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Mark Manson’s interactive course helps men and women to overcome shyness and move past superficial conversations, while training them to be dynamic, interesting, and making an impact. The proper habits and skills are taught to help people to open up and connect with others on a more fulfilling level.

This program is sometimes referred to as “The Connection Program”. The Connection Course and The Connection Program are just different names for the same course.

The process:

  1. Conversing creatively, not logically – Understanding that conversation is not completely logical or can always reasoned out. The program develops creativity muscles and how to link conversation topics.
  2. Interactive exercises – The software helps with practicing the concepts of each lesson: word generators, story examples, and written / mental exercises.
  3. Real world applications – Specific goals and benchmarks are provided to achieve for daily conversations.
  4. Built-in accountability and feedback – After completing each lesson, submit a write-up of experiences and what has been learned. The write-up is posted online for review and feedback.

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