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What You’ll Learn

How The Habit Of Ferocity Turns You Into A Peak Performer

Productivity & Focus

You find yourself doing better work in less time, as you gain mastery over the peak states of consciousness that bring out your best.

Problem Solving

You gain the clarity and insight to solve challenges that others can’t (and that probably held you back in the past too).

Creativity & Intuition

Your creativity and intuition dramatically amplify, resulting in brilliant ideas, solutions, and visions – often seemingly out of thin air.


You become a far more assertive communicator, capable of sharing your ideas with magnetic clarity, charisma, and energy.

Grit & Motivation

You become far more resilient in the face of adversity and unexpected setbacks, allowing you to persevere where others would give up.

Learning & Growth

Your capacity for learning expands, allowing you to absorb information and new skills far faster – like new skills, languages, musical instruments, and more.

Ferocity VS Flow: What’s The Difference?

If you’re familiar with Steven Kotler, you probably know him for his research into the peak state of consciousness known as flow.

So how is flow connected to ferocity, you might be wondering?

Ferocity is a behavioral formula that automates many markers of peak performance: including motivation, grit, and yes – flow.

Most people only ever experience flow in brief, uncontrollable flashes. But when you learn how to channel ferocity, you’re laying the foundations for entering and staying in flow, more frequently and consistently than ever before.

What You’ll Learn In The Habit Of Ferocity Quest

The Habit of Ferocity is a 35-day online journey towards your fullest potential. Starting July 1, you’ll join Steven Kotler and thousands of students worldwide as he installs in you the frameworks, thought models, and behavioral changes that facilitate ferocity.

Steven is a brilliant and captivating teacher – and this Quest is the next best thing to having him as your personal coach.

In just 15 – 20 minutes a day, you’ll experience profound changes in the quality of your thoughts and actions. Your focus, performance, creativity, and tenacity at work will amplify. And your disempowering beliefs and habits will melt away, as grit, flow, and motivation start becoming your default states.

By the end of the Quest, the thought of giving up or retreating will seem completely alien to you – as you become reprogrammed for a lifetime of high performance, perseverance, and the power to achieve your biggest goals.

Enroll today to lock in your Masterclass discount, and begin this 35-day Quest with our global community. And remember, your experience is completely risk-free thanks to our 10-day money back guarantee.

Chapter 1: Your Ferocity Primer

Your journey begins by laying the groundwork for your new high-performing self. Here Steven will show you how to prime your mind for the deep transformations to come. Plus, you’ll take a deep dive into the flow state, and how it applies to the habit of ferocity.

Chapter 2: Automating Motivation

Unbreakable motivation is one of the key pillars of ferocity. When staying motivated is no longer a willpower struggle, you’ll find yourself getting more done, doing better work, and perpetually looking forward to the next challenge and opportunity.

Highlights include:

  • The neurobiology of turning curiosity into passion: use this 5-step mind hack to get crystal-clear clarity on what you’re really passionate about (and it’s not always what you think).
  • How to be an ‘Expert’: discover why expertise is less about talent and intelligence, and what you should really be focusing on in order to be one of the best in your field.
  • The surprising power of social reinforcement: how connecting with others can modify your biology and 10x your motivation.
  • How to turn passion into purpose: the definitive formula for elevating your passions into your big and audacious purpose (and multiplying your motivation in the process).

Chapter 3: Automating Flow

Flow is a state of peak consciousness that greatly amplifies your focus, productivity, and mastery of any given skill – and it’s also the subject Steven is most known for. Here you’ll learn how to master the flow state, and how to harness it as a component of ferocity.

Highlights include:

  • Automating your peak performance: discover the simple daily habit that puts you in flow far more often, without even having to think about it.
  • The neuroscience of goal achievement: Steven’s optimized approach to goal setting is unlike anything you’ve ever seen – and it’s the last one you’ll ever need.
  • Goals that break flow vs goals that encourage flow: knowing this simple difference could save you from years of failure and wasted energy.

Chapter 4: Automating Grit

No grit, no pearl. In a matter of days, Steven will retrain your neurology and physiology to roll with the punches, and become unstoppable even in the face of extreme adversity. You’ll be surprised by what you’re able to achieve once you’ve automated grit.

Highlights include:

  • The 6 types of grit: most people think of grit as perseverance – but there are actually many more. Here’s what they are and how to train and automate them.
  • How to turn fear into your motivational compass: once you adopt this thought pattern, you’ll start welcoming big challenges as an opportunity for growth, instead of avoiding them.
  • Strengthening your growth mindset: learn how to fortify your grit by focusing on the rewards of growth, instead of the pain of failure.

Chapter 5: A Lifetime Of Ferocity

Tie everything together in this wrap-up chapter that will turn ferocity into an effortless habit from here on out.

Highlights include:

  • Locking in your high performance routine: how to create an effective one that fits with your personal goals and schedule – and cements ferocity as a permanent fixture of your life.
  • Post-Quest self competence assessment: discover your ideal next steps, and what you should focus on first with your new high performance outlook.


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