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Why addressING Objections is Responsible for +$40 Million in Sales in my business

When you’re in business, you are in sales. No way around it. 

I resisted that fact for a long time. I was so darn afraid of the “no” and what that would mean about me and the future of my business, that I wouldn’t even bother selling at all (spoiler alert: this resulted in making zero dollars).

Sound familiar?

It took me years before I realized how much you can drastically decrease “rejection” and the “no’s” when you simply understand and learn how to work with objections. 

And here’s a helpful hint:  

When the Sale Doesn’t Happen for you… it’s rarely a “NO!”

Have you ever considered that the reason you didn’t get the sale was simply because your prospect had a question that wasn’t addressed?

Maybe they simply had a concern. They felt afraid, not ready, too busy, or even unsupported at home.  

Those are not “NOs.”  They are “Not Yets”.

“Not until I know it’s right for me…”

“Not until I know I can do it…”

“Not until I know  I have the money”

THIS is why…

99% of All Objections are rooted in fear

Your product, program, or offer is an invitation to make a BIG CHANGE in someone’s life. That can be really freakin’ scary! So it’s only natural that your most ideal prospects would be scared! 


It’s your job to help your people move through that fear into hope and possibility.  And people rarely (if ever) invest in change and growth from a place of fear! 

But you and I both know that most struggling entrepreneurs never look at it this way (hence why they struggle). Most people just try to ignore objections.  BUT…

An objection is like an elephant in the room the more you ignore it, the bigger it gets!

And maybe you too have been guilty of doing this in the past?  I know I have! You hope that if you ignore the objection, question, or concern it will magically go away… but how’s that working out for ya?!

Think about it like thishow do you ever expect to get that “Yes!” when your ideal prospect has an objection you haven’t bothered to address?

You won’t! Because the objection is the very reason they aren’t saying “yes” in the first place!

Instead, I see struggling entrepreneurs using what I call…

“Loud & Noisy” Marketing:

(which doesn’t actually work)

Instead of POWERFULLY addressing objections head-on, these “loud and noisy” (or “lousy” for short) marketers rely on…

Quantity over Quality Content – They believe if they simply “show up more” than their competitors, they’ll eventually say something that sticks!

Short-lived “trendy” tactics that intend to make you popular and well-liked!

Bragging about their stuff with unclear adjectives like “awesome” and “epic!”  

Boasting about all their modules, high-quality videos, and fancy-looking PDFs

This may get the attention of struggling entrepeneurs, but it leaves them baffled when they make a pitch and no one buys! 

The truth is:

Being “Loud and NOISY” will NEVER  Actually Address The Objections Your Prospects Have!

Which means your prospects will never feel heard.

And I KNOW you got into this business because you have a message you want others to hear… but how the heck will they ever listen to you if you are unwilling to listen to them?

Because even if they have just one objection to buying… they ain’t buying!  

And trust me, every business, in every niche, no matter the product or the price, has objections!  

So what exactly IS an OBJECTION?

You’ll quickly notice my definition of an objection is different than most and offers a completely new way of understanding how you empower yourself to address them.

Objection: (n.) a belief or perspective (most likely rooted in fear) held my your ideal prospect (someone who is MEANT to be in your stuff) that is preventing them from purchasing.

Even more concisely: an Objection is the reason why someone who wants to buy your stuff, doesn’t buy your stuff.  

And it’s important to note:

An Objection can only come from someone who is already meant to be your customer!  

It works like this:

As an online expert, course creator, or membership site owner, then you already know, that you get paid to solve problems for your people, therefore…

If your prospects weren’t in a “problem,” there wouldn’t really be a need for you to solve it, right?!

So, we can imagine your prospect as being in a BOX. A “Box of Limitations” if you will.

Because of their thinking, circumstances, and other variables, they feel stuck. Limited. Trapped.

And your product exists outside that box, doesn’t it?

It’s the solution! The quite literal, ‘out-of-the-box’ answer to their prayers.

So here’s why people aren’t buying your stuff:

Most prospects can’t get out of their “box” enough to see that YOU have the solution, and they use the box to explain away why YOU aren’t the right option.  

