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A blueprint to going from $0 to 4-figure per month checks in 30-90 days and up to 6-figures per year in 12 months writing simple emails…

Students of my Email Side Hustle program are beginning to gain momentum. Like Kalene here, who locked her email account for $1000… the aim was to join… via an unpopular platform that few people want using…


Here’s what she stated…

Potential clients are EVERYWHERE.

With a little bit of expertise and consistency… with a bit of consistency, skill and guidance… could begin locking in clients with a minimum of $1k.

Kalene started from scratch for the Superfast Sales Email Challenge earlier this year. She then secured her first three clients by herself for $300-$500 in projects.

She joined the ESH program in April to receive more guidance, support and accountability to turn it into an ongoing job…

Then she’s locking up email accounts worth $1k+.

It’s not something that happens overnight.

However, if you’d like to start rolling today… as well master the art of writing simple emails that will sell?

You can make a fortune through sending emails?

Take a look at My Superfast sales Email Challenge:

Learn how you can be paid by your clients to write email messages that promote I am sorry to inform you that my Email Side Hustle Program is not open until July, however this can help you start the process now.

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