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“How the “Order Flow Mastery Course” Will Change Your Trading Forever – By Teaching You The Universal Principles of Speculation And Trading Secrets of Jesse Livermore, George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones”


Order Flow, Liquidity, Volatility, Stop Hunting, Option Barriers, News, Information Flow, Expectations, Scenario Analysis, Market Sentiment, Market Positioning, Market Sensitivity and Global Macro Strategies REVEALED…

Dear Friend:

After thousands of hours, thousands of words of material left on the cutting room floor, countless setbacks and missteps and nearly two years later, the Mastery Course is finally complete. My motivation to help you is unwavering.

There are certain things in life worth fighting for. And in my opinion, a mastery of the order flow skills, proper market habits, universal principles of speculation, and knowledge of the Enduring AND Scalable inefficiencies of the markets which will ALWAYS exist no matter what happens. Now those, my friend, are things are worth fighting for.

But you won’t have to do any fighting. I have done ALL the fighting for you. All the painstaking research spread across multiple years as well as grueling hours of explaining trading mastery to you in simple terms, has all been done already.

It took me at least seven years to gather all the strategies, techniques, blueprints, etc in this Order Flow Mastery Course. It could take other people 20 or 30 years or more to develop such techniques. I have seen other people spend their whole lives and not know about the strategies included in the Mastery Course.

You Do Not Have To Waste Decades Of Your Life To Figure All This Stuff Out

One of my deepest fears I had going through the trading journey was that I would spend years or decades trying to figure it all out and then not have anything to show for it. Personally, I wasted years of my life and thousands of hours escaping the rat race of technical indicators and chart patterns.

You Don’t have to settle for 10 or 20 years of trying to figure out the markets.

You Don’t have to settle for 10 years of breaking even or losing money in the markets.

You Don’t have to quit.

You Don’t have to listen to the voices out there that are constantly nagging you to take or stick with a “safe, secure, job with good benefits” and forgetting about your trading dreams. You don’t have to listen to those naysayers.

You Don’t have to spend your entire life trying to crack the code of order flow, news trading, interpretation of information flow and global macro trading.


You Can transform yourself into an order flow trader. You do not have to wait years and “work your way up” through the ranks of some bank or another company. You can LEAPFROG over other people. For some people it can take 10 or 20 or more years to complete the transformation. With the Order Flow Mastery Course, you can transform yourself this year.

You don’t have to figure it out alone. You can get The Solution to your trading problems. You can have access to everything Now.

The only thing left for you to do after you purchase the Mastery Course is to read, work (yes work!), and implement the strategies.

I learned a long time ago, when you have in your hands the very best trading strategies, you don’t just leave them on the shelf to gather dust and do nothing with them. The very best trading strategies DESERVE to get implemented. They deserve to be well executed so that you can extract PROFIT from the market and put that money into your trading account. So then you can go write BIG numbers on your bank deposit slips.

Just like when you are trading very well and are in harmony with the markets and it is total rock and roll, you just don’t stop and take a break. You don’t take a day off or go on vacation. If you are trading in the zone, you get up everyday and keep trading, compounding the winners and the profits.


Thank You For The Transformation

I have to thank you for giving me the passion to finish this Mastery Course. While writing it I discovered so many new things about the market that improved my own trading and made the course so much more unique. I thought I had learned everything there was to learn about trading. But I was proved wrong. I transformed myself and my own trading while developing the course. And if I was able to transform myself in the act of writing the material, I am virtually certain that the Mastery Course will transform you as well.


I Know You May Read A Lot Of Trading Books, Go To A Lot Of Seminars, Hear A Lot Of Speakers At Trading Expos. Still, I Outright Guarantee You’ve Never Gotten Your Hands On Anything Quite As Powerful and Practical As The Order Flow Mastery Course

I apologize for taking so long to release all this powerful information, much of it never before revealed. The truth is that I have kept this information from the world for far too long. I could have released this information years ago, but I was afraid. I was afraid that by releasing the information, other people would steal my liquidity and reduce my profits. After all, I had spent thousands of hours researching, developing, refining the methods, etc. I didn’t want anyone else to steal the liquidity.

Even I have suffered from limiting and false market beliefs that I have needed to correct over the years.

But after seeing the trading strategies work consistently for years, I noticed that I was taking advantage of the inefficiencies in the market that were both enduring and scalable. The trading strategies are not a one trick pony like some Hot Forex Robot that worked for a few weeks. The mindset and trading strategies always worked, if you were willing to work the system.

That is when I discovered that no one could possibly steal my liquidity.

Then I freed myself from all the anxiety of keeping it secret all these years.

I freed myself to share everything I knew about the market. And in the process, it has taken my trading to a whole new level. And for that I thank you.

The reason why it took me almost 2 years and thousands of hours to create, is because I wanted to share the timeless trading wisdom, principles and strategies that will last a lifetime. Strategies that you can use to create a trading system that captures BOTH the Enduring AND Scalable inefficiencies in the financial markets.

