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Be real. How long would it take you to find a dream client?

A day? A week? A month? …Longer?

If the answer is more than 30 minutes, I can help.
Here’s what I know. Not being able to confidently find clients will bleed stress into almost every area of your life.
Feeling like you’re relying purely on luck is paralyzing. It can make you question whether you’re cut out for client work at all.

But for the past 7+ years, I’ve found 10+ dream clients in urgent need of my skills every week.

The results have been amazing: millions of dollars in client work generated each year.

Again and again, contacting great companies that need your skills works. It doesn’t require special talent or brilliant skills. Anyone with normal competency can do it. For free.

I that this page will transform how you think about lead generation in your business. Whether or not you buy something from me. Ready? Let’s go.

While I’m willing to bet you know how to provide great results for your clients, we’re lost when it comes to our own business. The longer we’re in business, the worse it can get:

  • We bombard our network on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other virtual watering hole by bursting in and announcing we’re “available” for work. (Forget that this “tactic” has never gotten us a single project.)
  • We launch new websites to the sound of crickets. Only then asking: how do I actually get clients to come to it?
  • We pull-the-plug on one failed niche after another. Never knowing exactly which of our skills is valuable and to who.
  • And we constantly get distracted by shiny tactics like content marketing, Instagram stories, or whatever else is hot right now.

Relying on these same “strategies” year after year that don’t produce results ain’t it.

Constantly being pulled in 21 different directions is no way to run a business.

And scrambling from project to project means you’re constantly trading your time for cash but never actually getting ahead.

Worse, your skills can start to plateau. You know the feeling if you’ve ever looked around and asked: wait, exactly how am I valuable in 2020, again?

It’s scary. But it won’t change on its own. It’s time to change the way we think:

The 6 “Lead Myths” That Kill Your Earning Potential:

Lead Myth #1 – I’m just too busy

You probably know at least a few ways to grow your business. But you’re not doing it. Why? Because instead of outsourcing or automating these things with systems, you rely on willpower to get them done. Needing to “remember” to reach out to potential clients from a messy inbox, when you know life is going to get in the way, is planning to fail.

Lead Myth #2 – I have no network

If you wait until you’re out of work to plead with their Twitter and LinkedIn network for referrals, people notice. Be real. This approach hardly ever works. All it does is zap your confidence, because deep down you know you hate constantly asking for help and never being in the position to give it.

Lead Myth #3 – Ooo a shiny new tool will fix everything

You tell yourself that if you just had the right tool everything would fall into place! You just need to research the perfect Email Marketing, CRM, Project Management, etc. and then you will finally build a great lead generation system. So you spend hours researching but never actually make progress.

Lead Myth #4 – I’ll just hire a sales guy

Wouldn’t it be nice to just hire a salesperson, cut them 50% check, and kiss your problems goodbye? You simply hire a biz dev person, they are immediately a master at selling your service, and viola you have a rainmaker!

Lead Myth #5 – I gotta blog for a year first

Every guru tells you it takes years to build a proper pipeline. Meanwhile, you have to burn out trying their latest “Blogging,” “SEO,” “Ads,” and other “Growth Hacks,” for years. Because to build a great business you also have to essentially build a media company too?

Lead Myth #6 – I just need to redesign my site

I love tinkering too. But telling yourself that your stale, boring website just needs a redesign and “new positioning” to start bringing in new leads is laughable! You need more than a fresh coat of paint or your new contact form will have just as many cobwebs as your last one did.

If you recognize these myths, even a little – ask yourself the following question:
What if your #1 priority was finding potential new client streams and pitching them?
What if you truly made this a priority today?
Not tomorrow. Not “I’ll get around to it eventually” or “once things calm down”.
Instead, imagine deciding it was time to create a system for finding and pitching leads that didn’t require all of your time and energy.
Imagine deciding to skip brainstorming how to do it, and endlessly researching different software and approaches because you knew it was time to step up and make a change.
Imagine finding the exact solution to this problem in your business right now and deciding to invest as a means of holding yourself accountable to put in the work and make it happen.
You’d never have to go at it alone again. You’d never have to try to build a successful business alone in a room by yourself again.
You’d get the systems, scripts, templates, and processes that are proven and effective at getting clients.
You’d get instant access to a system that would take you 7+ years to create.
But once you had it, the results would be worth it.
You’d go from constantly looking for work to booking 6+ months out.
You’d go from needing to do everything in your business all the time, to it running – and even growing without you.
Each night you go to bed knowing you’re lining up work. Peace of mind.

