[Download] RSD GLENN – Energy Awareness Training (Level 2)


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RSD GLENN – Energy Awareness Training (Level 2)

It’s finally here!

Announcing Glenn Ackerman’s Level 2 Energy Awareness Training.

The results students reported from Level 1 were off the chart! Finally, a proven method to overcome years of frustration and futility in trying to overcome your energetic baggage and blockage and achieve the life of your dreams.

What you will learn:

– The next level of your energy platform

– Lazer methods for dissolving your LVE

– Instant techniques for changing energy on the spot

– The energetic process and release exercises for total energetic health

– How to identify hidden LVE traps around you

– Experience a greater download of HVE for greater results of all areas of your life

– Learn and control your energetic behavior codes for greater HVE power

– Safeguard and protect yourself from hidden LVE

– How to prepare yourself energetically to have the HVE relationship with the girl that’s right for you

– And much more…

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