Although I was not alive in the early 1900’s, I am very confident that the trading strategies in the Mastery Course would have worked exquisitely during the early 20th century, whether the year was 1905, or 1929, etc. They are called universal principles of speculation for a reason.

Similarly, the trading strategies and principles would have worked in the year 1950’s or 1970’s, etc.

Similarly, they would also work marvelously today, in the CURRENT TRADING MOMENT AND ENVIRONMENT.

That was my goal with the Mastery Course. To teach you both the theory, mindset, and methods that would allow you to trade immensely profitable, no matter whether the year was 1905, 1929, 1955, 1978, 1985, 1992, 2000, or in the current year. In the end I believe I have achieved that.

What’s Included In The Order Flow Mastery Course?

Some of the topics covered include…

Stop Hunting and Option Barriers

I take you through in detail about the evolution of order flow inefficiencies that I have exploited throughout my trading career. You will learn about all the Stop Hunting and Option Barrier tactics I used when I first started out and how I refined them over the years. And there is most certainly much more refinement to them that can be done. Attaining Stop Hunting and Option Barrier Mindset Mastery cannot be done by just reading some forum threads about stops and barriers. There is a much higher level that you can take them than exists on the internet forums.


News Trading

Next I take you on the journey of exploiting the news trading inefficiencies in the forex and financial markets. It was here that I got my first big break in trading. I cut my teeth in news trading, and it gave me my first big early successes.

I have never seen anyone describe forex news trading the way I teach it.

Of all the books I have read, articles I have read, etc, I have not found a single person that teaches forex news trading in the highly structured way that I teach it.

I call it The Bible of Forex News Trading for a reason.

It is THE Authoritative Source on successfully engaging in forex news trading, whether you did it back in 1985, or 1995, or 2005, or in the present day.

Nothing like it has ever been taught, and will NEVER be revealed outside of this Order Flow Mastery Course.

In The Bible of Forex News Trading I reveal my most powerful secret weapon that I have used since my early order flow days.

I was lucky enough to develop this technique early on in my order flow trading journey. This little sucker took thousands of hours to develop and thousands of more hours to tweak and perfect. But it is now ready for your enjoyment and profit.

I developed this from scratch and have kept this a secret from everyone for years and years.

This is something that I have kept secret for at least 5 years. I have never revealed this technique. It has been my closely guarded secret and kept hidden even from close family members. Not to my siblings, not to my significant other. I kept it hidden. I wanted to make sure no one could possibly steal my liquidity. But now, for the first time in the history of the world, I am revealing it to you, this technique. It is THAT powerful. I admit, it involves some work to figure out and implement properly. But once mastered, it is worth tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


With this technique, I know that I can always have a long lasting edge in the market.

I consider it my “Crown Jewel” trading method and philosophy. It is just that powerful.

I go so far as to say that without this secret weapon, I may have failed in trading and continued to be a failure. With this secret weapon, then it is possible to perform near miracles in the market. It is that good. One of my crowning achievements.

If you ever wanted to attain the Midas Touch with news trading, you have to get your hands on The Bible of Forex News Trading.


Global Macro Trading

Then eventually there is the Global Macro Trading section. This is one of the highest points of the order flow journey.

There are many people out there who believe that order flow trading is just tape reading, or staring at a Level 2 screen or Depth of Market, or watching Time and Sales. That is just a tiny, tiny sliver of what order flow trading really is.

Most people don’t know this, but Jesse Livermore was actually a macro trader. Most people think he was just a tape reader or day trader or scalper. This is not true. That was part of his trading strategy when he first started, but he soon quickly evolved. He transformed himself.

Jesse Livermore started out as a tape reader, but he most certainly did not stay a tape reader. He eventually learned and made the most of his money from what is now called Global Macro Trading. He began using the macro form of trading. That was how he made most of his fortune.

Livermore’s greatest coup was the during the crash of 1929. After Livermore finished shorting the market in 1929, his trading accounts had approximately $100 million dollars in equity. That was in 1929 dollars. In today’s dollars that would be about $1 billion dollars. Livermore had made such a huge fortune six decades before Soros broke the Bank of England. Why though? Because Livermore understood macro analysis.

Unfortunately, Livermore was plagued with personal demons. Throughout his life he went bankrupt way too many times. He pawned his wife’s jewelry in order to get a trading stake again. And in the end, he succumbed to the “black dog” of depression and tragically took his own life. If only Livermore knew of some of the strategies in the Mastery course about the Key Money Management, Position Sizing and Psychology elements.

Paul Tudor Jones is another macro trader. He also made a fortune of around $80 – $100 million in the 1987 stock market crash. Why though? Because he understood market concepts such as liquidity, volatility, positioning, macro, etc.

This is why macro matters. Global Macro Matters.

The Mastery Course teaches you how to reach, trade and prosper in the culmination of the order flow trader cycle – global macro trading. The technique that some of the best traders have used such as George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Bruce Kovner.


Learn to break free from The Myth that in order to do global macro trading, you need to know every tiny little detail about a country or stock. Nothing could be further from the truth. I teach you how to identify the key elements in the market that actually matter. A lot of trading is about identifying the key elements that matter for the near future.

