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This challenge is how you turn your Shopify store into the “money-printing machine” it’s supposed to be.

If you own a Shopify store… we designed this challenge for you.

You see, while managing millions in ad spend for our agency clients, we learned one truth about paid traffic in 2021.

And that is, that a Google Ads “Smart Shopping” campaign is the single greatest opportunity for Shopify store owners.

If you use them right, Google will (literally) seek out people it knows will buy your products. It is just as amazing as it sounds — and we’ve seen phenomenal success with it.

The problem? It’s really, really hard to figure out the right way to use them. Google’s own instructional material doesn’t teach you how to really make your campaigns work, by design. They don’t like to give away the secrets… because as we like to say, “Google is not on your team”.

And that’s why for many business owners like you, Google ads become a money pit. To really figure them out, you’d need to spend hundreds if not thousands of hours tinkering with them.

… which we have 😉

And we’re going to share everything we learned with you!

In just three days, you’ll learn how to build a Google Ads campaign that brings in a 300% ROAS, all from the greatest minds in the Google Ads industry: John Moran and Kasim Aslam.

By purchasing the recordings you will get:


You didn’t have a chance to join the challenge live? You don’t have to miss out any of the tips and tricks!

We’ll give you UNLIMITED ACCESS to the challenge and FAQ recordings so you can:

✅ come back and go through the challenges again at any time

✅ use the videos as resources to guide you in every stage of your business and marketing journey

2. Action-based Checklist.

Overwhelmed, stuck, and don’t know what to do next?

Get our complete Action-based Checklist delivered straight to your inbox after each LIVE session and:

✅ Eliminate overwhelm and get focused on the essential actions that matter the most

✅ Apply what you learned immediately

✅ Prepare for the next session and fast-track your progress

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