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Charm Offensive Professional is for you if…

  • You’re a freelancer, agency owner, sales professional, copywriter, marketer, and anyone else who wishes to become more successful online.
  • You’ve never sent a cold pitch or done a sales call in your life.
  • You’ve got a few clients, but are reliant on word of mouth to get more – and you want to be more proactive in your sales tactics.
  • You’ve been in business a little while, but want to make some big leaps.
  • You want to go from working with smaller clients to big brands (or whoever your dream clients are).
  • You want to get PR coverage for yourself or your clients.
  • You want to add a new revenue stream by learning to build a tribe just like Charm Offensive Professional, to sell your expertise at scale.
  • You want the support of a community of digital entrepreneurs, marketers, sales professionals, freelancers, developers, copywriters, VAs, cartoonists, magicians, and other assorted but talented weirdos.
  • You want to be able to access the Charm Offensive Content Vault – containing materials worth £20k – for a fraction of the cost!

Every response I got to my cold emails has given me such a buzz

I stumbled upon the Charm Offensive methods through a recommendation from someone, and as soon as I did some investigating, I instantly LOVED Jon’s style.

After about 2 seconds of deliberating, I signed up to his Charm Offensive Professional subscription, and have absolutely no regrets about this. He made me realise that CEO’s, and high-up executives, are just people who are human and like to laugh too.

The value he provides in this subscription (especially with the price it is) is unbelievable! Every response I got to my cold emails has given me such a buzz, and made me very, very appreciative!! If you have a business and are looking to reach out to new prospects, Jon’s methods are definitely the right way to go!

Since joining Pro I’ve launched digital products, changed my business model, and made a lot more money

I’ve left approximately 2534 testimonials for Charm, but here am I again.

If you’re not a member of charm pro, you need to be – fact.

It’s like a family, everybody happy to help out with everything including copy, productivity, and even finding football cards from 1984 (true story).

Since joining Charm Offensive Professional, I’ve got more done in the last 4 months than the year before! Launched digital products, changed my business model, making a lot more money and more importantly I’m a happier person.

The support from Jon, Gary, and all other the charm pro members is invaluable and no matter where you are in your business journey, their smarts are ridiculously useful.

Charm pro is really as good as we all say it is

Your word of mouth referrals will eventually run out and when they do you’ll be pressured to buy ads or go live everyday for the next 99 days in a row.

Or you can believe that there is no one better to directly sell your offer than you.

That’s why you should join Charm Pro because it’s true.

You are the best person for the job, and with Jon’s stuff your potential clients will be happy you sold them.

Charm pro is really great and as good as we all say it is.

So what’s already in the Charm Offensive Professional vault?


Access to download well over 250 templates in all 16 of my packs (and counting), including sequences for cold pitching and closing deals, following up old leads, securing job interviews, and tons more.

Total Value: £12,495

Courses & Trainings

Access all videos, swipe files, and templates for all 10 of my full courses, including the original unorthodox lead generation & marketing course Always Be Winning.

Total Value: £7,711

Ebooks & Swipe Files

Download all 7 of my full ebooks to learn about how I write and construct my email templates, the tribe-building lessons I’ve learned, as well as the best bits from the Charm Offensive facebook group.

Total Value: £624


The subscription comes complete with a private Professional Charmers Facebook Group where you can interact with other ambitious charmers and suggest new content to be created.

Let’s have a look at the template packs…

Copy My Copy

A variety of my most effective charming copy templates – and the crafty tactics, formulas, devices, and little nuances that make them so successful.

Imagine being able to write your own stand out, disarming copy that enables you to open opportunities for yourself whenever you want – and achieve whatever your heart (or bank account) desires.

Well, there’s no need to merely daydream. I’m giving you the exact copy templates to be able to do all of these things – and more.

You’ll not only get the templates, you’ll get a line-by-line breakdown of every tactic, device, formula, and nuance contained in my unorthodox, impressive, persuasive, disarming, effective copy templates.

