[Group Buy] Automate Your Agency Or Coaching Business Using CUSTOM-BUILT Systems And Operations


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Description Automate Your Agency Or Coaching Business Using CUSTOM-BUILT Systems And Operations

Here’s What You Get:

Marketing Automations

Receive ALL our zaps for marketing which automate our optins, sales call scheduled nurture sequences + much more.

Having your sales process automated is IMPERATIVE in order for you and your sales team to INCREASE your collective output and ultimately your conversion rates.

You will also receive our internal SOPs and workflows for our marketing softwares such as GroupKit (for FB group joins) and Aloware (our outbound dealing and SMS/Text software responsible for over 50+ booked sales calls per month for our high ticket offer)

Plus, you’ll receive Plug N Play VSL funnel templates and FB group funnel templates (all pre-built with branding + automations embedded)

Sales and Sales Teams

You’ll receive access to our exact Slack setup for our sales team plus all of our Sales Team SOPs (including our reporting system inside slack + much more)

On top of our Slack setup for sales teams and our SOPs, you’ll also get access to our closer and setter tracking system AND our commission payout system which streamlines the entire process and ensure 100% accuracy.

Having GOOD tracking for your sales team is VITAL so that you as the entrepreneur can easily and accurately define bottlenecks in your sales process and fix them.

Without good tracking you cannot identify areas you need to fix.


You’ll get full access to our Done-For-You CUSTOM-BUILT client/customer fulfilment system which:

1. Tracks every customers progress in alignment with our product activation points

2. Automatically assigns due dates for each activation point to be completed

3. If the due dates are missed, our delivery team get automatically alerted that ‘x’ client is falling behind and that we need to reach out to them and see what they need help with

4. Streamlines the entire onboarding process and automatically assigns the correct due dates for each activation point for the client/customer

5. Tracks client success and streamlines the process for collecting client/customer feedback

6. INCREASES upsells rates as we track the entire client/customer journey

7. Increases client results 10-fold

Is This A Course?

No. This is not a course or an ‘info-product’. This is a product in which you receive all of our internal systems, SOPs and operations. In some cases, there are explanation videos where Kai Bax explains exactly how each step works and/or what the specific system is used for and how it’s used.

However, it’s not a course. You simply receive our pre-built systems and operations in which you will plug into your agency or coaching business.

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