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John Assaraf – The Cloning of Success

Module 1: The Foundation

You’ll learn…

  • How to understand the master formula for consistent revenue so you can get off the “cashflow roller-coaster”
  • The formula for solving the business success puzzle (There’s a pattern all successful businesses follow and all failed businesses ignore, learn it here)
  • How to clarify your vision, mission and values so you always know what direction your company is going
  • How to develop your core marketing message, so you connect with your ideal clients
  • How to brand your business for long-term success
  • The power of long-term business goals and revenue planning (most businesses totally miss this, and they suffer for it)
  • How to create daily success rituals that automatically set you in motion on your highest and best priorities
  • How to create a 90 day action plan based around your business objectives

Module 2: Implementation

  • How to develop an end-to-end sales process so you always know what to say to a lead or client
  • The new science of Neuromarketing and Neurosales
  • How to create effective websites and write sales copy that converts
  • The pillars of lead generation through Ads, Social Media and referrals
  • How to use YouTube to generate a flood of new traffic to your website
  • How to use Facebook to build your brand and get new leads into your funnel

Module 3: Optimization

  • How to set up and test your sales process map
  • How to optimize and refine your “core story”
  • The most advanced online lead generation optimization strategies
  • How to increase the customer lifetime value so you can afford to get high-quality customers
  • Automation rules and strategies that separate business winners from business losers
  • 3 rules for focusing on your highest income & highest impact producing activities (Get more done in less time by doing the right things)

Attendees of this event paid up to $7,500 to attend. The information is worth much, much more than that. You’ll learn exact strategies responsible for building powerful brands from top experts in a wide variety of businesses.

These are the best of the best ideas from brilliant mentors, 30+ years of learning from embarrassing mistakes and investing millions to discover what works and what doesn’t.

You can skip the 30 years and get the key concepts and strategies with this course.

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