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Cold Call Mini-Course

  • ​The Lessons We Learned After Making​ 300,000+ Cold Calls And $35M In Revenue 
  • ​The 6-Step Framework To Book 60+ Calls/Month (While Getting Paid 100-250$ Per Call Booked)​ 
  • ​How To Easily Book Calls Even If You Have No Experience & No Sales Background

Community Access

  • ​Exclusive Access To A Community Of Sales Experts 
  • ​Lessons & calls every week ​
  • ​Sales Experts & Beginners Available To Answer Your Questions 24/7

Cold Email Mini-Course

  • ​Intro To Cold Emails 
  • How To Setup Your First Cold Email Campaign
  • ​How To Find Emails, What First Message To Send, How To Follow Up And How To Automate The Process

How to land a Job paying you up to $8,000 a month as a beginner

  • ​The Step-By-Step Process On How To Land A High Paying Remote Appointment Setting Job As A Total Beginner​
  • ​The Way To Get 10+ Interviews In Your First Month & Exactly What To Say To Get The Job (Worked for 350+ of our students) ​
  • ​How To Leverage Us And Our Program To Assure ​Your Skill And Remove Any Doubts From The Mind Of The Business Who’s Gonna Hire You

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