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A few years ago the Vice President of the biggest supplement company in St. Louis called me about a problem they were having.

It was strange because this company had:

  • A strong offline presence.
  • An incredible culture and their employees were fully committed to their brand.
  • A well-known CEO with a huge personal brand.
  • A strong social media presence and they were even driving tons of sales using Facebook ads.

Most people would view this company as “clicking on all cylinders”.

That’s The Power Of SEO.

Trust me…

It definitely wasn’t my impressive sales skills that turned this lead into a client either!

Now getting new clients by using SEO is cool, but getting them results is all that matters.

Here’s what we did to get this client results:

We performed an in-depth SEO audit.

Then we created a priority list based on what actions will have the highest impact

We identified the following actions as high-impact:

Optimizing their site’s technical performance

Improving their site architecture

Upgrading their content on their category and product pages

Now you’re probably wondering: how did it turn out?

Our client went from invisible to:

There are so many gurus pushing different marketing channels at this point that’s it hard to know where to even start.

Should you do social media marketing? Should you run Facebook ads? Should you run a messenger campaign? Should you do conversion rate optimization?

The list goes on-and-on.


Every marketing channel has its benefits, but no channel has stood the test of time like SEO. Once it gets rolling it crushes all marketing channels. That’s because it’s truly organic. That means you’re getting leads, sales, and new customers 24/7 without paying for ads.

That means your cost to acquire customers will be dirt cheap compared to all other channels.

That’s why SEO is always the forefront of any growth strategy I develop for any company. As one Gotch SEO Academy member and SEO agency owner said, “It’s like a locomotive.” Truer words have never been spoken.

SEO is the key to your company’s growth and now you have the opportunity to use a proven strategy. No more reading hundreds of articles with varying opinion. No more information overload. Now you can just walk through a proven SEO blueprint and start getting your company the results it deserves.

It’s that simple when you join Gotch SEO Academy now.

Do You Want to Build a Lucrative Career in the SEO Industry?

Did you know that some SEO managers get paid over $100,000 per year? That’s because understanding how to get SEO results is incredibly valuable.

So if you want to work in-house and earn an awesome salary or you want to sharpen the saw, then you need to join Gotch SEO Academy.

The truth is:

If you truly know how to get SEO results, you’ll never need to worry about job security again.

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