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If you were going to someday be a racecar driver, you first have to get behind the wheel of the car you have now, and learn how all the instruments work, right? Then you could work your way up in driving skill, build yourself a better car, and someday have a Formula One machine on your hands. Well that’s what your character growth is like. You have to learn its “working parts” to be able to do anything further with your life. When you get at that, it is your character which precisely moves you forward into a solid mission for yourself in life.

This is probably the advanced program I feel lays a foundation for both your interactions with women in general, but in your friendships and career ambitions too. It will really give you a DEEP education on all aspects of relating to women while building a life as a man with a mission to accomplish.

When I first put on this program, there were guys who came up to me afterward to say how blown away they were by the extra tactics and big picture thinking for their lives. They thought it would be just a repeat of the MindOS ecourse book. (This book comes WITH the program, of course.)

But it wasn’t just a rehash. When you have a live program, there is all the more opportunity to field tons of questions, the exact type you probably have in mind right now.

* What do I do about tough choices in life, like job changes, or breaking up with a woman?

* What do I do when I have more than one woman I am interested in?

* What do I do when I feel confused about the right path to take in making my way in the world?

* What do I do about a “difficult” boss or woman or friend?

* How do I find the RIGHT woman? The RIGHT boss? The RIGHT set of friends for my social circle?

* What do I do about my past? It’s pretty bad stuff, and bothers me almost all the time.

* How can I be more attractive to women? To employers, partners or friends?

* What is my mission in the first place? And how do I get started on it?

It’s all in there, right from guys like YOU. Only the answers are as clear and easy as making a drawing on a marker board.

I originally created this program for guys who were interested in more of the “inner psychology” of success through character growth… in other words, guys who wanted to learn: how and why certain career paths, friends, and “falling into a slump” come about, how to fix “self image” problems, how to overcome failure with women… and how to “undo” bad programming from earlier in life.

Of course, the program also contains literally HUNDREDS of great tips and techniques for understanding relationships to women, friends, and business connections.

It is important to discover your mission in life as a man, probably before you even get too deeply involved with a woman. What you are meant to do in life can actually help to guide you to the right woman to be on your team. The thing that will make you most successful is your quality of character – what MindOS is all about.

Your character growth leads DIRECTLY to success at your mission in life as a man, and not only that… did you know that we can ONLY ATTRACT women into our lives who are of the SAME CHARACTER maturity as ourselves?

It’s true.

Whether you are 21 or 81, there is ALWAYS more personal growth to do on your character and personality, and that is precisely like lock and key, what brings the quality of women into your life that you now experience, or ever will.

So you see how the Advanced MindOS programs affect your destiny as a man not only at career, but also in your dating and relationship life with women.

In short, if you’re going to get started with one of my more advanced programs, START WITH THIS ONE.

The Advanced MindOS DVD Program is also in its second edition, and has all the DIAGRAMS for you, drawn by me right in front of you, and the slides show right on your tv screen. This is best-in-the-world instruction on success at your mission in life as a man.


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