Charming Smooth Operations Template Pack

A gargantuan offering bursting at the seams with a plethora of templates, perfect for B2B professionals, agency owners, and freelancers

Running your own business takes a lot of work – and the donning of multiple hats. Sure, your much-deliberated title is Managing Director, CEO, or Interim Head of Stationery but what does that look like day to day? You have to open leads, close deals, manage existing client relationships, foster a positive working environment with your team, and a whole lot more. These templates will help.

The Smooth Operations Template Pack also features a simple, yet comprehensive template in Google Slides format that allows you to put together a quick audit in 10 minutes. These audits are excellent bait to convince prospects to agree to a phone call.

The pack includes filled-out, example audit templates for:

  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • PR Coverage
  • UX

The Pivot Pack

A selection of templates to empower you to help businesses transitioning to digital

The world is increasingly working from home – now, more than ever. Many businesses will need help with this transition – and that’s where you come in. This pack will give you the tools to help.

The All-In-One B2B Template Pack

40 charming templates to cover many business needs

An assortment of templates for getting responses for a variety of ‘asks’ one has to make in business. This includes everything from pitching for new business, inviting yourself onto podcasts, re-engaging old contacts, getting your invoices paid, and a whole lot more.

Charming Christmas Template Pack

14 Christmas and New Year themed templates

This pack contains a variety of charming templates to use during the holiday period, cheekily taking advantage of the feeling of Christmas cheer to get the attention of old clients, send festive cold pitches, build your referral business, and more.

Charming Cold Open Template Pack

29 templates PLUS three bonuses

Charming cold open templates for a wide range of scenarios to grow your business in creative ways. Also included are bonus ebooks and swipe files focusing on LinkedIn prospecting, Instagram for B2B sales, and direct mail inspiration.

Charming Common Ground Template Pack

14 templates PLUS two bonuses

Charming cold pitch templates to send prospects with whom you have things in common – sports teams, hobbies, cities, musical tastes… Also included is a prospect research mini-guide and a ‘robotic phrases’ cheat sheet for improving your copy.

Charming Follow-Up Sequence Template Pack

9 sequences (63 email templates in total)

Even the most relevant, impressive, hilarious, and persuasive opening gambit might not get a response. The trick is to ask “You didn’t reply to my email I sent 2 days ago. Are you interested?” in a way that doesn’t infuriate even the most patient of people. Enter this pack. Includes nine sequences, each comprising seven emails.

Charming Lead Generation Template Pack

17 templates (plus 10 bonus templates!)

This pack contains templates for generating leads for specific types of discipline, including content for both freelancers and agencies. This pack also contains my “5 stages of grief” follow-up sequence, which you can add as a sequence to be sent after any initial cold email template you choose.

Charming LinkedIn Sales Template Pack

18 templates plus two video trainings

If you would like to generate more leads with LinkedIn, this pack is for you. Contains templates for connection requests, follow up messages, and message templates to send people when they’ve announced they have a new job, it’s their birthday, and other occasions. It also contains templates for LinkedIn posts to pitch your business and two bonus videos showing you how to make your LinkedIn bio funnier.

Charming SaaS Template Pack

9 templates to help with your SaaS business

A variety of templates for use in SAAS businesses. This includes templates for order confirmations, expired credit cards, asking customers why they didn’t purchase after a free trial and other messages used for communicating with both trial users and paying customers.

Charming Upwork Cover Letter Template Pack

Cover letter template plus video training

This pack contains an effective cover letter template to accompany your pitches and an explainer video explaining how to amend it to your needs. If you search hard enough on UpWork, you can find decent paying work. This template will help you win more business on this platform.

Inboxing Clever: Scroll Stopping Subject Line Pack

TONS of subject lines, plus three bonuses

A pack of subject line suggestions to increase your email open rates. Includes subject lines for cold pitching and emailing an opted in list, for launches, sales, holidays, promos, pitches, and follow-ups. Also some bonus inspiration on using emojis in your subject lines.

Charming Black Friday & Cyber Monday Template Pack

14 templates PLUS coupon image templates

This template pack contains a range of charming cold pitch templates for taking advantage of this commercial holiday. These can be used on cold email or LinkedIn to generate gushing, positive responses – leading to sales calls and meetings.

