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Are you fed up with social distancing?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I can tell you this:

I am getting laid like crazy during the Corona Virus Pandemic

And you can too.

My name is John Anthony and I am here to help you have more sex than ever while guys are home frustrated and jerking off.

Since 2011, I made it my mission get good at… no.. Be the BEST at this.

This pandemic does not need to stop your progress and results with women

My dream back in the day was to hit 100 lifetime lays. I thought it was impossible.

Fast forward to 2022, and I am at 1450+ lays as I am writing this.



But I know better than any dating coach how to adapt and optimize no matter what the situation.

Corona Virus has swept the globe and it is here to fuck shit up for a long time.

Point is, you can still CRUSH if you adapt properly.

And trust me, I have made the ultimate Corona Virus system.

And no this is not one of those sleazy marketing tactics to capitalize on the current situation with the virus.

Many guys have stopped getting laid.

Bars and night clubs are closed. Venues for dates are closed. Social dynamics are fucked up.

However, I have innovated utilizing my immense knowledge of the game and leveraging my analytical abilities.

I have a system that can get you laid EVEN MORE than when Corona Virus was not even around.

No joke.

Most pickup and seduction systems out there are worthless.

Some of them have an incomplete or non-optimized strategy.

These dating instructors promise results that they can’t get themselves.

As you can guess the student would NEVER progress or at least learn very slowly.

Most dating coaches are telling you that you are going to have wait out the Corona Virus Storm.

That dating is on hold because of quarantines and stay-home orders.

But guys, there is another way…

I want to help you get laid like a Rockstar during this extended pandemic.

See, it’s no fun jerking off home alone frustrated and lonely.

Banging lots of hot chicks is much more fun.

My goal is to make you a rockstar with women during this pandemic.

And all the special skills you learn can STILL be used after the pandemic is over.

I have taken 15+ years experience and 1,450+ girls slept with around the world to ADAPT…

With my critical and analytical mind , I pushed online game on steroids to its LIMITS.

That left me with…


That’s how Corona Pickup is born.


Part 1 of 5 – Know What To Do: The Masterclass

The theory section covers literally EVERYTHING you need to know about game during this pandemic. It cuts out all the fluff and bullshit.

How to make your profile pictures and description during this Corona Virus time to optimize the amount of matches you get.

A POWERFUL secret to massively crank up the volume of matches and LEADS that go into your funnel from online game.

Know which apps to use to get the highest quantity and quality of girls into your life.

Know exactly what to text the girls on the apps and over text for every possible situation.

Literally copy my updated flowcharts so all your messaging on the apps and over text IS DONE FOR YOU. NO GUESSWORK!

You can literally copy and paste texts from my flowchart to get them moved to text message and get the meet up.

Learn how to deal with all the Corona Virus related objections with ease.

Effortlessly deal with what she throws at you so that you can get the meetup.

They call me the “WOLF OF WALLSTREET” of Pickup, that is because I will teach you how to deal with any objections imaginable to coming over to your house or meeting in public at a special location still open during the pandemic.

Get access to my field-tested ultra-optimized Corona Virus SCRIPTS to literally become a ladies man overnight.

I will show you how to get into the girl’s brain and make her addicted to you like CRACK COCAINE.

Learn exactly what to do once you have the girl back at your place with every escalation step explained in full detail.

I will show you the best ways to get the girl straight over to your place. But for those girls that ultimately refuse straight to the house…

You will also learn my clever adaptation to still have public dates when all else fails for the girl agreeing to come straight to the house.

Once your volume of leads gets unmanageable (WHICH IT WILL), know how to screen if the girl is DOWN TO FUCK (DTF)

You will have a CRYSTAL CLEAR understanding of EVERY little aspect of what good game during Corona Virus is and should be.

You will have a CRYSTAL CLEAR set of scripts to follow to determine if she is down to hook up or not.




Only the most efficient and optimized strategy conceived in the whole industry.

Now unveiled to you.

Part 2 of 5 – See How It’s Done: The Flowcharts

All my Corona Virus pickup/game adaptations for you to follow sequentially for every situation.
I am giving you the weapons and ammo to annihilate with online dating during Corona Virus. Rather than admit defeat from this pandemic, you can instead utilize all my tips and tricks to make the most of this unique time to GET LAID MORE THAN EVER.

Flowcharts for messages on the site, for messages on the app, for how to get her straight over to the house, for how to answer her specific corona virus objections, etc.

And if you have my Leads Machine product, don’t worry, this has many more new additions that are specific to Corona Virus and it has my latest and greatest optimized and evolved scripts.

