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You pour hours into crafting incredibly valuable content.

And it goes something like this:

You’ve got a great idea. You’re passionate about the topic. And you’ve done your research.

But when you hit publish, you’re met with deafening silence.

Your audience isn’t clicking, reading, or sharing.

You’re left staring at the screen, wondering where you went wrong

Thing Is, It’s Not Your Fault

The world of content creation has become insanely competitive.

Audiences are inundated with a flood of content every day, and capturing their attention has become a herculean task.

None of this is your fault.

You’re not alone in this struggle, and it’s not a reflection of your ideas or your passion.

The Bitter Reality of Unseen Content

Think back to when you wrote a piece you were particularly proud of.

You had poured your heart into it, and you were excited to share it with the world.

But instead of the engagement you were hoping for, your content barely made a ripple.

The hours you invested felt wasted, your enthusiasm deflated, and you were left questioning your abilities as a writer.

When Your Content Pops Off The Page

Now, picture a different scenario. Imagine hitting publish on a piece of content and immediately seeing likes, shares, and positive comments flooding in.

Your audience is not only reading your content but also actively engaging with it. They’re sharing it in their networks, sparking discussions, and looking forward to your next piece.

This is not just a dream—it’s a reality that’s within your reach.

MYTH: “Good Content Naturally Gets Attention”

It’s sad, but in today’s digital landscape, great content still gets lost in the noise if it doesn’t have a strong hook to reel readers in.

It’s not enough to have valuable insights or a unique perspective—you need to capture your audience’s attention from the first line.

But here’s the good news. Writing captivating hooks is a skill that you can learn.

And with the right guidance, you can master it. 👇

Introducing the Hooked on Writing Hooks Course

It doesn’t have to be so hard to get eyes on your content.

And I want to help.

Introducing the Hooked on Writing Hooks Course – the only training you need to write hooks that reel readers in, and turn your ideas into content that actually gets consumed.

Why I Created This Course

As a professional editor and writer, I’ve always had a passion for great content. And it kind of sickens me how bad the state of content is these days.

Superficial, valueless content seems to be winning. Sometimes it seems you can’t get visibility unless you resort to copycat content, clickbait, or downright lies.

I want to help change that.

Over the years, I’ve edited over 3 million words and helped hundreds of creators find their voice, format their ideas, and turn their writing into an asset.

I noticed a common struggle among creators because I’m one of them: even with great ideas we struggle to capture our audience’s attention.


And so, I decided to create a solution. I poured in all my knowledge, experience, and proven techniques into the course before you: Hooked on Writing Hooks.

But questions kept pouring in, particularly about AI and how to use it to help the process.

That’s why I partnered with AI expert Rob Lennon to supercharge this course with AI prompt engineering.

Rob has published 47 books and novellas on Amazon, and his AI Content Reactor course has 2,000+ students (one of the most well-respected AI content courses on the internet). And he’s brought the same level of writing and AI wizardry here.

Together, we’re committed to helping you overcome your writing challenges and create content that not only gets read but also creates true value for your audience.

So you can get results like this:

What’s Inside the Hooked on Writing Hooks Course?


  • Hook Magic – The proven 4-part formula for writing attention-grabbing headlines optimized for every audience
  • Specific Hook Secrets – How to make your openings pop without resorting to clickbait BS
  • The Hook Power Triangle – The only 3 frameworks you need to master hook writing
  • Story Starters – 3 more frameworks for crafting irresistible story hooks
  • Hook Diagnosis Made Easy – How to fix bad openings by pinpointing subtle issues and spotting red flags
  • The 10 Must-Know Content Formats – Breakdowns of listicles, stories, advice columns, teardowns, and more

All this will teach you everything you need to know to write eye-sizzling hooks. (Eww 👀)

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