Charming Autoresponder Sequences Template Pack

17 sequences for a total of 60 templates

When people sign up to your list, you can opt to send them a sequence of emails that introduces you and pitches your products and services. This is known as an ‘autoresponder’ sequence. This pack contains a variety of autoresponder sequences to send prospects who have downloaded your lead magnet, to help convert new subscribers into customers.

PLUS Extras, Bonuses, and Requested Templates

10 templates and 4 swipe files

These are bespoke copy templates that have been requested by members in the Charm Offensive Professionals Facebook Group (yes, if you sign up, you can request stuff too!)

What About all the Full Courses?

Let’s take a look…

Always Be Winning

The Original Unorthodox Lead Generation & Marketing Course
(Value: £1,999 & HUGELY SUCCESSFUL)

Always Be Winning puts you in a position where you are never worried about how you’re gonna find new clients. You’re always going to have opportunities.

You can get in front of any type of business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local business, an exciting and innovative start up, or even a global brand. You can meet any type of person – even if they’re a journalist at a national publication, an industry expert you look up to, or the CEO of a gigantic corporation.

You will be able to open opportunities for yourself whenever you want… and when you’re able to do that, life gets really exciting.

I never thought I’d give this information away, which I guess is why I sold it instead.

Always Be Winning comes in 4 modules:

  1. Your Pitch To The World: Crafting your story, your pitch and your offering. This course will show you how to succeed without needing websites, social media followings, or email lists! Learn to develop an offering that’s compelling and specific, find out who your ideal clients are, and write the perfect story that endears you to your prospects.
  2. Disarm With Charm: Learn how to find your ideal clients online and get their contact details. Then I’ll show you how to write compelling copy the “Charm Offensive” way – an approach that cuts through the noise and gets your target customers to actually respond and want to talk to you. Finally, I teach how to manage the whole process so you build opportunities for yourself right now – and in the coming weeks, months, and years.
  3. Build Your Influence: That’s the outbound stuff sorted, but you also want leads to come to you. I’ll show you how to build your influence online using the same cold pitching tactics you use to generate leads. Find and invite yourself on podcasts that your clients listen to, find and convince journalists and other influencers to write about you, and build yourself a following around your expertise.
  4. Conversations Into Cash: This set of training videos shows you how to follow up with interested prospects, the questions to ask before a sales call, during a call sales call, and how to create and send a proposal that has the best chance of winning the deal. Learn how to create proposals that stand out, how to open the meeting, and how to follow up afterwards to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Inspiring Influence

Learn to build your tribe and sell your expertise at scale

(Value: £789)

Want to run your own tribe and sell your expertise at scale? This course takes you from how to decide what your tribe should be about, to growing it organically, to launching your first digital products.

There’s nothing wrong with selling your time, but time is finite. At a certain point, the only way to make more money is to charge more for your time. Digital products are infinitely scalable. You can help more people by distilling your expertise down into digital products.

Your expertise can be sold many times over.

This course will show you how you how to add a new revenue stream to your existing business, in these modules:

  1. Launch: Developing the theme/hook, creating your group & email list, creating your first lead magnet, creating your first posts & acquiring your first 100 members.
  2. Engage: Creating content that gets engagement, creating a community ‘feel’ and catering to the needs of your audience while still leading.
  3. Grow: Using growth hacking techniques, posting ethically in other ‘complementary’ groups, putting yourself out there, building relationships with other influencers, and building an engine of social proof.
  4. Sell: Asking your audience what they want, productising your expertise, developing your first products and launching your first course.

Have Your Way With Words

Learn to write copy that captivates and charms

If you’d like to learn how to write more entertaining and captivating copy, Have Your Way With Words is for you. This includes my ‘humour writing’ template pack which includes templates and explainer videos for writing funny articles, emails, Facebook ads, satirical pieces, and social media content.

