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Use My “Better-Than-TV” Emails To Revive Your List And Increase Sales. Unlimited Story-Driven Emails At Your Fingertips

This digital course + email template pack shows you how to create your Story Sales Machine and start using the power of story in your business. You’ll get email-by-email breakdowns, dozens of examples, templates, a 10-email welcome sequence, 212 subject lines, 141 story idea starters, and much more.

Use the Story Sales Machine to write story-based emails in minutes. Plan out and write entire email sequences in the time it currently takes you to write just one email!



I’m Bill. I’ve been writing story-based emails and email sequences since 2005 (that’s an eon in internet years).

My emails have sold millions in digital and physical products, coaching programs, and more in just about every niche.

My approach over the years has been simple:

People love stories, therefore: use stories to communicate and sell.

Trouble is, without a clear plan it’s difficult to come up with story ideas, map out how to use those ideas, and write them in a way that gets subscribers to act.

So, what I created is a simple, fill-in-the-blank system for writing countless story-based emails that work.

I call it the “Story Sales Machine” because all you have to do is plug-in the details about your offer, your audience, their objections, and more…

INTRODUCING The Story Sales Machine

Training, Templates, And Everything You Need To Sell Without Selling Using Email


Digital Products

  • Coaches & Consultants
  • ​Experts
  • Product Launches
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Welcome Sequences
  • ​Copywriters
  • ​Physical Products
  • Influencers
  • Sales Funnels
  • And Much More

Use the included examples, templates, and the “Fill-in-the-blank” Story Sales Machine to quickly write story-based emails & sequences that work…

Get access to The Story Sales Machine right now so you can quickly write emails people want to read – and respond to by taking action.

Discover the 8-Step process you’ll use to generate story ideas and organize them into emails that get subscribers excited, introduce offers, answer objections, and drive action.

Step-by-step guidance is included – plus, you’ll get email-by-email breakdowns, dozens of examples, a 10-email welcome sequence, 212 subject lines, 141 story idea starters, and much more.

Get The Story Sales Machine and effortlessly write emails people WANT to open and read while watching email performance skyrocket…

  • Use the story to engage your prospects emotionally so you can sell more by showing, sell more through “projection,” and sell more through relevance…
  • ​Imagine in the time it takes to write one email, having an entire sequence complete (the emails practically write themselves when you know what to say, where, and how) …
  • ​Finally have consistent email marketing because there’s no need to wonder “what do I write?” Just reference your Story Sales Machine!
  • ​Accelerate the relationship-building process so subscribers know, like, and trust you faster…
  • Picture prospects enjoying your emails so much that they actually reach out to ask, “Hey, is everything okay?” because you “missed” a day.
  • ​PLUS: Get follow-along examples, a 10-step welcome sequence, 212 subject lines, 141 ways to create stories, my best performing email swipe file, and much, much more!

That’s not even the best part…

This is about MORE than email.

The Story Sales Machine doesn’t stop with the emails you’re about to write.

Use the stories you’ll develop to give prospects more compelling reasons to take action on social media ads, on your blog posts, in your videos, and more.

Use the strategies you’re about to discover and apply the power of story to all of your sales messaging so you can better connect with and answer the objections of your audience.

Use Story to Boost Conversions on Every Platform with Every Post, Ad, or Page

As you build your Story Sales Machine, you’ll discover how to develop unique mechanisms behind the promises you make and the solutions you provide. These will help your offers stand out, no matter how crowded the market is.

You’ll see how to generate stronger “big ideas” that help prospects immediately understand why your offer is for them (and why they need it!).

And you’ll answer more objections future buyers have using a framework that shows them – and really helps them feel – exactly how you can help.

Create the Stories You Need & Connect Them to Your Offers in Minutes

Take the concepts inside the Story Sales Machine and apply them on sales pages, ads, videos, presentations, and more.

You’re about to discover how to…

  • Develop stories that connect with your audience…
  • Use the story to sell offers, products, or services…
  • ​Write so prospects need to keep reading…
  • ​And craft sales messages that can double or triple revenue from email alone.

The Story Sales Machine is more than just an idea generation tool. It’s a method to reach more people and help more people using the power of a story.


  • 8-Step Story Sales Machine – Create your Sales Machine, fill-in the details, and emails will take just a few minutes to write…
  • Picture prospects emailing “Hey, is everything okay?” because they expect to see your emails and look forward to them – every day…
  • I’ll even show you how to accelerate the relationship-building process so subscribers know, like, and trust you faster…
  • ​​Finally have consistent email marketing because there’s no need to wonder “what do I write?” Just reference your Story Sales Machine!
  • ​A 30 Minute, 1-on-1 Strategy Session is included.

You also get more:

One Time Offer – Only $27: GET 30 MORE EVERGREEN EMAIL TEMPLATES – Your next 30 days of email (could be the ENTIRE YEAR if you want) is basically done for you. All you have to do is grab this story- based email template pack. What is it? It’s 30 UNIQUE email templates – each uses a completely different premise so no one email looks, reads, or feels the same. That means you can just fill-in-the- blanks and have a daily email newsletter up and running today, for the next 30 days, and (here’s the best part) FOREVER because you can REUSE these email templates over and over. At under $1 per email, this is a no-brainer. So go ahead and click YES above to add these email templates to your order now for just $27 (this is not available ANYWHERE else!).

ONLY AVAILABLE ON THIS PAGE for just $97!: CAPTIVATE, AMUSE, AND FASCINATE YOUR AUDIENCE WITH 50 OF MY GREATEST “BETTER THAN TV” STORIES YOU CAN START USING TODAY! In this ONE-TIME OFFER, I’ve PERSONALLY written 50 enthralling stories for you to “copy and paste” into ANY of your content, making connecting with your audience and generating sales EASIER than ever. ALSO INCLUDES 88 of my favorite TRANSITIONS, that effortlessly connect my stories to your offer. To hire me to write 50 full-length stories for you would cost THOUSANDS, but you can get this entire “done for you” collection – ONLY ON THIS PAGE – FOR JUST $97!


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