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Astral Projection is the practice of leaving your physical body to travel in your astral body on the astral plane. Astral travel is often likened to an out of body experience (OBE) caused by unconsciousness during trauma, whereby a person leaves their body behind and is able to look down on themselves from above.

Although many people are skeptical of this spiritual endeavour, the art has been practised for hundreds of years.

There are a great many books on how to induce astral projection, and the one thing they all agree on is that the most important element in successfully achieving astral travel is attaining a complete state of relaxation.

This Astral Projection meditation has been designed to induce deep relaxation while simultaneously stimulating the brainwaves that are active during REM sleep, subsequently heightening your ability to open your third eye and enter the astral plane.

The best time to project is upon waking. It is then that your body is completely relaxed and the cares and stresses of the previous day have been left behind.

Listen to this meditation upon waking in the morning. Put on your headphones and let the hypnotic music take you back into a dreamy state. While listening, focus on the thought of leaving your physical body on the bed and entering your astral body.

On the first few attempts you may simply end up falling back to sleep, but with practice you will learn to hold your awareness as your physical body begins to fall asleep. As this happens, your third eye will open and you will see an opening to jump onto the astral plane.

Projecting your awareness outside of your physical body is a technique that takes considerable time to master, and a fundamental belief that it is indeed possible. If you have a sincere desire to astral project, this meditation will provide you with the platform you need to open the gateway.

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