[GroupBuy] How Great SaaS Sellers Create “Urgency from Thin Air” and SELL In An Economic Meltdown


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Close More SaaS Deals.
Here’s what’s inside.

01 How to find business pain that MONEY follows

● Word-for-word questions and frameworks to make dead certain you find PAIN.”

● Why 90% of SaaS AEs “anchor their deal” to the wrong problem

02 THE secret of becoming a trusted advisor: Cause Analysis

● Why you (literally) cannot sell without the right root cause questions

● A dead-simple technique that skyrockets your credibility with customers

03 How to create repeatable urgency. Every deal.

● A simple three-step technique to intensify business pain.

04 How to get customers to “run through walls”

● How to get customers to WANT what you sell… before you even demo.
● How to tap into the “raw emotion” that boxes out your competitors.

The Full Curriculum

Part 1: Introduction

  •  Welcome and my journey

Part 2: Identifying and validating “THE” business pain

  • Two attributes of the “right” problem to sell to.
  • How to “peel back the onion” to get to pain
  • How to validate (not just identify) true pain.

Part 3: Root cause analysis

  • Why the root cause is central to your deal.
  • Word-for-word questions and examples.

Part 4: Negative impact

  • Why negative impact will DOUBLE your influence.
  • Three powerful benefits of negative impact.
  • Three-step process for asking super-effective impact questions.
  • Dozens of word-for-word impact questions you can use today
  • The “open” vs. “targeted” impact question framework.

Part 5: Desired outcome

  • Get them to say it (and own it)
  • Build a vision of the desired outcome
  • Tap into raw emotion

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