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You’re on this page because you intuitively know that there is a powerful force within you, beckoning to come forth. Over the past decade I’ve helped thousands of Masterclass students tune in to that powerful force and gain the confidence to act upon it. The results have been life-changing.

Maybe you’re still trying to clarify exactly what your purpose is, maybe you’re crystal clear on your purpose, but feel blocked when it comes to taking action, or perhaps you are already doing work aligned with your purpose, but want to take it to the next level. Whatever stage you’re at, the deep transformational work we do in this training will guide you to truly fulfill your highest purpose and fearlessly take action—right now and far into the future.

Do you have an empowering message or service that you want to share with the world?

Do you talk about this great vision, meditate on it and hope to manifest it — but don’t actually do it because you’re afraid to take action or have no idea where to start?

Are you ready to rise up, face that fear and transform it into fearless action? Join Gabrielle Bernstein for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital! This 8-module online training course is the #1 training to amplify your existing work, turn your great visions into reality and make money doing what you love while greatly serving the world.

Gabrielle Bernstein has worked as a life coach, speaker, New York Times best-selling author, and TV personality for nearly a decade, guiding people to awaken their authentic power and get into action. She has built a successful and trusted multi-platform brand that allows her to reach millions with her powerful message.

Now Gabrielle is guided to amplify the great work of others through her extraordinary Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital certification program.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is a one-of-a-kind program that helps people enrich their lives while guiding them to elevate their brands and become greater leaders in their practice and the world.

This course’s unique curriculum comes from Gabrielle’s live Spirit Junkie Masterclass training weekends. You can experience the energy and enthusiasm of the live event from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, anywhere in the world. This course caters to your personal learning style so you can follow it through video, audio, or transcription.

A Life-Changing Experience

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass is no ordinary online training. It’s a transformational deep-dive into what it means (and takes) to confidently thrive in your career and in the world. The Masterclass equips you with the tools, knowledge, and network you need to catalyze real, sustainable growth personally and professionally.


  • Module 1: How to Step into Your Purpose.
    In module 1, you will experience Gabrielle’s power-house introduction to the training. In her introduction, Gabrielle shares her personal story of recovering from addiction and transitioning her career to becoming a leader in the world of personal growth. In her story, you will recognize your own and step into your purpose.
  • Module 2: Release Fear and Clear the Path.
    It’s likely that you’re quite familiar with your fears and how they block you. You know how fear keeps you playing small and hiding out in old patterns. This fear no longer serves you. Module 2 guides you to bust through the fear-based blocks that stand in the way of your purpose.
  • Module 3: Tap into Your Greatest Source of Power.
    In module 3 Gabrielle will guide you to tap into your greatest source of power in your life and in your career. This is the most soulful module in the course. You will be led to tap into your source of inspiration and confidence to take the next right action in your business and in your life.
  • Module 4: Expand your Repertoire.
    In this module, Gabrielle teaches you concrete tools that you can begin to use in your life and your work. In this module, you will learn how to lead guided meditations while protecting your own energy. You will also learn the transformational method of the Emotional Freedom Technique along with Gabrielle’s Judgement Detox Process.
  • Module 5: How to Make Money for Your Great Work.
    In this module, Gabrielle dives deep into her teachings on how to run a successful and abundant business. Gabrielle helps you become unapologetic about your earning capacity and provides you with a concrete pathway to make money in your field. In this module, you will learn from one of the world’s leading online marketers, Derek Halpern, on how to turn your ideas into a digital course. This module will give you a quantum shift around your finances and raise your self-worth so that you can raise your net-worth!
  • Module 6: How to Manifest Media for Your Message.
    Gabrielle spent the first five years of her career running a successful PR business. In this module, you will experience her passion for publicity mixed with her spiritual faith. You will learn how to create a movement with your message, turn your blog into a business, and massively grow your online following.
  • Module 7: Be a Public Speaker & Author.
    This module will give you the confidence to own your story as a speaker and author. Gabrielle shares how she became a New York Times bestselling author and international speaker. In this module, she gives you step-by-step guidance on how to publish a book and share your story through public speaking. The tools in this module can be applied to any writing or speaking platform.
  • Module 8: How to Turn Your Vision into your Reality.
    In this final module, Gabrielle shares guidance on the next steps after the training. This final module is what kicks your practice into high gear and gets you into action.


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