The Most Effective Solution and commitment to your prospect’s success is simple:

To assist your prospect in getting out of their box so they can see what is truly possible!

“The Transformation BEGINS with the transaction!”

Why?! Because in order for someone to begin making a change in a new direction in their life, they must be willing to go beyond their current thinking, their fears, and their concerns! So, as soon as you begin to apply these new strategies for overcoming objections, you won’t just be helping your people do that… 

…you’ll be making more sales too!  

And why wouldn’t you want to learn new and powerful ways to overcome your prospect’s objections and go beyond their fears??  

The stories of :

“I don’t have the time” 


“I don’t have what it takes”


“I’m not ready”

…. are just a few of the examples of your prospects who actually WANT your help, but they have fear, doubt, or worry. And as long as they operate from fear and make decisions from fear, the likelihood of investing with you is very, very low.  

And I know I’m preaching to the choir because I’m sure you can recall even just one time where you were shakin’ in your own britches to invest in something you just knew you needed. And although you were nervous, you chose to do it anyway, and I’m sure you are so glad you did! 

Well, now it’s time to pay it forward!

There Are Just Two Types of Objections:

Objection Type #1


Universal Sales Objections are the objections and “ya-buts” we ALL get! No matter what niche, offer or price point, they are universal to all businesses!

This includes, (but is not limited to):

  • “It’s too expensive”
  • “I don’t have the time”
  • “I’m not ready”
  • “I have to ask my spouse”
  • “This isn’t for me”
  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “What if this doesn’t work for me?”
  • “How long will it take to see results?”

…fail to NOT address even just one of these, and you fail to make the sale.

In this Masterclass, I won’t just give you the full list of universal objections, I’ll give you all the options you have to dismantle them for good!

Objection Type #2


Vehicle-Specific Sales Objections are the objections and “ya-buts” unique to your niche and audience. 

If you teach people how to invest in Real Estate, you’ll have objections about what it costs to get started.

If you teach fitness, you may have objections about how long, repetitive, or boring the workouts are.

If you teach “online video” (like I used to), you’ll have objections about people not wanting to be on camera.

Vehicle-Specific Objections are trickier because they tend to hide. Until you learn how to uncover and identify them, you may miss them! THIS is exactly what I’ll teach you how to do in the Masterclass!

By the End of this Masterclass, You Will:

  • Learn my +12 effective Language Patterns for reframing and disarming even the most challenging objections!
  • How to quickly identify WHAT the biggest objections about your offer are (most are hiding in plain sight!)
  • Finally discover EXACTLY where and when you actually need to address your prospects’ objections (HINT: If you’re waiting until the pitch, it’s too late!)
  • Walk away with specific scripted responses you can plug in and use in your business immediately!
  • Learn my “ninja” method for turning objections into money-making opportunities, bonuses, and future offers! (This you’re gonna love)!
  • Plus! Get my 6-Part Content Framework for Embedding Objection Dismantlers directly into your content!

Why I’m Not Charging as Much as I Should for this Masterclass:

Since starting my business 15 years ago, I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs become 6- and 7-figure digital CEOs.

And having premium prices has allowed me to attract highly committed clients! My mastermind members pay me anywhere from $30-$50,000 to work with me in a close intimate setting. A single VIP day costs $15,000.

My courses and programs are $3,000 to $12,000. 

So in regards to this Masterclass, I rarely offer anything this inexpensive, and chances are never will again!

So, why now?

Over the past few years, I’ve seen so many GOOD entrepreneurs with GREAT products struggle to get the sale. I mean… why should the fancy marketer with the crappier product get the sale and not you?  

So, it’s time we even the playing field. It’s time you learn an effective way to get more authentic “YESES!” to your stuff!

So, it’s for that reason that I want to make sure I get this training into as many hands as I possibly can so I can help you get going to help others even faster.

If you would like my help and guidance in doing that, your investment price is just $297.  

And if you’re having any resistance to this low, low investment, well… it’s also a good opportunity to see what objections you already have!


If you are unwilling to overcome YOUR Objections about investing, how could you ever ask someone to overcome theirs?!

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