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Before I start… Yes, I will be talking about the 80k Client.

This is the cheapest, that the course will ever be.

-Batch 1

-Future Batches not promised

Now that that’s out the way…

Its not as difficult as you think.

1 client can pay you $2,000 every month, and that’s just the starting price.

You only need 5 people to say yes, and you’re on track to making over $100,000 in free cash flow, in your first year. That’s money in the bank.

If on average, those clients are paying you $5,000 a month, that’s $300,000.

In this course, I leave nothing off the table.

This is not hard to do.

You don’t need to do mindless tasks, for hours on end.

You don’t need to build up the courage to cold call anybody.

You don’t need to collect a series of testimonies before somebody gives you a chance.

I’m nothing special, I don’t possess God given abilities in what I do. I simply work hard, consistently, and deliver results based on my experience. I am significantly better than I was 1 year ago and 3 years ago, I couldn’t imagine the life I have now. What I love about the internet, is that there’s enough for everybody. Everybody eats. For that reason, I can tell you that there’s no formula I’m hiding, I rather sell it, make some money in the process and help you generate the results you want faster, knowing you’re in the right direction. It makes all the difference.

The reason I wanted to make this course, is because I think there’s far too much emphasis on landing clients and constantly getting on sales calls…..

Well, there’s a reason that’s happening. People are too focused on getting new clients, chasing that euphoria of getting a new “sale” (I wish this upon you, and if you do what I say, it will happen). But, this is a problem.


When you’re spending all your time focusing on sales, you are either reducing the amount of time you have delivering your service, or even worse…

You made the mistake of hiring talent on Upwork, not monitoring it, and your client suffers and leaves.

Now, you’re in a downwards spiral. You have to close new deals, because people are churning. You stop selling, your cash pile will ultimately run dry.

This isn’t good for your mind, or your business.

Its much easier to take on a high-paying client, or one which you can upsell based on your service, than constantly look to take on new ones.

I have a 6 month waitlist for clients who I may or may not take on, depending on how I feel our workload is as a company, and whether it will impact the results of our existing clients.

I know exactly how much money my business will generate this month, next month, and 6 months down the line, because we set expectations clear, deliver on our promises and for that reason, clients don’t have a reason to leave – so they don’t.

In this course, I will teach you how to land clients, how to scope high-value ones, how to keep them, and how to increase your monthly billings, without increasing the number of clients you take on.


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