The course includes the following trainings:

  1. The Fundamentals Of Comedy: SURPRISE!!! This session introduces the key principles of comedy.
  2. Formulas That Produce Funny: This module goes into detail on all of the little clever tricks and nuances you can use in your copy to misdirect the reader and make them laugh out loud like a crazy person.
  3. Spice Up Your Copy: Not every sentence can be funny but every sentence can be an enjoyable read. This module covers rhetorical and stylistic devices for you to use to spice up copy that would have otherwise been relegated to a life of terminal blandness.
  4. Rhetorical Devices: There’s a reason we revere great speeches. We look at some of the rhetorical devices they use and how you can apply them to make your copy more profound and rememberable.
  5. Stylistic Tricks: Practice these and before you know it… BANG! You’ll be writing sickly sweet sentences that seduce anyone lucky enough to be reading them.

Have Your Way With Words also comes with its own pack of templates with explainer videos, covering:

  • Articles That Amuse: “Please god, I don’t want to write another ‘7 top secrets’ article.” You don’t have to. Those days are over after this session.
  • Strategic Satire: Got an opinion? Want to prove that other people on the Internet are wrong? This session will show you how to use satire to put those wrong people in their place in the smartest, smuggest, and most satisfying way possible.
  • Cold Pitching That Doesn’t Absolutely Suck: Learn how to write to important strangers and have them respond with “Oh my god, I loved your email! We should be business friends. How do we work together?” instead of “NEVER EVER EMAIL ME AGAIN, YOU FILTHY MISCREANT!”
  • Palatable Social Media Ads: Want to advertise on Facebook (or other social network)? Don’t want to become another one of those obnoxious douchebags that interrupt your newsfeed with their trite nonsense? This session is for you.
  • Broadcast Emails That Don’t Make You Hate Yourself: Learn how to write disarming emails that sell without having to type sentences that make you think “Where did I go wrong in my life? I’m not the person I thought I was. I should just end it all right now.”
  • Social Media Content That Sells Without Sleaze: Similar to writing broadcast emails but the platform is different. As such, the approach is a little different too.
  • Social Media Content That Educates and Entertains: Teach people without boring them to death and find yourself on the receiving end of a delectable cocktail of likes, haha-reacts, and pleasant comments.

Converts Like A Charm

My top-selling course on how to use charm and humour to persuade and sell

It works:

This awesome new pack goes into great detail. It includes an expansive 95 page ebook and 5 training videos totalling over 3 hours, covering:

  • How to use these crafty coy little bullet points that evoke curiosity with their combination of vagueness and specificity. *ahem*
  • How to deploy unorthodox calls to action to maximise click-through rates.
  • The counter-intuitive way of talking up your own self-interested goals to great persuasive effect.
  • How to incorporate easy to use joke formulas such as “The hyperbole pack pedal”, “Words in their mouth”, “2 Hands” and a variety of others to add spunk, chutzpah, and moxie to your copy.
  • Techniques to thwart the enemies of good copy: the immovable object (writer’s block) and the irresistible force (imposter syndrome).
  • The common mindset issue that people have that prevents them from writing high-converting, charming, funny copy.
  • Make the use of scarcity far more fun for everyone involved, while still maintaining its efficacy.
  • A few crafty tricks to maximising open rates on your most crucial, time-sensitive pitch emails.
  • The 5 key elements you need in any charming sales pitch.
  • The charming little lines I add to social media posts to boost engagement and reach significantly.
  • How to maximise the reach of any social media pitch post by doing one thing a little differently.
  • A cunning, but lazy technique that uses specificity to make your copy resonate with more of your audience.
  • An unorthodox post you can make on Facebook that will get enormous reach and promote whatever you want.
  • The tiny but crucial change I made to my pitch emails after seeing Ben Settle’s that completely changed how I wrote emails to my list
  • The clever little rhetorical trick used by a former UK Prime Minister and several former US Presidents to make them appear more likeable, and how you can use this tactic in your copy.
  • The writing mindset I learned from one of my favourite authors, Hunter S. Thompson and how you can use it to write more captivating and entertaining copy.
  • The charming little lines I add to social media posts to boost engagement and reach significantly.
  • An unorthodox post you can make on Facebook that will get enormous reach and promote whatever you want.
  • The ‘creative pattern interrupt’ techniques I use on social media to stop people from scrolling.

