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Your Second Brain, ENTIRELY in Notion.

Ultimate Brain brings tasks, projects, notes, and goals seamlessly together in Notion – creating a truly all-in-one second brain.

One Place for Everything.

Tired of cobbling together multiple apps to form your “second brain”? Me too. Ultimate Brain lets you capture and organize everything inside of Notion – turning it into a truly all-in-one workspace.

Ultimate Brain comes with the most advanced version of the Ultimate Tasks template built-in, letting you create sub-tasks, recurring tasks, priority levels – and even do advanced GTD®-style processing.

The Notes dashboard lets you capture notes, favorite them, and organize them easily.

You can also create Projects, which can collect both tasks and notes – giving you a single dashboard where you can see everything related to your project.

Best of all, everything can be seamlessly organized using the P.A.R.A. organization method made famous by Tiago Forte and his Building a Second Brain course.

Capture Anything Instantly

Your second brain should make it easy and fast to capture anything, no matter where you are.

Ultimate Brain does that.

The built-in Quick Capture view lets you capture tasks and notes, then intelligently sends them off to a Process dashboard, keeping itself clean and minimalistic.

You can even capture Fleeting Notes, which archive themselves after a month.

Plan Your Day Without Stress

The My Day dashboard lets you create a clear, clutter-free plan for your day.

It also emphasizes self-care, which is easy to forget when you’re focused on work.

There’s even a Daily Journal area where can write morning pages and review how your day went.

Manage Your Projects

Using Notion’s database magic, Ultimate Brain turns every project into a hub where you can manage tasks and notes related to that project.

No more jumping back and forth between a project management app and a note-taking app. It’s all here, all in one place.

You can even pull in other notes from around your workspace using Ultimate Brain’s unique “Pulls” feature – check out the Interior Design notes I’ve pulled in this example screenshot.

Cut Out the Clutter (Automatically)

A second brain only works if you trust it and want to use it – and you’ll only want to use it if you can keep the clutter and bloat to a minimum.

Ultimate Brain comes with a smart Archive where anything can be sent. If something isn’t relevant to you, archive it – it’ll stay out of your hair, but be safely in the Archive if you ever need it again.

You’ll even find a few automatic archiving features – such as Fleeting Notes and Cold Tasks.

Built-In P.A.R.A. Organization

Organize everything in your life with Tiago Forte’s P.A.R.A. method – Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. Built right into Ultimate Brain.

Tiago Forte’s well-known Building a Second Brain course organizes everything in your second brain using four categories:

  1. Projects – multiple tasks linked to a goal
  2. Areas – spheres of activity with a standard to be maintained
  3. Resources – topics or themes of ongoing interest
  4. Archive – inactive or no-longer-relevant items

Ultimate Brain is built to support P.A.R.A. organization right out of the box – and even improves on the method.

Using Notion’s database magic, Areas can contain both Projects and Resources, creating hyper-useful dashboards for each main area of your life.

Of course, you’re free to create Projects and Resources outside of your Areas as well.

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