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I’m Jared Codling, and I FINALLY made a course.

So I launched this website, – and it went kinda viral, got almost 40k marketers in there; and I just gave away all of my ‘growth hacks’ for free.

But then, people wanted more. Because, well, hacks aren’t everything. And they hassled me (legit) and offered me stupid amounts of money to teach them. So I finally decided to make a course.

But I fucking hate gurus. So so so much. So I’m dedicated to not being one; and always making more money from non-course ventures than selling courses lol.

Quick note before I get into this – I call it “Hack Your Agency”; because it’s targeted at agency owners (that’s how I started), but over 50% of my beta testers ARE NOT agency owners, and are getting just as much (if not more) value. Read on and you’ll understand why; the whole ‘hack your agency’ thing is just so I can focus on a market lol.

Problem: Why Owning An Agency Fucking Sucks

If you’re actually any good at marketing, why are you marketing for other businesses instead of one you own? (and if you’re not good, why aren’t you good? I’ll get to that in a bit).

Retainer model SUCKS. You do essentially unlimited work, for a capped upside. If the client has a bad month they fire you. Competitors are constantly undercutting you. You work your ass off, but really, it’s kinda like a ‘pay by the hour’ job, just from home (and sometimes on a criminally low wage lol).

You got promised a dream (by some lying ass guru that probably doesn’t actually run an agency) – agency life was gonna be AWESOME! And for a bit, it felt that way. Freedom, money coming in, life on your own terms. But then you hit ‘the wall’, juggling clients, struggling to get them results; and even when you do, you don’t get rewarded properly.

I know, because, well, this is my typical sales page story arc; and “That was me” haha. But seriously, it was me, and my life sucked.

So, it sucks, but, wtf do I do?

P.S. Non-agency people, stick with me, next section I’ll get to shit that will interest you, I pinky promise.

Hint: The solution is NOT % of ad spend or some other bullshit agency model

So here’s what happened…

I realized it wasn’t going to improve, but had an opportunity fall in my lap.

So I was getting results for my clients; making peanuts; and working my ass off. I was actually pretty broke too, from doing dumb things like buying a new Tesla as the company car (long story, but I’m a fucking idiot sometimes).

Anyway, we had this client come to us for a website and help with marketing. It was a weight loss company (meal and exercise plans), making about $500/week. I knew we could blow it up; it was SUPER basic yet making money. So I ended up getting an ‘equity deal’, and being given 67% of the company for $0.

3 months into the business, and we had grown it to doing $30k/week revenue. And not long after, I got this shiny little thing:

Not from selling courses – from owning a REAL business; and doing over $3m in revenue.

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s make it simple:

Okay, so I’ve worked out the perfect formula for business.

Make sure anything you touch turns to gold.

If you can’t get results; then NO business will work. As an agency, you’ll lose your clients (eventually). As a business owner, you won’t make money. No-one will give you equity. You’ll die alone; unless you’re very attractive. #ToughLove.

Okay, so maybe you won’t die alone. But, your life will suck. Nothing worse than burning money on ads that don’t work (I’ve been there, fuck giving that money to Zucks and not making it back and then some).

So here’s what it comes down to:

  • Have the right business – either it’s an existing business (and you get equity or a performance deal), or you ‘validate’ it’s going to work before launching
  • Build it ‘right‘. Most people fuck this up. Their sales page sucks, they don’t have any back-end on it. Everything sucks. Simple example: You use shopify, don’t have upsells, just use default funnel structure. Not saying Clickfunnels is the be-all-end-all either – their checkout fucking SUCKS, if you don’t fix that you’re screwed too. I’m rambling. But you get my point; everything needs to be ‘on point’
  • Have a split testing protocol – test EVERYTHING. Do it scientifically (statistical significance). Not just ads; do it on pricing, layout, ads, funnel structure, emails. EVERYTHING. One test per day (seriously). I did one test a day, and in under a month I got me lead cost from $1.50 to $0.09 and got 237k leads. Not all tests worked, but they’re critical.
  • Maximise customer value – validate more products (don’t just guess), make more off your customers
  • Increase traffic channels – Stop just running one channel. At a minimum you should be doing FB/G/YouTube + retargeting with Adroll. But there’s SOOOOO much more you can do. I generated 150k+ clicks in one day, all USA, on Snapchat, for under $0.01/click. Some channels shit on FB.
  • Systemise it all, repeat it – Have a process for doing all of the above; then get more businesses to hand you equity because they want the same results.

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry, I’ma fix it for you. If you don’t feel overwhelmed, you’re a fucking rockstar; and I probably know you personally already, because 99.99568% of marketers don’t do all of the above, and I know most of the guys/gals that do lol.

Okay, okay, get to the fucking pitch Jared.

So why would I want to even KNOW what your course is?

Because I get results. Crazy ones. I did this shit:

  • Built a 7-figure company from scratch in 11 months (my company, not some ‘client’).
  • Built an 8-figure company in a 3-month launch campaign (I literally lived in the startup house to do this with a bunch of coders; I have heaps of equity in it, it’s sick). Rupert Murdoch invested millions in this startup. #Legit.
  • I’ve failed WAY more times than most people. I’m talking, like, 100+ failures. But I did them fast. Now, my success rate when starting a business is 90%+ (of it going fucking nuts, not just ‘working’); because I worked out a method to ‘validate’ the success real early.
  • I’m basically impossible to hire now. I only do consulting for one company, and that’s because the company is worth about half a billion dollars; and for every hour I put in, I get $2k PLUS one hour of one-on-one time with the CEO mentoring me. (Pro Tip: Get mentored by people that have done the shit you want to do)

If that’s not enough, I don’t really care lol. Don’t buy my course then lol. ✌️

I swear I’m not a jerk. I’m just sick of all the gurus talking big (fake) game so I’m pretty ‘blunt’ haha.

