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  • A step-by-step guide to getting more customers during uncertain times.
  • Without paying an agency hundreds per month.
  • And much faster than trying to do it alone.

If you’re reading this, then you know how powerful Google My Business can be for generating customers.

But this knowledge is useless unless you act on it.

With that in mind, I would like to present the Execution Plan.

What is an Execution Plan?

Every business has a set of tasks that are repeated over and over again.

If they’re smart, they…

  • Identify those tasks
  • Document them
  • And improve them each time

For the last 7 years, building high-performance Google My Business listings has been a large part of my business.

The Execution Plan is my set of processes for building Google My Business listings that consistently outperform the market. It’s built to accelerate your results.

The Execution Plan is the result of:

  • 381,000 search results pages scraped.
  • Over 1,000,000 Google My Business listings analyzed.
  • More than 600 listings optimized.

What happens when you follow the Execution Plan?

In short: Your company grows.

It gets you better visibility in Google Search and Maps.

It grows your number of first time customers – who turn into fans of your business.

These customers turn into more social proof for your listing.

This further accelerates your visibility – which gets you even more customers.

And most importantly – your revenue grows.

It’s a feedback loop that looks like this:

GMB Feedback Loop2

The Execution Plan gets results like this

  • A law firm increased phone calls by 114%
  • A flower shop doubled foot traffic
  • An e-commerce store added six figures in extra revenue (by doing this in multiple cities)

Who’s this for?

Business Operators: If you manage a business or own it. This will walk you through everything in an easy to apply format. The goal is to execute – not confuse you with technical terms.

Marketing Pros: If you want to offer more value to your clients with Google My Business – and make the process of optimizing listings scaleable and repeatable – this is for you.

What’s inside?

The Execution Plan is a set of processes, organized into 4 phases:

Phase 1: Listing Optimization

  • Checklists for optimizing all features of your listing
  • Clear if-then statements on when you should and should not use a feature
  • How to effectively optimize and geo-tag your photos
  • How to get your listing verified in difficult markets (Google calls them “Your Money or Your Life” markets)

Phase 2: Citations

  • A primer on how to effectively build citations
  • complete list of citation sources, organized by industry and geography
  • For those of you who would rather outsource this – I’ve provided the most reliable (and cost-efficient) vendor to do so
  • An *insider tip* that gives me a competitive edge in almost every market

Phase 3: Review Velocity

  • Strategies and tools for automating the review process
  • High leverage executions for ramping up the velocity of your reviews
  • How to get reviews in “sensitive” industries where people don’t want to publicly talk about their experiences

Phase 4: The E3 Formula

  • Google My Business Posts (how-to, examples, templates, and a calendar to follow)
  • Expanding your visibility on Google Search and Maps (by ethically gaming the system)
  • Easy to follow strategies for increasing your listing’s engagement rates

Tracking Results

  • How to access Insights in your Google My Business account (what the data means and its limitations)
  • Free and paid tools for tracking the footprint of your listings in Google Maps (very insightful, since visibility is partially dependent on user location)

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