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All I Offer Is A Glimpse Into My World. A Unique Skill I’ve Mastered.

Look. I spent 11 years in marketing Рfocusing on ONE skill. A skill that allows me to teach anyone how to THINK in order to outsell their competition. Time after time.

In the last 5 years I used this skill to do some incredible things. Including:

Building an $8.5M e-Commerce store

Selling close to $1M of my own course within just over 3 months (with 52% profit and ZERO organic audience)

Spending more than $10M on FB ads PROFITABLY — using BOOTSTRAPPED money. No investors
Helping a client of mine build TWO 8-figure info-businesses
Beating dozens of copy controls for SaaS and info-business clients (some by 10X) — Controls written by HUGE copywriting and FB ads agencies…
But hey.
That’s enough about me.
You might be asking yourself “Well OK George… You can do it. But can I?”
Good question.
Let me show you a couple of my friends who have done the same (and later I’ll show you what the community members achieved in the month-and-a-bit of them being in the community). Deal?

People On Twitter Begged Me To Teach Them For A Year And A Half

But I didn’t have time for everyone.
I literally got 50 DMs per day some days.
And even though I’d write 2-3 value-packed threads per week…
It was not enough.
I have threads out there about most topics you could imagine:
  • How I made $15,000/mo from my first client (and how you can copy-paste EXACTLY what I did so you can get the same result). WITH DETAILS.
  • How to make your prospect imagine by tapping into the emotional part of the brain. WITH the exact WORDS to use. So you can do it too…
  • How to sell ANYTHING without competing with ANYONE in your market – and how that allows you to raise your prices.
  • How to launch products like a pro – using the same method I used to make $305,500 from an OLD list – selling a $47 product.

I have a ton of those.

And yet…

This was not enough. People wanted more and more and more.

… And I also wanted to give more. I enjoy sharing and teaching (my dad is a teacher. Can you blame me?)

And now finally…

You can get more. And I can give you more.

I Found A Solution For You To Get More Direct Access To Me Without It Costing You An Arm & A Leg:

You see…

The only way to get access to me up until I came up with this solution was one of two ways:

1. Join my cohort which was $2,000.
2. Buy my one-on-one time for $5,000/mo.

And neither is an option right now.

There are no cohorts. I’m not taking on any more one-on-one clients.

So if you want to learn more directly from me…

  • If you want me to take a look at your work and help point out places where you could improve
  • Teach you whatever it is that you’d want to learn next
  • Answer your questions LIVE and show you how I’d do things differently…

Here’s The Deal: You Can Get Access to the Community Right NOW.

And when you buy today…

You will also get a resource that I believe to be incredibly valuable.

Understand this: most of the people who follow me get this one basic and crucial element wrong. Time after time.

And I want to catch you up to speed on this BEFORE you join. Let me explain.

You see…

  • MOST of the ads I see (probably 60-70%)…
  • AT LEAST 80% of the Twitter content I see…
  • Probably close to 90% of the emails I read…

Are talking to the wrong audience.


Talking to the right audience in the wrong way.

And then coming to my DMs and complaining about not being able to make the sales they thought they would…

And I get it. It stinks. And is super demotivating. I’ve been there… And that’s why when you join the CopyThinking Community today?

You get the key that unlocks the only skill you need to beat most of your competitors.

On email. Twitter. Ads. Instagram. Organic. Paid. Content. Copy. Videos. VSLs. Promotions. Launches…

…And everything else that requires you to write (or even record videos) on ANY topic that’d speak to your audience…

You Get The Copy Matrix Course For FREE For The LAST TIME Ever.

The Copy Matrix is a video course that you can finish in a single weekend. You’ll also get a working-PDF with all the same information that’s in the videos. Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside…

  • Why awareness levels are the key to making any copy work (this is how you scale businesses)
  • How to decide on an awareness level to target and what to write in order to get the sale (get this wrong and you’re toast)
  • The sneaky way to get more sales for a new business by NOT competing (you can do this once you fully understand awareness levels and how to pick them)
  • Each market has one awareness level. Right? Wrong! You can pick the awareness level you’d be targeting. And there is a specific equation to know which one to pick (get this and you’re already light years ahead)
  • The silly mistake 90% of advertisers make that THEY THINK will get them more money (but actually makes their ads flop).

Let’s stop here for a second. Do you understand that this one skill will allow you to scroll through Instagram…

And understand exactly what the advertisers are doing wrong. But also…

Have full clarity of how to fix what they’re doing wrong AND/or scale their business.

Yeah. You’ll also:

  • Understand once and for all why it’s a bad idea to use templates and formulas to write copy (unless you want it to suck)
  • Know what to write at each awareness level in order to convert buyers. This also works for cold DMs and cold emails (Yeah. Most cold emails are done WRONG)
  • See REAL ads that are running RIGHT NOW where I’ll tell you exactly which awareness levels each ad targets so you can learn the UP-TO-DATE techniques
  • If you watch module #3 you’ll see how to connect the ad’s (or any type of content’s) awareness level to the sales page’s awareness level correctly
  • In the same module you’ll also understand how different-awareness ads can lead to the same sales page (scaling with ONE sales page)
  • Learn the most important element in “snatching” your competitor’s prospects — by targeting high-awareness people who and are ready to buy (with an example from Twitter)

You could mistake this information to be the same as in the book Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz.

But it’s NOT.

Eugene wrote the book when there were no elaborate funnels. No intent-based targeting. Only one-page magazine ads.

CONTEXT matters. And you won’t get it reading the book.

Here’s what else you’ll learn in the Copy Matrix:

  • Understand the 5 sophistication levels of any market (and why we will never write copy in the first two and the last one).
  • A better-than-forum-doom-scrolling technique to determine your market’s sophistication level simply by looking at 3-5 competitors
  • Are you confused about the difference between awareness and sophistication levels? No more after watching module #5
  • Why you can NOT choose your market’s sophistication level (unlike awareness levels) and how you’ll get a few sales but will never be able to scale if you do
  • 99% of the marketers who THINK they understand sophistication levels – actually don’t (Module #6 will put you in the 1%)
  • The truth about why most OG copywriters (THINK David Oglivy & Gary Halbert) wrote ads in high sophistication levels — and why you are making a HUGE mistake if you try to model them.

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