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Does Your Message Sound Like a Mouthful of Jargony, Rambly Goop? (And You’re Like, Haha, Joke’s On You, I Don’t Even HAVE a Message, Champ.)

Trying to figure out how to package your work into one BIG IDEA can feel like mission impossible—especially if you’re just starting out and trying to get a grasp on what the heck you want to be known for. (And how on earth to describe it in a way that’s fresh, interesting, and succinct.)

Do any of the following sound like your current nightmare? 😅

1. That whole 15-second pitch thing? Sounds more like a 10-minute ramble of doom.
You have a general idea of what you want to say, but you’re still missing clarity and it’s painfully noticeable every time you try to describe who you are and what you do. There must be a more elegant & powerful way to put this?! (PLEASE, LORD DICTIONARY.)

2. You tried writing the copy for your website, but HAHAHAH, (a) Torture, and (b) It all kinda sounds like a bigggg, meandering, long-winded digression.
“Welcome to my website, hardy har har har har!”—anndddd then you face palm. You’re lacking direction & succinctness, which totally happens to EVERYONE at this stage. When you don’t have a clear message, you end up wandering all around the page and your ideas get lost. (And so do your darling readers.)

3. You don’t want to sound like everyone else, but you also just don’t know what else to say to sound fresh, compelling & interesting.
You’re supposed to “differentiate yourself,” but how? Everything has been taken, or at least it feels that way. You worry you aren’t original enough to get noticed. But, you also don’t know how to solve that problem.

4. You’re totally overwhelmed by perfection paralysis.
Not being able to nail this is seriously getting in the way of your progress. You can’t move forward until you nail your messaging, but right now it feels like you might be waiting another 100 years before you finally figure out the perfect way to “word it.”

5. You’d rather eat giant, hairy cockroaches than read your own bio aloud.
Yup. Say no more. Writing about yourself only serves to highlight your own uncertainty about what in the living hell you are doing or why anyone should care. 🥴

Oh, and let’s not forget lucky number 6: Not being able to nail your messaging is delivering a serious blow to your confidence. Imposter syndrome is kicking in harder than ever, telling you that your business idea isn’t going to work out. But, that’s just because you haven’t figured out how to talk about that idea yet. But, once you do? All that confidence runs right back into your veins. Turns out, how you describe your work not only affects how valuable others perceive it as, but how valuable you perceive it as. Not being able to talk about your idea = massive source of imposter syndrome.

A Cohesive, Brilliant Message Will Rev Your Confidence, Crank Sales Up to 90mph & Make Customers Line Up Around the Block—But Without That Message, the Same Person Doing the Same Work, With the Same Level of Talent, Will S-t-r-u-g-g-l-e 😾

Isn’t that the ugly, sebum-filled truth? (Ugh, sebum.)

A memorable, sticky message is often the missing piece of the puzzle: it doesn’t matter what you do, the way you package what you do is a game-changer. There might be one-hundred other people in your sphere who do the same exact thing as you, but you know who’s going to attract all the followers, fans & clients?

The person with the message that excites the most.

When you have an exciting, buzz-worthy message, it produces an instant chain reaction: way more Instagram followers, way more clicks, way more subscribers, way more interest in your work, way more clients, way more fanfare, way more word-of-mouth, way more reputation, and, of course, way more money.

Your messaging does the heavy lifting for you. 🏋️‍♀️

And you know what else happens when you have an exciting message that’s memorable & sticky & soundbite-able?

  • On average, customers spend twice as much every year 2️⃣.

  • They recommend your stuff 1.5 times more!

  • They’re wayyyy less price sensitive: they’re 2.3X more likely to pay premium rates—and not balk at the cost (a game-changer if you’ve struggled with push back for even basic invoices)

  • Your brand gets shared all over the internet without you even having to do anything 🔥

  • You get invited to speak, contribute, be on podcasts, dance with the wolves (that’s code for “attend fancy retreats in Norway”)

  • Your reach explodes with far less effort—and zero ad spend, if you’re really hardcore

  • And, your average annual revenue goes through the ROOF *makes sign with fingers*

Great! Yes! Count Me In! I Need to Package My Work Into a Juicy, Meaty, Message Steak! (Once I Figure Out What That Is, Ahem.)

Chances are, you may have struggled with your message meat* in the past because:

  • You’ve lacked clarity around your offer—and therefore are having big-time trouble describing it 🤔

  • You don’t have a ton of experience yet, so you’re not entirely sure what your message IS (“ummmm, hire me???????”)

