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Trading For A Living: Create A Lucrative Trading Business, Travel the World, And Work For Less Than 20h/week

My name is Yvan Byeajee; I am a trader with several years of experience in anything pertaining to the practice of meditation.

Meditation has provoked some deep changes within me, which has also positively impacted the way I trade ― and my trading performance.

In my work, I aspire to help traders go through that same process of transformation.

The implications of such profound mental changes are enormous for us traders. When equanimity, balance, wise discernment, among other wholesome mental characteristics become the new norm of the mind, what ensues is a way of trading that is effortless, enjoyable, and above all profitable.

Course curriculum

Laying The Foundations

  • How To Approach This Course
  • Trading For A Living: Doing It The Right Way!
  • A Little Bit About Me
  • What I Did Wrong
  • Inherent Thinking Errors
  • Inner Challenges
  • A Pivotal Moment

Creating The Conditions That Make Trading For A Living Possible: A Four-Step Process

  • A Common Delusion
  • Step One: The Magic Pill
  • Some Research
  • Let’s Try It
  • A Game Changer
  • Three Aspects To Concentration
  • Simple But Vast…
  • Unlocking The Following Section

Raising Your Probability Of Success

Show Content
  • Step Two: A Trading Method That Works
  • My Advice To You
  • The Failures Of Discretionary Trading
  • EOTP-C2: The Right Tool For The Job
  • A Simple Experiment
  • Redefining The Meaning Of An “Edge”
  • The Importance Of Engagement
  • ​The Role Of Luck In Trading
  • A Simple Trading Strategy (For Account A) – Part 1
  • A Simple Trading Strategy (For Account A) – Part 2
  • A Few Words On Drawdowns
  • A Few Words On Expectations
  • Another Simple Trading Strategy (For Account B) – Part 1
  • Another Simple Trading Strategy (For Account B) – Part 2
  • Around The World, Day Trading The SPY
  • Why I Hold Two Accounts and Trade Two Strategies
  • Contradiction?
  • How to be a decisive trader
  • At Odds With Reality
  • The Importance Of Preparation
  • Tracking Your Trades
  • Guarding against Decision Fatigue
  • Consistency – What it means
  • Unlocking The Following Section

Trading For A Living: A Real Business

  • Step Three: Diversification (Creating Incomes Not Dependent On Market Fluctuation)
  • Back To My Personal Story…
  • Harsh Beginnings…
  • What I Could Have Done Differently
  • Starting A Website
  • Some Things To Think About
  • A Couple Of Options
  • Free Or Paid – Which Is Better?
  • A Common Mistake
  • Creating Great Content
  • Another Factor Besides Content
  • Growing Your List With Integrity
  • How Long Does It Takes To Build A List
  • Creating Reliable Sources Of Income
  • Revenue Through Ads Placement
  • Revenue Through Affiliate Partnerships
  • Revenue Through Product Creation
  • Why You Should Write A Book
  • How To Write A Book, Or Create A Course
  • A Few Words On SEO
  • Pricing Your Product
  • Growing And Sharing On Twitter
  • 4 Deadly Mistakes
  • Unlocking The Following Section

My Results, Some Tips, And A Few Final Thoughts

  • My Results
  • Step Four: Managing Efficiently Your Money
  • Wanna Work Together?
  • Final Words
  • Review

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