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Supercharge Account Prospecting Using LinkedIn

Fill Your Pipeline With Qualified Opportunities (Even during a pandemic)

Every business requires a reliable, steady stream of new sales to stay in business and continue growing. But prospecting for B2B sales leads can be challenging in the best of times, and even more daunting when everyone is working from home. Join our master class and learn how to use LinkedIn to:

  • Find prospects that match your ideal customer profile
  • Establish real relationships with these prospects
  • Book a steady stream of sales calls without cold calling

Meet Candyce, Your Instructor

Candyce was able to book 125 qualified sales calls in 6 months just using LinkedIn. In this video she shares how she did this.

Candyce will be speaking at the inaugural Channel Marketing Academy BBC marketing event – for channel marketers, by channel marketers. June 23 – virtual event.

Candyce will talk about how to get more traction from your LinkedIn posts to attract inbound leads. There is a science to this!

Use LinkedIn to Supercharge Your Prospecting

A couple years ago, Candyce Edelen pivoted her company to a new market and needed to quickly ramp up sales. She hates cold calling, didn’t have an email list, and didn’t have money to travel to a lot of networking events.

So she researched techniques for generating leads on LinkedIn, experimented a bit, and landed on a methodology that allowed her to book 125 sales calls in 6 months.

She optimized her approach and developed best practices. Now, she’s teaching others her strategy.

These are the results Candyce got in the first 6 months of using the strategies taught in our masterclass.

How would 125 sales calls in the next six months impact your pipeline?

MasterClass – Supercharge Your Account Prospecting Using LinkedIn

This is exactly what you need to fill your pipeline with new B2B sales opportunities.

  • Increase your connection acceptance rate to 70%
  • Get first meetings with 20-35% of your new connections
  • Reach more stakeholders to improve your close ratios by 34%
  • Leverage the LinkedIn algorithm to improve engagement

What you’ll get with this course:

  • Detailed instruction from a sales person who uses LinkedIn to generate sales every month (this isn’t theoretical!)
  • 6-months access to our on-demand course with 14 modules that show you how to prospect on LinkedIn
  • A lead calculator to define the activity needed to meet quota
  • Templates and worksheets to plan your strategy
  • Scorecards to track your results

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