…Plus tons more of practical, simple techniques you can use to get your audience laughing and reaching for their wallets.

Facebook Group Blueprint

Learn how to start, grow, and monetise an engaged & profitable Facebook Group

This ebook & accompanying video training includes:

  • A blueprint for the first 90 days of running your group: the type of content to post, the growth tactics to use, and how to launch your first small product.
  • How to build goodwill with your audience, and have them excited for your plans and successes.
  • How to quickly create enough information products that people will pay a monthly subscription fee to access all of them.
  • How to get inspiration from your own digital content consumption and use it to create relevant content that your audience can use to help improve their craft.
  • How to generate inbound leads for one to one client work. You don’t have to sell information products to make running a Facebook Group worthwhile.
  • An overview of my first attempts at monetising Charm Offensive. The good, the bad, and the desperate.
  • How to figure out what products to make and if your audience will pay for them.
  • How to curate content that genuinely helps your audience, while demonstrating your knowledge and boosting your credibility in the process.
  • How to get people to voluntarily share relevant content, questions, success stories, and their own contributions.
  • How to create playful promotional posts that people enjoy responding to, leading to massive engagement and huge reach.

The Offensively Easy Launch Formula

If you’d like to do launches that drain your phone battery, read on…

I always wondered “Will my unorthodox Charm Offensive copywriting style transfer from the world of cold pitches to the world of launches?”

It turns out, it does, but with modifications. When I first started doing this… I got a lot wrong. I used to hate launches. Now I love them:

You know my approach is different.

I’m constantly trying things out and keeping what works. Instead of having to do the same, I’ve done the hard work for you, saving you time, money, and varying levels of anguish.

The Offensively Easy Launch Formula shows you:

  • The exact copy I use for my emails and posts, with comments explaining each element.
  • The social media platforms I use to promote my launches, and how I boost my reach and get as much exposure as possible.
  • The persuasive elements I use to maximise sales throughout my campaigns.
  • The schedule I use for my launches, so you know not just what to do, but when to do it.
  • How I use segmentation to generate additional sales from my email list.
  • How I generate sales for my products once the initial launch period is over.
  • How I create an irresistible offer that my audience craves and that I know will help them succeed.
  • The technology I use to make the magic (or at least science) happen.

How to win a MegaClient

This training goes through the full process we went through to secure Symantec as a client

Symantec is a $4 billion a year company. Their most well-known brand is Norton Antivirus, but they make most of their money from huge B2B contracts with other massive corporations.

We’d won business with some decent companies already, but really we were just starting out – and this contract was game-changing. We’d never seen this much money before! And then we used this system to win more enterprise clients with big budgets.

I remember the day we won them…

Winning Symantec involved a lot more than sending a silly cold email.

That just got the ball rolling. As a small agency, we had to impress. Big clients often prefer to play it safe and hire big agencies, seeing them as less risky. We had to go out of our way to show Symantec that we were the best choice for their social media and content marketing needs.

This training covers:

  • Opening: how we opened the deal. This bit’s obvious. We went with the silly ferret email.
  • Getting a Call: We will show you how we transitioned from positive response to an initial call.
  • Getting a Meeting: Learn what we offered Symantec so they agreed to an in-person meeting and what we prepared for and what we presented at this first meeting.
  • Positioning: You’ll get full explanations of the 7 Sales Hooks that we used repeatedly – including to win this megacorp.
  • The Pitches: What we presented in our meetings with Symantec. This involved a lot of pitching not only our way of doing things, but specific ideas that fit within the brief provided.
  • Brainstorming Ideas: How we developed ideas to present to Symantec.
  • The clever shortcut that saved us time and the client money: learn the simple tactic we used to ensure our creative would be successful; make a win-win-win scenario for our agency, the client, and journalists; and inoculate Symantec against wasting money.
  • Closing: What we did in the final pitch and how we followed up to close the deal.
  • The Psychological Principles: a rundown of the underlying persuasion techniques we used throughout the process.

