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Unleash Your Sexual Superpowers Anytime….Anywhere The Secrets To Crushing Performance Anxiety Even if you think you’re broken, unfixable or too scared to get hard when it matters

Crushing Performance Anxiety is the only comprehensive educational course and hands-on applicational tools, backed by years of real experience, that helps men go from failing in the bedroom to… getting hard with ease. (even if you think it’s impossible)

It’s not that you can’t get hard, it’s just that it’s
hard to get hard
(and no one taught you “how”).
So, men are walking around thinking there’s something wrong with them because they can’t get hard on command, or when it really matters.


Losing your erection when it matters.
Struggling to keep it going in the heat of the moment.
Afraid to even think about sex, for fear of not getting it up.

And you’re left feeling like you’re not a “real” man

But what people don’t understand is that in “real” life, no one is being taught how to solve this problem.

The truth about “ED” and how you can address it….

The truth about erectile dysfunction is that in 95% of cases it’s all in your mind.

If your penis works when a woman is not around – it can work when SHE IS.

For over 23 years in adult entertainment, I have never – not once – failed to produce an erection on set. Ever. (and always without the help of any performance enhancing drugs.)

If I could produce erections on demand 100% of the time, in the most extreme and demanding of situations…

Just Imagine If….

You were fearless to initiate the sexual encounter knowing that you can deliver the goods (on command, every time.)

You could be totally relaxed knowing that you’re going to be able to make love to your woman (so that you’re never left just hoping it works.)

You knew that you were ready to perform if she needed it or wanted it (no matter when or where – or how).

Your woman looked upon you with the eyes of a woman who is sexually satisfied ( so that you knew you were the best lover she’s ever had).

You weren’t stuck in your head the entire time and could actually ENJOY the sex that you were having (rather than fearing that at any moment you might lose your erection).

What if you could feel, at your core, like a REAL man?

The Question That Forever Altered My Life….

“That was incredible! What were you thinking while you were doing that?”

It was the early 2000’s, I was on set working on a big feature film and this one photographer was busy milling about. This photographer was the late, great, Larry Sultan. He was compiling images for what would become his famous art photo book titled “The Valley”.

I was working with this beautiful brunette that day, and I tore into her with my passion and energetic style that would become my hallmark throughout my career. It was a hyper-athletic event unlike any other that Larry had witnessed at the time. When it was all done, and I exited the room in a sweaty disheveled daze, Larry came up to me.

“That was incredible! What were you thinking while you were doing that?” he asked me, the fundamental question which would forever alter my life.

It struck me as so odd I was a little taken aback, but I answered him in a fashion that shocked him.

“Nothing”, I answered… “I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

There fundamentally wasn’t a thought going through my head that entire time. I was so focused on what I was doing, being in the moment of enjoying the woman, enjoying the sensations, enjoying the act…that all that was in my head was “white noise”. There were no thoughts…just static.

Cutting off the signal to my thoughts became my superpower.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you came from, all of us have the ability inside of us to cut the signal to our thoughts and actually enjoy the here and now of the sexual moment.

And this is the key to crushing performance anxiety.


Through this course, you will…

Confidently know that YOU are in control of your penis, no one else! (So you never worry about hoping the “erection gods” magically decide that today is the day you’re allowed to have an erection).

Create new belief systems about YOUR penis and about Who the REAL you is in the bedroom (so you can stop the voice in your head that says “you aren’t good enough”)
Overcome your sexual shame around being naked (so that you never have to worry about feeling embarrassed about getting naked in front of someone.)
Recognize the two different types of hard-ons and why one of them is unreliable and unrepeatable – and it’s probably the one you’ve been relying on (so that you are always in control of your body and your erection becomes a conscious choice.)
Lose the albatross of performance by focusing on her (so that you can finally relax knowing that she’s taken care of.)
Empty your mind and become laser-focused (so that you’re putting your conscious attention only towards the things that matter.)
Master the secret technique called “The Hint of Blood” (to lower anxiety and create a positive feedback loop in your mind – at will.)

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Crushing Performance Anxiety is broken down into eight easy to digest modules.

Each module comes with pre-recorded video content, a companion PDF workbook, and action steps to cement your new knowledge.

Module 1: What Is Anxiety?

Understand what biological processes occur with anxiety and what meanings we are making of events that cause this phenomenon.
Differentiate the two different ways that we can approach dealing with this “threat”.
At the end of Module 1 you’ll have a basic understanding of what is happening in your body and you’ll have two tools to help deal with your anxiety.

Module 2: Change The Mental Perception Before

Learn the various modalities that can be employed to help alter your perception or subconscious meaning of a negative stimuli BEFORE you actually encounter it.
At the end of Module 2 you’ll know an array of modalities that you can use as well as an NLP technique that you can try out to help lessen anxiety.

Module 3: Incremental Exposure To Threats

In this module you’ll learn how you can work on your sexual shame around body image which is often one of the main sources of anxiety.

At the end of Module 3 you’ll have a multitude of places where you can go and practice being naked around complete strangers.

Module 4: What To Overcome The Anxiety

Determine what your default state in the bedroom is and understand this is the true version of you.
Take the objective reality of your penis and it’s core default truth and label it.
At the end of this module you should be able to rate and rank how well your penis works in a controlled environment and you should have a fundamental shift in your beliefs around your penis.your text in this area

Module 5: How you can leverage the two types of hard-ons to guarantee success.

Realize that you have two distinct types of hard-ons and that one of them is more reliable and controllable than the other.
Know that the power to control the physically created hard-on rests with you and this is not only reliable but also repeatable.
At the end of this module you will learn how to put 100% focused attention on your penis, what that level of attention should look like, and why focusing purely on the physical sensations will benefit you.

Module 6: Get her off and lower her expectations.

Understand the importance of getting a woman off before anything else happens, this allows for the burden of performance to be lifted.
Learn the secret way to overcoming the surge of adrenaline that is creating the chaos that prevents you from performing at your peak.
At the end of this module you should understand why pussy eating needs to be a skill that you develop and the psychological impact of having the albatross of performance lifted from you.

Module 7: Empty your mind by “doing”.

Know and understand why “doing” is the space that you want to inhabit in the sexual sphere, and why this is beneficial for mind.
Learn how to stay present in the moment with 100% focused attention so that you can feel exactly what is working and prevent anxiety by creating a space of “no mind”.
At the end of this module you’ll understand how the use of conscious, focused attention can create a space of “white noise” in your head and prevent the thoughts that don’t serve you from entering.

Module 8: The “Hint of Blood” Phenomenon

Build a positive loop of reinforcement through attaining 30% blood flow and discover the psychological release that this gives you.
Learn to utilize distraction as a sleight of hand while you mobilize skilled jerking off to fulfill the hint of blood you require.
At the end of this module you will have all the tools to obtain an erection without needing or requiring any assistance from the girl. And you will come to trust your abilities by creating a positive psychological environment through obtaining a hint of blood.nput your text in this area

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