So, what next?

Okay, so you know how I said I have a course to sell. Well, it was only partially true.

The course isn’t finished yet.

It’s in beta. The course has 5 modules, and I’ve launched the first one.

Every single person that has bought so far, is fucking stoked. At the time of writing this it’s like, 20 something. That’s because, Module One, is 9 hours of content lol.

You read that right, module one, out of a five module course, is 9 hours long. How the hell did that happen? Am I drunk? Was I drunk? No. No drinking was involved. I just literally unloaded EVERYTHING I know. Every last drop of knowledge on the subject that I cover in module one.

Module two HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED (6th Feb); then one module per week from there (they’re partially filmed and edited, I’m just being a bit of a perfectionist, not missing anything).

Alright, fine, I’ll try sell you some stuff my friend…

So what’s in the course?

Module One: Conversion Mastery
This portion has been launched. If you buy, you get IMMEDIATE access. In this module, I teach:

  • Audience Selection – Action thresholds, types of buyers, how to go after the right audience
  • Competitor Sniping – One member voice messaged me after one of the lessons here; and said that this ONE lesson was worth the price of admission – I show you how to target competitors groups, fans, even personal friends, as a custom audience. Plus SO much more, youtube placements, gmail targeting. HEAPS of stuff.
  • Validation – How to validate new eComm businesses, SAAS, and Lead Generation performance deals. Basically how to launch new businesses for peanuts and know they’re going to work before putting cash in.
  • Split testing mastery – Too much to cover here; but my ENTIRE process; end to end; on how to literally guarantee (and I mean that, fuck you FTC, this is a REAL claim) success.
  • Idea Brainstorming Walkthroughts – Live walkthroughs of multiple styles of sites; showing exactly where I’d start; what I’d split test; what I’d improve; and how I’d kick off an equity or performance deal with such a site.
  • Facebook Mastery – I’ve made most of my money with Facebook; and as much as I love other channels, FB is a beast. I walk you through my exact process and strategy that did $3m with the weight loss company; and my go-to strategies for different business types. This shit is advanced, and specific, but I walk it through thoroughly.


As I mentioned, the other modules will be dripped VERY soon. Here’s what they are:

  • Module 2: Life Beyond Facebook – Non-FB Traffic methods (I’m teaching crazy shit here that no-one has ever taught publicly before). This is for ALL levels of your funnel, and covers niches that FB won’t allow.
  • Module 3: Performance Deal Blueprint – Templates and scripts for getting performance deals. How to structure it, and finally get rewarded for the hard work you put in.
  • Module 4: Fast-Track To Equity – How to get equity deals, for no upfront cost. Also, how to find candidates for these deals; legal issues involved with equity deals; and how to transition a normal agency client into an equity deal.
  • Module 5: Growth Hack Anything – If you’re a member of TopFuckingSecret you would’ve seen, I’ve hacked basically everything; from the media (got #1 spot on TechCrunch for 4 days straight), to Quora, to Pinterest, to Google Maps. I’ve broken down HOW I do this; so rather than ‘giving a man fish’, I’ll teach you how to fish. It really is a process; and when I ran my site New Hack Every Week, I was forced into systemizing what I do just so I could deliver a new (top quality) hack every week.

Oh, and I give a bonus module, “Black Hat Mastery”, where I teach you all of my black hat secrets (proxies, fake accounts, the works).

Haha okay I’ll get to it.

So, I’m going to do a deal for you.

If you’ve seen my stuff; you’ll know I hate guru gimics and fake urgency. But I’m totally down with real urgency.

Here’s why this is ACTUALLY different:

  • If you want to talk to real members before buying; I’ll put you in touch with some to talk to before buying. And I won’t cherrypick either – I’ll literally link you to the secret members group, and let you pick from ANY member, and I’m confident you’ll like what you hear.
  • I’m dedicating myself to making this the BEST marketing course ever (I’m actually serious, not exaggerating). I keep adding things to it, and I’m doing real case studies as we go, with full transparency. I have an equity deal starting I’m going to be showing start to finish for example; plus other REAL shit I’m doing.
  • I’m a real dude. I actually give a fuck about people that spend money with me (and those that don’t, thus why I gave away all of my growth hacks for free to thousands of people lol). Literally add me on Facebook, and we can chat. I get a lot of messages; so can only talk to people who are seriously considering buying (unless you want 5 mins of advice, I’ll give that, I’m not a prick lol).
  • I do group coaching calls, that’s included. I’ll solve any issue you hit.
  • Every ‘earlybird’ (beta tester, people who buy before all modules are launched) get a one-on-one call with me. It’s not to sell extra shit. It’s to solve any problem you have. You can call this in at any time (so you can wait til you really need it). I don’t even do these calls for money now; literally only my beta users get it.
  • I’m going to keep adding shit to the course, awesome shit; and not charge you any extra for it. Example: There has been a lot of demand for a productivity module; I’m now making this, and it’s a free bonus.

If you have any questions, literally add me on Facebook, and ask. I’m here to help my friend.

See you on the inside!

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