How to Create a Niche

Create your own weird little sub-niche, just like Charm Offensive

Covered in this training:

  • How I launched an ebook to build my following before starting the Charm Offensive Facebook Group.
  • The key questions to ask yourself in your pursuit of creating something captivating, unique, and saleable.
  • How to use ‘media hacking’ and other crafty tactics to build awareness at speed.
  • How to use LinkedIn’s laser targeted search functionality to find and recruit new tribe members at scale.
  • The secrets to building mutually beneficial relationships with other influencers.
  • How to make every interaction matter, ensuring you build not just tribe members, but gain enthusiastic advocates of your message.
  • A 30-day plan for launching a Facebook Group and email list and growing it to 1,000 members.
  • How to monetise your newly created tribe.

The Charming Open for Business Pack

We’ve built a system that reliably generates cash, even during the Covid-19 crisis. We will explain which platforms we use, how we use them, and how they all work together.

Covered in this training:

  • The platforms we’ve found to be reliable, cost-effective, and not a pain in the behind to use that enable us to run a successful business selling information products.
  • How to have great customer service.
  • How to effectively use automation software (e.g. cart abandonment) to generate sales while you sleep.
  • The simple marketing basics you need to have in place before you spend any money on ads or consultants.
  • How to track conversions from all of your marketing activity: Facebook, LinkedIn, email, Etc.
  • How to discover your most engaged / commented on Facebook Group posts – so you can reuse content & understand your audience better.
  • How to optimise your website for Google, detailing the best practices you should follow and the plug-ins you need to implement them.
  • Segment and discover your most loyal customers.
  • Create coupons that you can give to different segments of your audience to generate sales, and how to automate the process.
  • Allow customers to select which currency they would like to pay in.
  • Improve your website’s speed and performance, thus boosting your conversion rate and aiding in improving your website’s visibility in Google.
  • Build an email list and set up an autoresponder sequence introducing your central offer.
  • Use your Facebook Group to build your email list.
  • Automate posting links to your social media channels to grow your email list.
  • Create and schedule trackable broadcast email campaigns pitching your offers.
  • Host huge video files allowing customers to stream or purchase pre-recorded video training products.
  • Take payments from Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
  • Manage the workload of creating new information products, creating the sales letters, and writing the sales emails and social posts.
  • How we set up our platform to allow us to pre-sell new products.
  • Create sales pages for new offers at speed.
  • Produce and deliver webinars, both free & paid – without stress.
  • Use deadlines and embedded countdown timers in your emails to increase urgency and demand.

PLUS: The Charm Offensive Zine!

Get digital copies of all 6 Charm Offensive Zines.

While you can’t purchase these strictly limited edition physical zines anymore, you can find digital versions of each issue in the Charm Offensive Professional Content Area.

Issue 1: How To Win A Multi-Billion Dollar Client

This issue covers how we won our first billion dollar corporation, Symantec, as a client – despite running a small agency that would never usually be in contention for such a deal. Inside, we run through the entire process, step by step. Our in-depth breakdown includes…

  • Positioning
  • Sales hooks
  • The first meeting
  • The research stages
  • The pitch deck
  • The Big Pitch

Plus, there’s a bitesize rundown at the end, highlighting the persuasion science permeating everything we did.

This inaugural issue also features the following superb guest articles:

  • Treating Your Customers Like Kings – Even As You Scale
  • 5 Lessons From The Darkweb’s Own Heisenberg
  • Using The Persuasion Sandwich To Persuade And Profit With Minimal Resistance

And a bonus mini article from Jon, entitled “Disrupting The Game.”

Issue 2: How To Get PR Coverage

This issue deals with a major cornerstone of many digital disciplines, including SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Brand Awareness: garnering that all-important PR coverage. Within its shiny PDFed pages, we reveal our Principles, Processes, and Possibilities for procuring PR coverage for clients.

