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  • A Step-By-Step Program Walking You Through How to Create Wealth Through Buying a 7-Figure Business with Stable Cashflow & Be Well-Positioned to Buy Many More Thereafter… With NO Money of Your Own, NO Prestigious B-School Degree, and NO Impressive Executive Business Experience To Speak Of… I KNOW BECAUSE I DID IT…
  • Tax Deductible Once You Legally Form Your Company
  • Monthly Zoom Calls with me (Jason) and Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs
  • My Vault of Calls & Role Plays with Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs
  • As the Acquisition Entrepreneurs in This Program and I Buy More Companies We Will Continue to Upload Best Practices (only the methods that actually work!)
  • Access to the Members-Only Group with Jason and Other
    Acquisition Entrepreneurs
  • Everything I Know in One Program

From Zero Idea To Seven-figure Acquisition

The Intro: Creating Wealth Through Buying

Module 1: Everything You Need to Know About Picking an Industry and Creating a Bulletproof Investment Thesis So Your Growth Potential Isn’t Slowed or Unprofitable

Module 2: Everything You Need to Know About How to Recruit a World-Class Team WITHOUT Wasting a Ton of Time or Equity

“If I have seen further than other men, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton

Module 3: Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting World-Class Accounting Representation So You Are Strongly Protected While Avoiding Exorbitant Fees (What Matters vs. Fluff & BS)

Module 4: Everything You Need to Know About Recruiting World-Class Legal Protection for Your First Transactions (Including What Few Know and No One Will Tell You So You Avoid Paying Exorbitant Fees)

Module 5: Cultivate Endless Deal Flow in an Efficient Matter, Fluff & BS vs. What Works (Deal Flow is Arguably the Most Important Thing)

Module 6: Analyzing Investments, Business Valuation, and Performing Due-Diligence: What You Need to Know to be Successful (Go to the Vault for More on This)

Module 7: How to Negotiate Price and Terms with Sellers Like a Veteran Dealmaker

Module 8: How to Sell Your Deals to Banks and Get Lenders Competing to Finance Your Acquisition (Including the Seller)

Module 9: Everything You Need to Secure an SBA 7(a) Loan for Your Acquisition (for US Only)

Module 10: How to Raise Equity (Cash) the Right Way So You Can Close on Grade “A” Companies that DON’T & Will NEVER Offer You Significant Seller Finance Because They Can Command Cash From Other Buyers

Module 11: Transitioning to Ownership, Operations, and Scaling Your Business

Bonus 1: Jason’s Vault of Recorded Calls and Webinars / Case Studies with Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs

Bonus 2: How to Succeed As a Founder

Bonus 3: Monthly Zoom Calls with Jason and Other Acquisition Entrepreneurs Past Zoom Calls:

Bonus 4: Get Access to the Members-Only Group to Connect with Jason and Acquisition Entrepreneurs Across the Globe (Post Questions to Jason and Others, Post Deals You Have Questions On, Deal Structures, Hot Industries, Or Any Other Questions)


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