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If abundance is an inner game, are you playing it right? Do you already know which of the 24 Abundance Blocks are blocking your success with money? Or do you just know something needs to change, so you can start earning and achieving what you’re truly worth?

Whatever stage you’re at in your wealth journey, the Unlimited Abundance LIVE experience is the single most powerful and personal way to break free from your Abundance Blocks – with the help of Christie Marie Sheldon’s remarkable energy clearing gift (and her infectious laugh).

Once a month for 12 months, you’ll join Christie and a small group of students for a live online group coaching session. Here, she’ll dive deep into your energetic essence… draw on the group’s collective energy… and instantly vanquish the Abundance Blocks silently trapping you in a holding pattern of lack, self-sabotage, unfulfilled potential, and that unmistakable feeling of being helplessly stuck.

Since the first Unlimited Abundance LIVE experience in 2011, Christie has used this platform to help over 50,000 people dramatically transform their relationship with money – and welcome the life-changing breakthroughs and opportunities that quickly follow.

Today, it’s your turn. And it all begins by understanding…

What You’ll Learn

How Unlimited Abundance LIVE Awakens Your Most Prosperous Life

1. The Fastest Path To Game-Changing Results

Through every step of the 12-month experience, you have Christie as your friend and coach. You’re getting intimate guidance from her, as she detects your Abundance Blocks, pinpoints your unique challenges, and tailor-makes your personalized path to a lifetime of abundance. The level of immersion and results go far beyond even her bestselling home training courses.

2. Live Energy Clearing Sessions With Christie

Nothing clears Abundance Blocks faster than being present with an energy healer like Christie. Each month, you’ll get on a live call with Christie and other students. Here she’ll detect the group’s energy field, and rapidly clear each individual’s Abundance Blocks. You’ll feel a rush of positive emotions coursing through you (some people describe it as a “spiritual orgasm”).

3. The Best Energetic Tools On The Planet

Over the years, Christie has developed and perfected dozens of energetic tools (from immersive guided meditations to fascinating energy exercises) that can quickly spark profound changes in anyone’s life. The advanced ones you get in Unlimited Abundance LIVE are designed for one-on-one consultations, which means you won’t find them anywhere else.

4. Be Part Of A Community That Loves & Support You

You get to ‘ping’ Christie on each coaching session – and you can bet she’ll affectionately call you out if your abundance remains blocked! Apart from Christie, you’ll interact with her group of trained energy healers, plus new and existing students on the exact same journey as you. You’re getting all the love, support, and guidance you need to reach the finish line.

5. Unique New Topics On Abundance Every Month

Abundance is not just about money, it’s about the experiences you have and the contributions you’ll make. And so on some months of Unlimited Abundance LIVE, you’ll also explore subjects like creative inspiration, contribution, and overcoming career or business challenges. All of which spark holistic results that transform your energy field and stick with you for life.

6. Discover Your Fullest Potential

Chances are, you’ve never experienced a life free of Abundance Blocks. When you finally release them, like champagne from a just-uncorked bottle, life pushes you forward to your dreams. You’ll be beautifully inspired to take massive action, as your mind is flooded with new possibilities and ways to serve yourself, your loved ones, and the planet.


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