This issue’s post-prandial points, presented for your perusal…

  • Visible and Irrelevant Vs. Invisible and Relevant: Meeting clients in the middle
  • Becoming the de facto resource
  • How to analyse quality content in any sector
  • Jacking the news cycle
  • The importance of strong headlines
  • The premarketing process
  • What could go wrong? And how to put it right
  • The Content Marketing Checklist

Issue 3: How To Be Witty

This issue offers you a glimpse behind the curtain, where I reveal some of the literary tricks I use to sound witty and charming. I can’t employ this bodacious British accent when writing – so, I often bridge this gap with the following techniques…

  • The Reverse
  • Triples, or The Power of 3
  • The Flippant Hands Formula
  • Recognition
  • The Hyperbolic Backpedal
  • Words In Their Mouth
  • How To Use Funny Word Combinations
  • Mixing Formal And Informal Tone

Read the examples. Learn the formulas. Then write your own.

You too can tease a smirk, smile, or belly laugh. What’s more, you can sound as charmingly befuddled as Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, or Idris Elba (delete as appropriate).

Issue 4: The Guest Issue

This issue turns the by-now entirely established zine format on its head, featuring a mere two articles by yours truly.

In my executive days, I witnessed a smorgasbord of shady practices – the likes of which I never wanted to besmirch my own marketing agency. I have since learned that many a tenacious small business owner is still prone to be hoodwinked by these dastardly tactics. To combat this, and save face for the industry’s good guys, I present to you The Top 5 Advertising And Marketing Agency Tactics Businesses Should Look Out For:

  • Big Hitters Pitch Then Vanish
  • The Insignificant Changes Shield
  • The Filibuster
  • The Stacked Account Team
  • Hyping The Average As Amazing

At the risk of sounding like a feature-length late night infomercial: that’s not all. This jam-packed PDF also features a cavalcade of qualified commentators, with worthwhile guest articles on…

  • iPhone Users Get More Sex
  • The Definitive Guide On How To Write Good
  • Seven Deadly Sins Of Copywriting
  • Why LinkedIn Is All You Need For Lead Gen
  • Marketing Medical Marijuana
  • Use These Proven Story Formulas To Go Viral

Issue 5: How To Build An Adoring Fanbase Using Facebook Groups

On a seasonably overcast, probably drizzly day in March 2017, I triumphantly started the Charm Offensive Facebook Group. My perseverance unwavering, I managed to reach over 3,000 members within 3 months. Plus, I started making the sales I needed to keep the wolves from the door.

In this issue, I show you exactly how I got it done. Take my unreasonably clammy hand as we delve into:

  • What Makes For A Successful Facebook Group
  • How Do I Decide What My Theme Is
  • What Has Made The Charm Offensive Group Successful?

Within this issue’s pink and pale pages, I chronologically critique the following tactics and techniques:

  • Content Theming
  • Growing Your Group
  • Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Audience
  • Using Your Personal Facebook Profile
  • Getting Their Attention While Having A Little Fun
  • How To Know What Products To Build
  • How To Build Enough Products To Have A Subscription

Issue 6: Win With Words – The Zine Edition

“Sometimes, you gotta go back to actually move forward,” Matthew McConaughey mused theatrically in a 2014 commercial introducing the Lincoln MKC. I may have never been on True Detective, but I think I know what their marketing slogan team was getting at.

This issue takes us back – way back – to a fresh-faced Jon Buchan of 2012. Somewhere between Queen Liz’s Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics; through a haze of Morgan’s Spiced Rum and Diet Coke, I penned the most outrageous engagement email of my professional life. For the first time ever, I examine the drunk cold email that started it all – analysing, line-by-line, a version of one of my original effective charming templates.

We’re leaving no stone unturned with this one, with every minute detail laid bare:

  • Getting Your Email Opened
  • The Warren Buffett Technique
  • Actually Likeable Soft Sell
  • A Little Reverse Psychology
  • Even Make The Haters Smile
  • The Long Game

As if that wasn’t enough, this issue also includes two bonus secret weapons. The first is a template for generating a cohort of casual client meetings. The second is a template for organising a plethora of informal job interviews.

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