Endless Clients by Robert Williams

How to find endless high-value client streams and create diverse steady revenue for your business.

A complete, step-by-step guide to finding a profitable client market and landing a 5-figure project in 30 days.
  • Learn the secret to finding 10+ dream client leads any time you want in under an hour.
  • How to create perfect positioning with an ideal client profile in 30 minutes, instead of 3 weeks.
  • How to maximize your response rate when contacting dream clients
  • 1 Copy of my NEW Endless Client Stream Generator plugin + how to use it
  • 1 Copy of my full Endless Clients Generator plugin + how to use it
  • How to find communities and generate 3+ $10k leads from them per week
  • How to use your LinkedIn network and generate 5+ $10k project leads per week
  • How to use Google to find endless dream client streams
  • How to find and track sites where dream clients hang out in your niche
  • The 61 Best Value Discovering Questions to Ask
  • The 20 Best Client Email Templates
  • The 16 Best Past Client Email Templates
  • The Best RFP Proposal Template
  • The 6 Best Referral / Network Email Templates
  • A VA Outsourcing Template to automate all of this
  • Bonus: 10 Great Freelance Portfolio Headline Value Propositions Templates
  • Bonus: 10 Great Freelance Portfolio Case Studies Templates
  • Bonus: 10 Great Freelance Portfolio Contact Forms Templates
  • A whole lot more …
Find dream clients, create an amazing offer, and win more deals so you can finally separate your time from your income and build a consistent revenue stream for your business.

Module 1 Your Endless Clients System

What you’ll get:

  • A system for beating analysis paralysis in your business forever.
  • A framework for standing out above 80% of your competition with one tool.
  • An easy way to guarantee you close more deals.
  • 61 exact word-for-word questions you can ask to discover value in the sales process.
  • A bare-bones system for selling in four stages.
  • The #1 thing to focus on when starting your system successfully.
  • A guide to integrating your favorite tools, goals, and team into your system.
  • My Dream Client Cheatsheet that will help you find thousands of dream clients.
  • My premium Endless Clients Generator that will help you find thousands of clients in minutes.
  • Secret tips for extracting high-value work from the best prospecting tool on the web.
  • A proven tested roadmap for your lead and prospecting system.

Module 2 Your Irresistible Client Offer

What you’ll get/learn:

  • Walt Disney’s secret to creating a compelling magical offer
  • How to find high-value clients you enjoy working with
  • How to confidently talk about your value and skills
  • How to use Google to find a gold-mine of dream client sources
  • 3 ways to identify in-demand client positioning without exhaustion
  • How to hack Google’s search engine to turn up big budget clients in need
  • How to get clients interested enough to get on a call with you
  • A concrete offer / marketing plan that gets you ahead of 99% of your competition
  • The best tips for saving years of tiral and error on Google
  • How to use market research to build an irresistible client offer
  • What the best value propositions have in common
  • How to craft a great client case study
  • The step-by-step process of data-driven positioning and what it really looks like

Module 3 Your Selling Blueprint

What you’ll get/learn:

  • How to get over your fear and hatred of marketing
  • A simple structure for selling that feels natural
  • The #1 mindset you have to get over to sell with confidence
  • The framework for selling to clients that makes sense to their brain naturally
  • A guide to using LinkedIn to find $10k+ projects even with no network
  • How to craft sales pitches that target hair on fire client pains and clients are eager to pay for
  • A proven formula for creating sales
  • How to take advantage of more client touchpoints
  • What to say to recommend a next step in any scenario
  • My best tips for maximizing your response rate in ever client email

Module 4 Your Growth Playbook

What you’ll get/learn:

  • How to truly separate your time from your income forever
  • A trick for making sure you stay motivated about your pipeline for the long-haul
  • What an Endless Clients system on autopilot looks like
  • How to use Slack communities to find dream clients
  • How to go from community member to a high-value consultant over email
  • How to get more control out of your business
  • How to make client work stop feeling like a treadmill
  • How to not get stuck on a skills plateau and keep growing in-demand skills
  • Exactly what to do to outsource any task in your business with great results
  • How to think of your business like a product instead of a service
  • How to automate your sales with email courses and VAs
  • Exactly how to create six-figure proposals in minutes
  • How to systematize your service delivery
  • How to incorporate client feedback into your system so that it keeps improving and creating repeat clients

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