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Create a Business Strategy That Sets You Apart

Are you and your company ready to thrive? Learn HOW with the Blue Ocean Practical Introduction™. An online course designed to help YOU take the reins and set an innovative strategy for your organization that creates new demand for your product or service and scales your business.

Is It Right For You?


  • You struggle to set the right strategy for your organization. You don’t have a clear strategic direction that would differentiate your offerings from the competition and ensure profitable growth.
  • As a consequence of the lack of strategic direction, you wrestle with team alignment which leads to high employee turnover and low team morale.
  • Hiring and retaining talent is a big issue.


  • You’re stuck in the old way of doing things that don’t add value to the bottom line. It’s very hard to convince others to try new things.
  • You need to create a new strategy to launch and deliver services that would get new customers, increase profit margins, but don’t have a clear and systematic process to follow.
  • You struggle to get tangible results that would move you up the ladder and create new career opportunities.


  • You don’t know how to identify and pursue new business opportunities that would differentiate you from your competitors.
  • You have difficulty scaling your business and getting new customers for your products or services.
  • You have an innovative idea but you don’t know how to validate it.

Imagine If… Instead…

  • You could define and implement a strategic direction for your organization that would put everyone in the company on the same page and rally behind your strategy.
  • You could transform your company to deliver a differentiated product or service that would clearly distance your organization from the competition.
  • You had the reputation of an innovative leader and were widely respected for your strategic thinking.
  • You had a roadmap for creating a new market for your product or service.
  • You could land that coveted promotion and reach the dream C-suite level based on your business growth results.
  • You had the tools to build an innovative strategy that would make your dreams as a successful entrepreneur or business owner come true.

The Blue Ocean Practical Introduction™ Online Course

A proven framework to take your business from struggling and barely surviving to thriving

A self-access online course and workbook that will help you learn and apply the tools, frameworks and process to unlock a blue ocean.

10 modules to help get your business on the path to new growth.

Module 1 Blue Ocean Creativity

In this module:

  • We’ll introduce you to blue ocean creativity, a systematic process of new market creation.
  • Find out whether you are on track to a blue ocean or if you are sinking in bloody red ocean.

Module 2 Shifting to a Blue Ocean Perspective

In this module:

  • You will learn the fundamental differences between red ocean and blue ocean strategy.
  • You will understand how shifting your focus from existing customers and existing industries towards noncustomers and new demand will start you on the path to creating new market space that will make the competition irrelevant.

Module 3 Visualizing Your Strategic Reality

In this module:

  • You will learn the concept behind, and the power of, the as-is strategy canvas, one of the key tools of blue ocean strategy.
  • It will give you an overview of the current state of play in your target industry and show you in a simple picture the assumptions the industry acts on that you can later overturn and the degree of competitive convergence across existing players.
  • You’ll have a baseline to assess new ideas against.


Module 4 Discovering Hidden Pain Points

In this module:

  • You’ll focus on the buyer utility map, a blue ocean tool to identify the specific pain points buyers face and identify concrete solutions that remove these blocks to utility.
  • You’ll see how the buyer utility map can help you unlock hidden value to create new demand.

Module 5 Looking Beyond Existing Demand

In this module:

  • You’ll explore the concept behind the three tiers of noncustomers.
  • By understanding the three tiers, you will gain insight into how to identify real opportunities and unlock new demand by identifying both who fall in each tier and the commonalities within and across the tiers.


Modules 6 Reconstructing Market Boundaries – Part I

In this module:

  • You’ll learn about the six paths framework, a powerful tool that anyone can apply to reconstruct market boundaries and re-examine the familiar from a new perspective.
  • You’ll discover how to distill key insights for creating blue oceans by applying the first two paths of the framework.
  • You’ll achieve this by looking across industries (path one) and looking across strategic groups (path two).

Module 7 Reconstructing Market Boundaries – Part II

In this module:

  • You’ll learn more about the six paths framework and how to shift your perspective to look across boundaries.
  • Here we’ll explore the remaining paths that you can apply to systematically reconstruct market boundaries.

Module 8 Developing Alternative Blue Ocean Moves

In this module:

  • You’ll learn how you can simultaneously create a leap in value for buyers while keeping costs low in building your blue ocean move.
  • You’ll be introduced to the cornerstone of blue ocean strategy – what we call value innovation.
  • To achieve this, we’ll introduce you to two powerful tools – the four actions framework and its companion, the eliminate-reduce-raise-create (ERRC) grid.

Module 9 Communicating Your Blue Ocean Move

In this module:

  • You’ll gain insight into successful strategy formulation and execution.
  • You’ll learn how to use the to-be strategy canvas to effectively communicate and secure group buy-in during strategy formulation and execution.

Module 10 Make Your Blue Ocean Move

In this module:

  • You’ll get a summary of everything you’ve learned on the course.

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