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What You’ll Learn In This Course

The Content Lifecycle

Discover how to create stellar content for all 3 stages of the marketing funnel. When you know this, you’ll be able to attract new visitors to your site and take them on a journey from Awareness through Product Evaluation and all the way to Conversion.

Content Technology Needs

Learn the 8 types of technology you need to succeed as a content marketer. We’ll also give our recommendations for each type of technology to ensure you get the most effective and user-friendly tools available.

Blog Marketing Mastery

Master the 12 critical aspects of building a successful blog. You’ll learn what types of posts to publish, the secret to writing great content, how to create high-converting lead magnets, and more.

Content Distribution

Learn how to effectively get your content out into the world and increase your exposure using a combination of email marketing, SEO, paid distribution, and social media promotion.

Content Marketing Mastery Course Details

In this 8-hour course you’ll learn everything you need to know about content marketing. You’ll learn about the right type of content for the right visitor, and exactly how to distribute it!

Module 1:

Creating Your Customer Avatar

Lesson 1: Start Here

Lesson 2: What To Expect

Lesson 3: The What and Why of Content Marketing

Lesson 4: Creating a Customer Avatar

Lesson 5: Content Technology

Lesson 6: The Marketing Funnel

Module 2:

Top of Funnel Content

Lesson 1: TOFU Goals

Lesson 2: TOFU Content Types

Lesson 3: TOFU Metrics

Lesson 4: YOUR TOFU Content Plan

Module 3:

Middle of Funnel Content

Lesson 1: MOFU Goals

Lesson 2: MOFU Content Types

Lesson 3: Lead Magnet Checklist

Lesson 4: MOFU Metrics

Lesson 5: Your MOFU Content Plan

Module 4:

Content Marketing Metrics

Lesson 1: BOFU Goals

Lesson 2: BOFU Content Types

Lesson 3: BOFU Metrics

Lesson 4: Your BOFU Content Plan

Module 5:

Blog Marketing

Lesson 1: How To Use This Section

Lesson 2: WordPress Basics

Lesson 3: 212 Blog Post Ideas

Lesson 4: The Editorial Calendar

Lesson 5: Writing Headlines

Lesson 6: 8 Post Types

Lesson 7: Inserting Calls To Action

Lesson 8: Finding and Managing Writers

Lesson 9: Writing/Editing Great Content

Lesson 10: Lead Magnets and Blogs

Lesson 11: Opt-In Boxes and Squeeze Pages

Lesson 12: Repurposing Content

Lesson 13: Blog Launches

Module 6

Content Distribution

Lesson 1: How To Use This Section

Lesson 2: Content Distribution Basics

Lesson 3: Organic Content Distribution: Email

Lesson 4: Organic Content Distribution: SEO

Lesson 5: Organic Content Distribution: Social

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