Part 3 of 5: Absorb The Knowledge: The Worksheets

The worksheets are designed to help you digest the content and avoid information overload. Skip those at your own risk. Every question is carefully designed to make you understand and remember every concept I am talking about.
See there are 4 level of competence: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, inconscious competence. These worksheets are designed to get you to have inconscious competence.
Answering questions by actually writing your answer moves you from a passive state of learning to an ACTIVE state of learning. That way, not only you will remember every concept but also you will find yourself having a PLAN OF ACTION before going out.
Avoid plateauing and spinning your wheels by having a laser focus on those game concepts before applying them in field. So when you do seduction, you know what to focus on and what to practice.
Going through those worksheets makes you internalize the knowledge 10 times better and faster.


I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you guys so I am guaranteeing a 15 minute call with my team.

We can go over any specific topic, issues, questions, or sticking points that you choose.

This is your chance to talk to us 1 on 1 and create a dating strategy and game plan that will work for you

Part 5 of 5: FREE ACCESS To The 7 Day Seduction System We Just Released & Our Community

To make this even more of a no-brainer for you guys….you will get a free month in our community .

Weekly FB Lives on “Secret Sauce” Topics Given by me (John Anthony) personally.

And you’ll also get access to the 7 Day Seduction System (our latest program, for FREE).


You might not expect this but… This is actually the BEST PLACE to be in when starting this program.


Because there is little to no re-programming to make in your brain.

We will be starting from a clean slate.

And I will literally IMPORT years of optimization directly to your brain along with all the Corona-specific game stuff.

Most of the beginners I coached progressed way faster than the intermediates or even advanced (but shhhh… that’s a secret).

Also don’t think just because you are beginner you should not worry about getting laid with hot girls.

I know your primary sticking point is to know what to message on the apps and over text…and also how to build your profile and deal with corona-specific bullshit. But with this system, I am giving you a plug-and-play set of copy-paste instructions to create a new-pussy-machine. You can thank me later 😉

So you will get this area of your game handled FAST, so you can focus on the better part (and the only important part) which is handling objections and CLOSING.

So yes, I will literally cut YEARS off your learning curve.

When you’ll have your dick in the wet vagina of your perfect ten who’s moaning and begging for more, you’ll quickly forget about how you considered yourself once as a beginner.

So are you ready to make the most life-changing decision you’ll ever make?


This will get you the CONSISTENCY you want.

You probably had some results with a very suboptimal and deficient strategy.

There is probably still some gray areas, and you are not sure why some weeks you were a pimp and some other weeks you were a bitch. But for sure many of you intermediates reading this don’t know how to optimize during Corona.

I am telling you.

Consistency is possible.

But you have to declutter your mind.

I guess you learned a lot of good stuff already.

But you also learned some bad stuff. And Corona Virus pickup requires a very unique and special strategy.

And you know what’s crazy?

You might not even be aware of it!

In fact I had some clients who thought the BAD STUFF was getting them laid.

When in reality, they got laid DESPITE of it.

So my one condition for you to join the program is to come from a clean slate.

Forget about what you learned.

And embrace my optimized system.

It’s literally the most efficient shit that will get you laid every day if applied correctly.

No fancy stuff.

Only the bare minimum to get you laid efficiently.

So if you are ready to make the shit and join the elite club crushing the game during Corona Virus, join me now!


You’re already banging hot chicks on a relatively regular basis?

Sweet. But what about now that Corona Virus is here? Still crushing it like before? Most likely not.

Being an “advanced” guy, you probably see things that rookies don’t. Right?

The subtleties.

See, moving from banging a 5 to an 8 is relatively straightforward. But getting from an 8 to a 10 can be a lot tougher without the proper guidance from the right mentor. And this is the kind of girls we all want to be banging, right?

I can confidently say that I am leading the pack of the whole community right now with the most number of girls banged at 1,223 (without sacrificing quality).

I will show you the narrow path to reach true ELITE level game during Corona Virus times (not the one advertised to you by other marketers who are intermediate at best).

Learn the secret strategy that will make Dan Bilzerian look like a wimp next to you (without relying on looks or money).

Most of these strategies I learned from guys who are not even in the PUA community (at least not publicly) and who would HATE IT to have those secrets revealed.

I will show you PROVEN SYSTEMS that I use MYSELF PERSONALLY to literally have a constant influx of hot girls directly to my house. ( You will have access to my snapshots, text sequences and proof…)

This system will allow you to build an eco-system of hot girls swarming around you, without having to chase AT ALL.

Your game will be so bulletproof and optimized that your only concern will be to figure out how many times you can humanly fuck every day.

So if you think you are worthy of joining the (actual) top 1% club…

Come make the last small jump.

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