  • You aren’t necessarily that much “different” from other people in your field, so how are you supposed to be unique? (This leads to you picking a frivolous niche, like “copywriting for birdhouse makers and other aviary enthusiasts,” as a way to solve that problem—but then you’ve pigeonholed yourself, and you use bad bird puns to top it off)

  • You don’t really address why someone should come to YOU, specifically, out of all the other options in the world (mostly because you aren’t really sure)

  • You’re trying to compete on “better” instead of giving yourself your own category with no competitors (this is a common problem with an easy solution, once you know how this works)

  • Your message fails the “see, touch, poke” test—essential for crafting a message that emotionally resonates with an audience

  • You focus too much on what makes you awesome, rather than your results, so you end up sounding like a desperate teenager trying to be liked

  • You don’t have any results yet (though you do have heaps of imposter syndrome, thanks)

  • You have no idea what your brand positioning should be

  • You have no idea what your value proposition is

  • You didn’t know you needed to determine those things, first 😅

  • You’ve taken a million and three stabs already but now you just feel like you’re going in circles and you’ve lost all perspective and what was your name again??? The Real Slim Shady is collapsed in front of the computer.

“By the end of the bootcamp, I had my homepage, bio, lead magnet and contact pages written! Ash is not only a magician with words, but she inspires you to give your best. When Ash comes to you with an invitation to join her in whatever crazy thing she is doing, please, do whatever you need to do and give yourself one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself: a time to be your most creative self.” —Tarot Consultant Jasmin Fernandez

When You’ve Got a Sticky Message, You’ve Got 1,000x More Internet Horsepower

A sticky message does the selling for you online.

It’s clients automatically wanting to work with you without even speaking to you first. It’s premium rates customers are excited to pay. It’s a wait list that goes on for a year. It’s no push back, no questions, just show me where to sign. It’s magazine editors wanting to feature your work. It’s literary agents calling you on the phone. It’s getting invited to speak on stages, at companies, on retreats. It’s like having a thousand people working for you 24/7, telling the world how wonderful you are. (That’s called social media!)

It’s the difference between being viewed as a dime-a-dozen freelancer, versus a thought leader in your field.

It’s the difference between being known for what you do, and being invisible.

It’s the difference between small success and BIG success.

And it’s the difference between getting online and getting BANK.

(Finally!) Nail Your Message & Get Excited About Your Idea Again

At last: a formula designed specifically to help you nail your message and package your work into a big idea that lands. (And that you’re excited about, too!)

The Magic Message Bootcamp is a message-finding framework that will help you distill your big idea and package it into a brilliant message that the world will clamor for—and that will change the way you do business forever.

Whether you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, or a Fortune 500 company, The Magic Message Formula walks you through a proprietary 18-part, step-by-step process to help you get clarity on your brand positioning, determine your value proposition, use both to strategically flesh out your signature message, and then put that message into yummy, sticky, marketable words that’ll sell your stuff like gangbusters. (And there are practical examples for all three!)

If you’re struggling with what makes you unique and how you can differentiate yourself beautifully in the marketplace, this is what you’ve been missing.

After Putting Your Message Through The Magic Message Formula, You Will Have:

  • Your message (finally!) nailed 🔨 and your work packaged into a big idea that instantly gets customers excited

  • A brilliant new way of defining your work & instantly communicating your value—without stammering, shuffling, or second-guessing yourself silly ✨

  • A refreshing new perspective on your own value that’ll breathe new-life into your mission & completely re-energize your business

  • Killer brand positioning that strategically differentiates you in the marketplace

  • All-new copy for your home page! (Yup, I’ll walk you through using your message to write out your super duper critical homepage copy.)

  • BONUS: You’ll also get formulas for writing your opt-in, your sales pages, your product descriptions, and your contact page, too! It’s like getting two programs in one! 🎉

  • BONUS: You’ll get the formula for writing a killllller professional bio—long, short & micro—that you’re finally proud of (and don’t cringe at!). Super awesome for use on your site, your Linked In, on your socials, at the bottom of your blog posts, or anytime anyone asks you to “send over your bio” and you basically want to die

  • A snappy & succinct elevator pitch that you can use anytime anyone asks the dreaded question, “So what do you do?” (Very handy while out at networking dinners or sitting at a cocktail bar chatting up a stranger)

  • Complete, unshakeable clarity about who you are and what makes you awesome so you can go forward with confidence & killer instinct

  • And a pleasurable time reimagining your value and working through all of this from a position of a real and effective messaging strategy—no spaghetti on the walls here! 🍝

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