I can’t say that order flow trading is perfect and has zero traps or rat races. There are various traps you can fall into. Everyone interprets things differently.

Just like some traders fall into the technical indicator or chart pattern rat race, there are some order flow traders that enter what I call the Stop Hunting and Option Barrier Bubble. They have tunnel vision where the only thing they think about are stops and option barriers. I was stuck in that bubble for several months and was desperately looking for a path to escape. I was looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, Global Macro Trading offers you the elegant path to break free from the stop hunting and option barrier bubble.


Throw Your Economic Textbooks Into The Garbage – Introducing Order Flow Economics

How would you like to learn economics and global macro – from an order flow perspective?

Throw away all your economic textbooks? Forget about all the economists speaking on TV?

You can get rid of all of them. You don’t need any of them. They are probably adding to your confusion.

In order to succeed you need to learn what I call “Order Flow Economics.”

I teach you the economic and trading principles that actually matter. You don’t have to know everything. You don’t have to know all the concepts in an economic textbook in order to succeed in trading. You would be surprised to know just how little some top traders know about academic economic principles.

That is the fabulous thing about trading. You don’t have to know everything and yet you can still be successful and make as much money as you want… if you can know, understand, and implement the information that matters. You focus like a laser on the information that matters and disregard everything else.


Enduring And Scalable Inefficiencies

One of the secrets I teach in the Order Flow Mastery Course is that you want to take advantage of the Enduring AND Scalable trading inefficiencies in the market.

I have talked with traders who are genuine and have good concepts to build trading systems around. However, they are spending a lot of time attempting to take advantage of trading inefficiencies that may not be around in a few months or in a year. They could wake up one day in a few months or in a year and watch as all their hard work on their trading system was for naught because they focused on taking advantage of the trading inefficiencies which were not enduring.

That is why one of my trading principles ever since my early order flow days was to make sure I was learning about, implementing the principles, of and designing systems around trading concepts that I knew were Enduring AND Scalable.

I don’t just teach you techniques that will stop working after a few thousand people get their hands on the Mastery Course.

With the Order Flow Mastery Course, I teach trading inefficiencies which have always existed, and which have a very high likelihood of existing in the future. These trading techniques are not just going to disappear. They are enduring and scalable inefficiencies that you can take advantage of as you grow your account, if you are willing to do the work to capture them.


You will learn once and for all the inefficiencies in the markets that are enduring and scalable. The inefficiencies that can never be taken away from you. The inefficiencies that you can take advantage of for the rest of your life. The inefficiencies that you can take advantage of as your account grows and grows and as you can place larger orders.

I teach in the order flow mastery course that the Greatest Traders On The Planet do not derive their profit from the non enduring and non scalable inefficiencies. The greatest traders know how to exploit the inefficiencies that will exist indefinitely into the future and which are scalable.

The greatest traders in the world did not make most of their money from the non enduring inefficiencies. All the news spike trading, forex broker arbitrage, forex robots, etc. They didn’t use any of that. The greatest traders tend to have made most of their money from enduring and scalable inefficiencies. I teach you the enduring and scalable inefficiencies in the financial markets.

These are the inefficiencies that the supercomputers at Goldman Sachs haven’t found out about yet. They are the inefficiencies that the supercomputers and High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithms can’t find out about the market.


Read Between The Lines

All of the top traders of the past such as Jesse Livermore, George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones have had the amazing ability to “read between the lines” in the news and information flow and know what is important.

They have developed the skill to establish the critical connections and know how to apply it to trading and structure the great trades.

You too can have this ability.

Throughout the Mastery Course I guide you through the process of gaining the amazing ability to read between the lines. Once you have put in the work to develop that skill, then no one can take it away from you. You can have this skill FOR LIFE.


George Soros’s Trading Techniques Explained Like You’ve Never Seen Before

George Soros’s theories about the market finally explained! If you ever read The Alchemy of Finance, you know the book is not the easiest to read or understand how to apply it to trading. It is very difficult reading. Even Soros’s protege, Stanley Druckenmiller, said that he “found the first chapter basically unreadable.”

Well the confusion has finally ended.

The Mastery Course breaks trading down into the core principles of speculation and shows you how to apply George Soros’s trading philosophy. You will learn what inefficiencies Soros exploits, but also more importantly, what inefficiencies he chooses NOT to exploit.

That’s right. Soros chooses not to exploit certain inefficiencies in the financial markets.

In fact, in the Mastery Course, you will see that Soros even admitted he isn’t good at capturing certain inefficiencies!

You can take advantage of the inefficiencies that even The Man Who Broke The Bank of England is not good at capturing.

Then I reveal the dirty little secret that George Soros knows about. If Soros did not know about this secret, then he may have failed as a trader and hedge fund manager. Luckily he knew this secret to trading success. A must see!

I also reveal why George Soros can’t break a central bank whenever he wants to. If you understand this lesson in the Mastery Course, then your fears about market manipulation and conspiracy theories will be banished forever.

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