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testosterone-the-prerequisite-for-victory testosterone-the-prerequisite-victory

Are you done with feeling average?

Maybe you are tired, you don’t recover well, or you are shy in approaching people…


  • Hard time gaining muscle
  • Hard time losing fat
  • Man boobs
  • Trouble sleeping and waking up
  • Shallow voice
  • Bad breath (digestive symptoms linked with Low T!!!)
  • Low energy and sex drive (ED)
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Aging of the skin
  • Hair loss
  • Addiction
  • Indecisive
  • Mental Hesitancy
  • Anxiety and Irritability
  • Depression
  • No Steady State of Mind
  • Mood Swings
  • Lack of Dopamine
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Lack of Action Taking
  • Lack of Purpose and Enjoyment of Life

If you have ONE or more of these…

You have LOW T. 

Low testosterone levels effect most men in the Western world nowadays. To be more precise, testosterone levels have been drastically declining since 1987 with an average of 1.2% each year! besides a drop in T, men become more and more infertile. This means that the average male in 2021 has more than 40,8 percent less testosterone than a man in the good ol’ day.


Hi, my name is Dobrynja and I guide men towards an optimal hormonal life. The last 7+ years I studied in depth the fields of digestive function, nutrition, physiology, metabolism, raw food lifestyles and testosterone optimization. 

As I personally have experienced Low Testosterone levels in my adulthood, I didn’t understand where my problems originated from and that they were linked with testosterone. This lead me to develop a program made for men to max their T levels towards the top tier percentage. 

⚔️ My problems were broad: ill health and with this I mean both physical health and mental fortitude, low self esteem, lack of discipline and having no direction.

⚔️ Problems are fine when they are solved, however when they aren’t and keep reoccurring they block you from progress. 

⚔️ When I discovered these studies that talked about the decline in androgens and fertility parameters, it was only then that the connection was made. Testosterone decline is very real and it is problematic in Western societies. When I personally maxed my own T levels naturally, my life took a 180 turn and my health problems disappeared. Not did I only experience physical changes – I became also more decisive, discerning, disciplined and woke af.

⚔️ My intention is to guide as many men towards barbarian levels of testosterone above 1000 ng/dL so they can conquer their inner battles and be leaders of their own life…


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As You Can See, These Are My Very Own T Levels:

⚔️Total Testosterone: 51.3 nmol/L converted makes it 1479 ng/dL
⚔️Free Testosterone: 0.909 nmol/L converted makes it 26 ng/dL

Both total and free testosterone are way above average, and I believe that our ancestors had these levels ALL THE TIME and SO CAN YOU! As a 24 year old man I consider these levels OPTIMAL for my age.

To be more precise: T levels between 1000 and 1200ng/dL are considered to be an optimal range for men in their 20’s and 30’s! If you never tested yours go and do the blood work; this is very useful to have a reference for the future.

You Will Learn Unorthodox Ways to Increase T levels:

✅ We are NOT putting the focus on nutrition and fitness here, we cover ALL the details that promote healthy T levels

As most programs I will not focus on diet, nutrition and physical fitness. My emphasis covers a broader spectrum this time, covering underlying causes of Low T and how you can solve those.

✅ Improve your aesthetics, deepen your voice and prevent hair loss

Very much requested topics and as I promised I will cover how you can create more symmetry and alignment, deeper voice, fuller beard etc.

✅ How you can interpret your hormonal panel and learn handy tricks in unit conversions

Not only your T levels will you be able to interpret and convert into other units (e.g. from pg to ng) you will also learn how to interpret other blood markers! Besides that learn when to test for your T levels and discover what the best hours are.

✅ Save Money on Supplements, and INVEST in Way Better Things than The Common “T BOOSTER”

Many T BOOSTERS like ZMA, Tongkat Ali, D Aspartic Acid and other herbs are actually not beneficial to your T levels! A full chapter on supplements is included in this course.

✅ BONUS: BIOHACKS, Men’s Health and Holistic Masculinity courses – New Content which I just recently made for the members of the Testosterone Group Coaching

This is perhaps the BULK and most valuable part of the course as it covers unspoken topics that target hormonal production.

Why This Course?

⏳Save Time!

It took me 7+ years of study and experimentation to come to the place of optimal health. Go ahead; you can do it yourself. Study, try it out, fail, repeat. However if you have no science background (like I do) it can become difficult in understanding holistic nutrition. Save time, learn faster.

🔑 Knowledge is KEY

When you don’t have keys you cannot go further to the next level. Therefore being knowledgeable in the arts of testosterone production will make you undefeatable. If you compromise your health, you compromise every other aspect of your life: your relationships, your business, your progress etc. Going forward requires a lot of energy and the gems presented in this course can help you proceed.

🧲 Attraction and Aesthetics

Did you know that testosterone and even more, that DHT is responsible for how you smell, the amount of pheromones you produce and the way you attract females? Discover how you can increase your androgen hormones to become more attractive and receptive to females.

💊Don’t Rely on Meds/Supplements!

Leave the pills, TRT and supplements behind and embrace the PRIMAL way of increasing your quality of life. With my uncommon bio hacks presented and my tactical supplement guide you will be able to navigate through this crazy world. This course provides a North Star of guidance for men.

🧬 Boost your Biology

It is known that our biology and genetics become weaker and weaker with each generation. We need more robust genes in the upcoming generations and it is our responsibility as men of the Renaissance to boost our Biology. It is up to you. Are you going to contribute to the physical regeneration of mankind or do you stay weak? Weakness will not be rewarded, remember that!

The Benefits You Can Experience:

💪 Increase your Energy Production
💪 Have more trust in your body and capability
💪 Have better circulation and recovery
💪 Develop an aesthetic pleasing look
💪 Be more of who you ARE, be more comfortable and authentic
💪 Build tolerance to stress and succeed in your endeavors
💪 Be free from addictions
💪 Have a more dominant vibe
💪 Enjoy a calm and stoic mind
💪 Be more of a leader, lead by example


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