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STEP 1: Creative Visualization

Your journey through life can be described as a series of dots that mark important milestones, such as a book you read, a chance encounter, a conversation you had or a course you decided to study.

We help you achieve your first ‘dot’ or milestone towards your dream life targets using the APD (average perfect day) guided meditation technique. APD is a method that uses the power of your creative imagination to create a vision, feeling, and sense of clarity about your dream life targets. We then chunk these goals down into realistic and achievable milestones.

The Awakening is a powerful intention setting breathwork practice that will help create unstoppable momentum, motivation, and drive to reaching your first ‘milestone’ towards your average perfect day.

STEP 2: 21 Day Breathwork Meditation Journey

This transformative breathwork technique supercharges you into a state of passion, flow, and determination by raising your emotional energy to high self-esteem and confidence. Peak performance coaches recognize that passion is the number one factor for success.

This technique is also a powerful self-hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions deep into your subconscious mind, programming your brain stem to tune into the frequency of reality that is essential for you to reach your dream life targets.

Be prepared for a life full of positive surprises and synchronicities when you begin your journey of awakening to your full human potential.

The Awakening breathwork naturally stimulates the scientifically proven method of intermittent hypoxic training (IHT) without needing the expensive equipment that is essential for IHT.

What Happens To Your Brain After SOMA ‘The Awakening’?

In May 2016 we performed the SOMA Awakening Breathwork ceremony at an event called Afest by Mindvalley.

A team of NASA scientists and founders of Peak Neurofitness measured brainwaves during the session and the results were astonishing, confirming that participants can have emotional releasing, deep relaxation, and even Aha moments in just one session.

Trypnaural Ultra combined with special breathwork techniques handed down from true masters of ancient breathwork techniques enhances brain function like nothing else!

Study shows SOMA Breath techniques could be as effective as psychedelics in treating anxiety and depression

In this new study by leading neuroscientist and founder of NeuroMeditation Institute, Dr Jeff Tarrant shows that the 22-minute session of SOMA Breath’s Daily Dose produced brainwave activity in the Default Mode Network (DMN) comparable to psychedelics.

With a significant dominance of gamma frequencies in the DMN and other brain regions. Gamma brainwaves are associated with highly inspired thinking and peak flow states of consciousness. These are usually found in experienced meditators like Tibetan monks.

Using the standard altered states questionnaire normally used in studies involving psychedelics, subjects reported feelings of connection, oneness and reduced depression similar in scale to traditional psychedelics like psilocybin.

Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)

A Medically Approved Therapy With Instantaneous Health Benefits
New research shows that intermittent hypoxic training, where you create brief periods of low oxygen levels, can produce almost instantaneous results by actually stimulating stem cells to come out of their niches and move around the body and to places where they can heal and regenerate healthy cells for your organs.

This form of therapy has been used by Russian doctors for decades to treat a number of diseases such as coronary heart disease, and even to improve recovery time from injury and athletic training. Stamina and endurance is also enhanced as intermittent hypoxia stimulates the production of new muscle tissue, red blood cells and even blood vessels.

Medical clinics use expensive equipment for IHT making the cost of this treatment in the thousands, however The Awakening Journey creates the same effect using the power of just your breath!

Including Therapeutic Breathwork

5 core breathwork techniques that awaken your inner pharmacy

Energy: How to raise core body temperature, heart rate and produce a controlled stress response to ward off illness and inflammatory diseases.

Cleanse: How to drink air to purify digestive system, suppress hunger, eliminate bad bacteria and promote growth of good bacteria.

Rest/Relax: How to turn off stress, lower heart rate & blood pressure, decrease pain and tap into your autonomic nervous system

Longevity: Benefits of intermittent hypoxia for more stamina, better circulation, anti-aging, longevity and peak performance.

Detox: How to clear toxins from your gut, remove nasal and sinus congestion and purify your blood.

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