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You’ll learn:

– to transform old traumas and dormant energy stored in the body making space for Kundalini to rise

– to sublimate and transmute different energies and emotions

-a profound mental framework used in integrative therapy and self-development

-embodiment techniques and practices related to Yoga, Taoism, Tantra and a range of other healing modalities

-how to develop a multi-orgasmic body using energetic and self de-armouring practices alongside shadow work

-and much more while taking the first step to becoming a certified Kundalini Bodywork Practitioner enabled to share this beautiful practice with others

What is Kundalini Bodywork Online?

Kundalini Bodywork is the Foundation course for the School of Energetic Bodywork and serves as the prerequisite for all other courses with us, it is a journey of self realisation where each person’s final practice and awakening is unique

Together, we work to clear the traumas stored in your body, clearing the pathway of Kundalini. Once you are on this path you’ll learn how to sublimate and transmute different energies.

The more you understand your own traumas and how they can be healed, the more you’ll be able to support and inspire others to do the same.

By joining this course you are able to become a certified Kundalini bodywork practitioner who works with quality and integrity.

Are you ready to experience the powerful and transformative awakening that comes from Kundalini and learn how to support others to do the same?

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