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YOUTUBE MASTERCLASS – COMPLETE GUIDE to building an online business with YouTube Complete guide to starting a YouTube channel, getting more views & subscribers, and building a brand with videos (Even if you are a complete beginner)


YouTube has more than 2 billion active users.

Let than sink in.

Many marketers seem to forget that one of the platforms where you can find customers is YouTube.

Because YouTube is accessible, and video is the new king of content. But if you do not know how to
make videos, how will you take advantage of this situation?

This is what many of my friends asked me. And this also why I created my YouTube Masterclass.

I want to help people make money on the YouTube platform, even if they do not have any background
in marketing, video editing, or ad creation.

But why should you choose YouTube?

Why not blogging or other platforms?

Why should you make money on YouTube?

  • 81% of people between 15 and 25 in the United States use YouTube
  • 15% of the traffic on YouTube come from the US
  • Each YouTube visitor spends about 11 minutes on the site per day
  • Every visit on YouTube, on average, results to 6.5 page views
  • 70% of YouTube usage is done on mobile
  • The revenue of YouTube in the US is about 5.5 billion dollars

Can you see now why YouTube is the best platform to make money?

YouTube is very much alive, and other social media channels pale in comparison to it.

And the best part?YouTube is a platform that is hard to penetrate.

What does this mean?

It means that people cannot easily build a YouTube channel.

And why is this important?

The lesser competition, the better for you.


  • Massive Amount of Traffic – I mentioned earlier that YouTube is home to 2 billion active users
    per month. It is the second-largest search engine in the world and the third most visited website
    below Google and Facebook.
    If you can tap into this traffic, your business is all set. But this is not going to easy—you need to
    learn the techniques that I use to succeed in this area.
  • You have an asset – on YouTube, the videos you post will be there forever, and why is this
    good? This is good because you only upload that video once, and you can expect tens of
    thousands of views.And once your YouTube video is gaining traffic, the algorithms are going to trust it. What this means
    is that it will recommend your video to users who have an interest in your niche.
  • You will be found on Google – if you the right keyword, Google will show your videos not just
    on YouTube, but also on the Google search results pages. And if a person sees that you have an
    interesting video, the user will watch it instead of clicking on a blog post.
    One interesting thing you need to understand about the internet is that 60% of all clicks on Google
    are for the first three recommendations. And if your YouTube video is out there on top, you can
    expect more traffic and views.

Now, how does this solve your financial problems? If you have YouTube assets, you can earn via the following:

  • Ads – YouTube pays content creators money. This is the main monetization method for
    YouTubers. If people watch your videos, they are forced to watch ads.You get a percentage of how much the advertiser paid YouTube. And if your viewer clicked in
    the ad, you would even get paid more money!
  • Merch – many YouTubers have a massive follower count. These followers buy their
    merchandise, such as hoodies, shirts, and mugs.You can do the same if this is the way you want to monetize your YouTube channel.
  • Traffic – if you are a blogger, dropshipper, or online store operator, you need traffic. If you rely
    on only organic traffic to traffic via tour blogs, you will spend years building traffic.But if you have a YouTube channel, you can direct your YouTube traffic to your website. If they like what you offer, they will make a purchase from your store, or even click on your affiliate links!
    But how do you do all this? And where do you even start? The solution is YouTube Masterclass!

What is YouTube Masterclass?

YouTube Masterclass is an online course that I created. It took me many years of hard work and failure
to be successful on YouTube.

All this time, I couldn’t find a reliable YouTube course. I was frustrated.

And I know you are, too.

I then decided that I will do what I can to help people.

And this is what prompted me to create a course that will take you step by step from start to finish in
building your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube Masterclass?

This is a course that will allow you to start a YouTube business at the lowest cost possible.

I will teach you the right way to create YouTube content, and how you can monetize this content!


I have been on YouTube for a while, and I know what it feels to get stumped. I built this course to fit the needs of many people.

My YouTube Masterclass is for you if:

  • You want an online business – this course is built to take your hand and show you the way to build an online business on the YouTube platform. If it is your first time, there is no need to worry. I will show you the ropes.
  • You have no experience – if you want to start a YouTube channel, but you do not know where to start, you found the right mentor. I will teach you all you need to learn and do to build a successful and profitable YouTube channel.
  • Your channel is not making money – if you already have a YouTube channel and it is not earning money, I can help you. This is not uncommon—people launch channels, and they do not make money.


This is one of the things I will share in the course. In this part of the training, you will learn how to analyze what is wrong with your channel, and you can make the corrections needed. Once you have followed the steps I told you to do, you can expect to get better earnings than what you used to.

  • You want traffic – if you have a blog, Shopify store, or any e-e-commerce website, you need traffic. The most common way to get free organic traffic is by search engine optimization. The problem is that there are over 2 million blogs posts related at any given day, so how will you match up against that?

One of the least used methods in building traffic is YouTube. Again, people are scared of using this channel because they do not know how to create videos. But what if you can learn how to do it?

And what if you do not even have to shoot your own videos?

That is the secret that I am going to share with you in my YouTube Masterclass—how to make money on YouTube without creating content!

If you want to master the YouTube platform, I have you covered. It does not matter if you are a beginner or not; there is something in this course for you!

Here’s what you’ll get:

Starting a Channel

  • I will teach you how to use YouTube from the basics to the complicated parts. If you build your
    channel the right way at the beginning, you will not have any problems later on.

Keyword Optimization
With this course, I will show you the step by step process where:

  • You will know what keywords rank
  • You will know what keywords have search volume
  • You will know how to analyze your competitors

Once you have mastered keyword optimization, traffic should come to your YouTube channel like lowing water!

Trending Topics
In this part of the course, I will show you the secrets of making YouTube videos that will get viral. And if your video gets viral, you will:

  • Get more traffic
  • Earn more money
  • Get more subscribers

Sales Funnels

  • Now, this is something that many people are afraid of. Building sales funnels is easy, but only if you have the guidance of someone who has already been there. In this part of the course, I will walk you through the steps of creating a sales funnel—you will take your lead from the top of the funnel down to the bottom—you will make a sale.

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  • 5. DAY 7 Hour Long Video.mp4
  • 6 DAY 10 Ordering 1000 Subscribers.mp4
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  • DAY 46 Apply For Monetization.mp4


  • 1. How To Launch Your YouTube Channel.mp4
  • 2. Launch Your YouTube Channel If You Already Have A Gmail Account.mp4
  • 3. How To Verify Your YouTube Channel For Custom Thumbnails.mp4
  • 4. Best Niches Or Channels To Start As A Beginner.mp4
  • 5. How To Do Niche Research (Coffee).mp4
  • 6. How To Create A Logo For Your Channel.mp4


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  • 19. How To Use Wave.Video.mp4
  • How To Use HitFilm Express.mp4
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