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Andrew Fox – Dominate YouTube 2020 – 100K Subscribers + 12.6 Million Views

How You Can Drive 50,000+ FREE Visitors Per Day From YouTube 24/7 By Unleashing This ‘Step-By-Step’ Blueprint

(YouTube sent us 695,002  FREE Visitors Using This Super Simple Powerful Formula

  • ​How We Generated 12.62 Million Views and  695,002 targeted clicks  –  100% FREE  from YouTube.
  • Imagine YouTube Sending You 10,000’s of Daily, Views, Leads & Sales For doing NOTHING  by using this blueprint (works in any niche)
  • You NEVER need to be “on camera” once using this formula

Dear Reader,

When YouTube sends you a personal plaque and letter for smashing over 100,000 YouTube Subscribers.

The World Pays Attention!

Because even though everyone is “afraid” to say it… they know the writing is on the wall  – Paid ad costs are spiralling out of control.

Ever Feel You’re Not In Total Control Of Your Business And Experience Any Of The Following..?

  • Sky Rocketing Ad Costs – Sick of Paying Through the ROOF For  Ad Costs That Are Draining Your Bank Account. Lower Conversions, Higher Ad Costs for less reward
  • ​Affiliate Unpredictability – Having the Frustrating Un Predictability of Chasing JV Partners and dealing with them not keeping their promises.
  • ​Ad Account Shut Downs – Being closed down out of the blue and wanting to pull your hair out

You’re not alone!

Most of you reading this transformational letter, at some point have experienced this pain and frustration.

Introducing “The Dominating YouTube” Blueprint – Learn The Formula I’ve Used To Get Over 695,002 FREE Visitors From YouTube

  • You NEVER have to be on camera (people call me a marketing celebrity but I’ve never been on camera once on our channel – anyone can do this)
  • No special camera equipment – a simple smartphone and Free online software is all you need
  • Beginner Friendly and Super Easy To Follow
  • Software #1 – Tag generator – Locates the top tags/ keywords for any NICHE – Just cut and paste and skyrocket your rankings
  • ​Software #2 – Thumbnails Generator – Using this tool will help you test multiple different thumbnails from proven tried & tested videos that are topping the YouTube search results (The software copies from proven winners)
  • ​​Software #3 Channel Keywords SPY: See the EXACT keywords your competitor’s channel is using. Choose the winners

Dominating YT Blueprint is The ‘A-Z” Blueprint showing you how to Get From ZERO > 100,000 YouTube subscribers and 1000+ clicks Per Day at rocket speed

Andrew with the 100,000 YouTube Subscriber Plaque They Were Awarded

Dominating YT Blueprint is The ‘A-Z” Blueprint showing you how to Get From ZERO > 100,000 YouTube subscribers and 1000+ clicks Per Day at rocket speed

Session 1 – Discover The PERFECT Market You Want To Dominate On YouTube

  • The Biggest PitFall – The #1 reason people fail on YouTube is ______________ . However, once you zone in on this SINGLE key item your channel will explode
  • ​Eagle Eye – Why we ALWAYS use this amazing software tool called ___________ to find out and spy on our competitors and get the best ideas
  • ​QuickFire Method – Why using this combination of letters ___________ is like adding nitrogen boosters to your video.
  • ​Local Marketing Domination – How You can dominate your local market in any industry by applying the _____________ _ formula
  • ​Intel Collection – How You can use our “Competitor Spy” tool to watch your competitors and they will never even know!

Session 2 – How to Set Up Your Channel The Right Way From The Start

  • Home Page Videos –
  • Intro Video – Why you Into videos should last _______ and minutes long and why you must always include ____________ Doing these simple things can increase your subscriber rate by 276%
  • Channel Image Background – We highly recommend you have these 3 factors __________, ________ and ___________ . By doing this we boosted out lead flow  by over 77%
  • ​Channel Name – Why you MUST call your channel using the _____________  and _______________ rules otherwise you can kill your momentum before you even get started.
  • ​Profile Pic – You’ll be surprised at how many places the profile pic appears and why is ESSENTIAL you have the “right image” depending on your market
  • ​About Section – Two “Must have” ______ , ________-factors that affect your channel ranking. Are you including this?

Session 3 – How to Create Content For Life With Our Formula

  • Content Creation and ideas – One of the biggest pain points that cause “Brain Freeze”.
  • Content ‘on Demand’  – We’ll show you how to NEVER be stuck for fresh, amazing content your readers will love
  • ​The Three Magic Models – These ______, ______ and ________ Have Been proven to work like crazy.;
  • ​The Outsource Magic – How to Hire the PERFECT role model or content creator and why _________  and __________ are  two of the best places to hire them
  • ​Partner Profits – How You Can Team Up With Amazing Content Providers by doing _________ and NEVER have to be on camera yourself.
  • “D.I.Y” – Do it yourself – If you want to be the person on camera we’ll show you ________ and ________  Content will make your views SKYROCKET  in anticipation of your next video

Session 4 – Create The Perfect Youtube Video

  • Opening Mastery – What you must NEVER do this _________________ in the first 5 seconds of your video or YouTube will kick you down the ranking algorithm so fast you will never see it coming
  • Thumbnail Traction – Even the best video with the wrong thumbnail will fall flat on its face .. By using our amazing _____________ software tool you can discover the WINNING thumbnail super fast.
  • Title Tastic – Your opening title is CRUCIAL catching your views attention. By using _________ and _______________ inside your titles we get 247% – 450% boost every time. It’s so simple as well
  • ​Tag Espionage – Using tags from our amazing _________ tool can literally go and SPY on your top competitor’s videos and send you the EXACT tags

Session 5 – Capturing 1000’s of Lead From YouTube Video

  • Two Step Capture- The super simple method that allows us to DOUBLE our lead quality and capture __________ and ____________  within 20 seconds of someone landing on our page
  • Landing Page Magic – The BEST Converting landing page style to capture hot converting leads from YouTube channel . Use _____ template and __________ “series” template
  • 24 Hour “Hot Lead” – The exact messaging we use after 24 hours to provide INSTANT cashflow for out business –  You MUST use __________ pricing level for this to work
  • ​Series Conversion – Why we

Session 6 – Multiping and Scaling Your Best Videos

  • 347% Increase – How to Study Your Best Performing Videos and change the ___________ . By adjusting this ONE factor our traffic shot through the roof on multiple videos.
  • Using Channel annotations – YouTube allows you to add “end screen” links and “captions” during your videos. However that REALLY works is when you do this _________ and make sure you do it at this ____________ part of the video. Thanks us when you see the massive traffic spike on your channel
  • YT Essentials – In order to multiple the views of your bets videos you MUST be doing ______ and ________ in each video. Without this Youtube will not favour you and boot you down the ranking – only takes 60 seconds to ad

Who is The Dominating YT Blueprint for?

There are several type of people that this can apply to..

Are you looking for a change?

Existing offline business  owner – But want to start branching into  online traffic generation.

Software business – Looking to attract new users and leads

Corporate Rat Race  – You want to work “on your own” time and take charge of your life and work on your own schedule. Youtube can help be your gateway

These are just some examples of the type of clients we have worked with.

Want to be the next success story to Dominate YouTube…

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