James Clear – The Habits Academy


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James Clear – The Habits Academy
The Habits Academy: Bachelor’s


Class Curriculum

  • Module 1: The Surprising Power of Small Habits
  • Start Lesson 1: Introduction (1:25)
  • Start Lesson 2: The 1 Percent Rule: Why Small Habits Make a Big Difference (3:03)
  • Start Lesson 3: The Habit Loop and How Habits Work (2:06)
  • Start Lesson 4: How Long Does it Take to Form a New Habit? (4:56)
  • Start Lesson 5: A Simple Plan to Overhaul Your Habits (2:06)
  • Module 2: How to Build Habits That Will Last a Lifetime
  • Start Lesson 6: How to Create Hot Triggers (3:24)
  • Start Lesson 7: How to Set an Anchor Task and Fit New Habits Into Your Life (3:41)
  • Start Lesson 8: How to Actually Follow Through on What You Set Out to Do (3:34)
  • Start Lesson 9: How to Get Addicted To Taking Action (4:09)
  • Start Lesson 10: How to Build a Habit That Sticks for Good (3:38)
  • Start Lesson 11: How to Be Motivated Every Day (4:35)
  • Start Lesson 12: The Secret to Breakthrough Success (3:49)

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