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Low Content Elite Society – Matt Logan – New and Easy to do method to make $300/day

The superior & purpose-built low-content publishing society with complete accountability, monthly group calls and over 7 hours of insider-info across advanced low-content publishing, and never-seen-before strategies such as children’s story books, the “royalty-split approach” and countless more hacks.
How much longer are you going to stay in the same place, without progress? Let us show you the roadmap, and give you the accountability to get there.

The Residual Royalty Academy has already transformed the financial future of many..

Instead of me telling you all about my KDP journey so far (which you mostly already know), let me show you some of the success stories from alumni of the previous programme. Many have gone on to quit their stressful inner-city sales jobs, or have created passive new streams of income (from $0 to $10K per month and beyond) – while working on a business which is not only fun – but pays them $$ every month.


Bojana from the Royalty Accelerator
earned almost $4500 in a SINGLE month, by publishing only low & no-content books. Imagine what she’ll achieve once she adds children’s story books and some of the other strategies she is about to learn inside our society.
Q4 has barely any effect on October, so just imagine how big her numbers were in November and December!



Inside our Discord group, you can see Hannes updating us on his most profitable day so far on KDP. This is in APRIL, so I imagine his Q4 royalties are going to be staggering in 2022.
What would you do with an extra $400 in profit per day?
If he can maintain $400 per day, that would be $12,000 PROFIT in one month..


Read what Jessica has accomplished so far as part of the Residual Royalty Academy 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼
After a couple of 1-2-1 calls to ensure she was publishing the right books, and with constant accountability – her royalties are now headed in the right direction and should eclipse $5000 this December!

What Is The Royalty Accelerator, and How Does It Work?

The Royalty Accelerator is a course that teaches you how to apply the same simple and effective tactics Matt Logan
used to build a passive income online in just eight months with Kindle Direct Publishing

Matt’s course explains how to make and sell diaries, coloring books, guest books, logbooks, and other items on Amazon
in greater depth. Matt walks you through all of the procedures, including selecting a niche, setting up your business,
creating and outsourcing content, and earning money, in the course’s over 40 regularly updated courses.

Review of the Royalty Accelerator

The Royalty Accelerator, according to Matt Logan, does not require any prior expertise or talents. This course may be
right for you if you enjoy writing and designing.

Is The Royalty Accelerator, however, a rip-off?

It isn’t, in my opinion – but more on that later in my review. Matt provides the complete content of the course before
asking you to pay $149 for admission to his course, which is why I say so right away.

Also, because Matt is a Kindle Direct Publishing success story, the Royalty Accelerator is 100 percent authentic and
actionable knowledge.

My Freelance Paycheck Review is a related article.

Matt Logan: Who Is He?

Matt Logan is a YouTube personality, online entrepreneur, and video developer. Matt built The Royalty Accelerator to
assist anyone interested in learning from him and adopting his proven system to start a profitable KDP business

You can find Matt on YouTube, where he runs the Residual Royalty Academy channel. Matt’s channel has roughly 6K
subscribers and a large number of videos as of the time of writing this review. Most videos have only 500-1000 views,
which, in my opinion, is insufficient.

Academy of Residual Royalty Logan, Matt

If you’re interested in learning from Matt but aren’t sure if his course is perfect for you, you may check out his free

YouTube video before deciding. You’ll find that Matt has some interesting things to say over there.

Nonetheless, Matt Logan appears to be a genuine individual, which is a positive indicator. Let’s go into this Royalty

Accelerator review and see how he can help you profit from Kindle Direct Publishing

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