could “Launch” Less & Set Up Your Online Course So It (Literally!) Sells Itself?

Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s not. It’s a very real possibility. The problem is that most course creators are selling their courses the hard way. They’re pouring endless hours (not to mention dollar bills) into large launches that happen 1-4x a year,–when the truth is there is a multitude of other, low-impact (and low-stress!) ways to add more course sales to your monthly profit margins.

If you think outside the box and implement just a few fun & simple marketing systems and processes, you can sell more of your course (or courses!) without showing up on Facebook Live 3-5x a day or churning out 25+ sales emails and their accompanying social media posts every few months.

And that’s where this bonus comes in.


Automated Courses: Create Your Dream Course and Get Paid for it Over and Over Again!

In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn a simple system for marketing your course (or courses) and bringing in significantly more cash–without solely relying on exhausting live launches.

One of the biggest benefits of online courses is the ability to get paid over and over again for the work you do once. This system makes that a reality while also allowing you to help more people and make a greater impact without working more hours.

Bonus #4

Profitability Predictor Calculator

Eliminate your risk of spending months creating something that no one buys!

The Easy Course Creation Profitability Calculator is designed to help you quickly and efficiently analyze a potential course topic for profitability. I believe that a good course creation strategy begins with a solid plan built upon solid math.

However, that math doesn’t need to be confusing, difficult, or complicated. So, if you’d like to know if the market is going to respond to your course idea BEFORE creating it, then you’ll love the Easy Course Creation Profitability Calculator. It will help you maximize your profit while lowering your risk.

Bonus #5

Built-In Promotion

I’m determined to help you succeed in any way that can. Sometimes you just need that extra boost to get the ball rolling. I can still remember how the doors seemed to unlock when someone of influence helped spread the word about my course. It meant the world to me. And now I want to return the favor and “Pay it forward’.

Here’s the deal: If you’re willing to put in the work — I’ll help spread the word of your finished course through my social media channels and give you the option to be featured as a case study to my 50,000 + email subscribers.

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