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The Secret “Thinking Tool” Of Self-Made Billionaires

The Thinking Toolkit That Self-Made Billionaires, Accelerated Learners, Technology Investors, Successful Entrepreneurs, Highly-Paid Consultants & Coaches, & Cultural Creatives Are Using To Dramatically Increase Their Success…

Introducing The Mental Model Club

If you’re starting to understand the power of mental models, and you’re ready to go to the next level and learn the most important mental models to create success in your life, then I’d like to invite you to join our Mental Model Club.

Inside, every month you’ll learn the most important mental models and how to apply them to your life — in just a few hours per month.
The Mental Model Club is an online course, community, and membership that teaches you the most valuable and useful mental models. We have almost 1,500 members from around the world, and we’re growing fast.

What Are Mental Models

I first stumbled on mental models when I was reading the work of Charlie Munger, the self-made billionaire partner of Warren Buffett. It’s his secret weapon for making decisions, succeeding in business, and choosing winning investments. I’ve since learned that other self-made billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Ray Dalio use mental models as well.

You can think of a mental model simply as: “The way you think that things work in a particular domain.” It’s the idea that you have about how something works. If your model is bad, then your thinking is bad. If your model is accurate, then your thinking (and decision-making, and prediction ability) is far more accurate. It’s that simple.

Top 5 Mental Models

To make smarter decisions in your career, business and life, master the most useful and universal mental models.

Protege Effect: How to remember what you learn, apply what you learned automatically, and get incredible results.

Success By Subtraction: How to simplify every area of your life, and instantly become happier and more productive.

80/20 Rule: How to make the right decisions in any situation, even when you’re overwhelmed.

Outlier Algorithm: How to discover original ideas that most people miss, and carve your own unique path to success.

Trademark Idea: How to turn your knowledge into ideas that people share everywhere AND pay a premium for.

Here’s What You Get

Your Monthly Mastery Manual Every month, you receive one mental model online — in the form of a high-quality, comprehensive guide. I call it a Mastery Manual. It’s the most condensed, in-depth explanation of any mental model that exists in the entire world.

We take the best of what’s ever been said about the mental model, cut out all of the fluff, and organize it in a way that is easy and fast to learn.

In each Mastery Manual, you learn… 

  • A 101 Overview of the mental model (why it’s important, how it works, vocabulary, etc.)
  • An advanced overview to give you the high-level summary, then an in-depth report that includes a more nuanced explanation
  • Examples, tricks, and hacks you can use to apply the mental model to every area of your life and career
  • Exercises, resources, & templates that you can use on a daily basis to integrate lessons in the manual and get results in your life.

Your Monthly Masterclass

To help you learn your mental model knowledge faster, you also get a high quality, pre-recorded masterclass of the month’s mental model. The monthly masterclass is deliberately designed as a standalone resource, so that you can get value right away — well, in just one hour of listening to it.

Here’s what you get in each pre-recorded masterclass  

  • Concise “80/20” overview of the mental model: To help you understand and apply the mental model on a deeper level, I explain the most important ideas.
  • Walkthrough of mental model exercises: I handpick exercises in the Mastery Manual, and coach you on using them.
  • My answers to other Mental Model Club members’ questions: These are often common questions that people have about the mental model.

5 Bonuses For FREE

Bonus #1 Learning Accelerator Masterclass

I have a series of articles that have been read millions of times. This series introduces the 5-Hour Rule, which is how billionaires investors learn faster and better. In this online masterclass, I explain why this is the #1 mental model for learning, and I explain how you can use it in your own life to become an ultra learner.

This masterclass is part of our flagship learning program, the Learning Ritual Course, and it’s the most important lesson. When you join the Mental Model Club, I’m going to give this to you for free.

Bonus #2 Elon Musk Billionaire Mind Report

Whatever the media says about Elon Musk, here’s the truth:  

He went from being an immigrant kid with no money, no resources… a kid who was abused by his dad, beaten up by his classmates… to building four multi-billion dollar companies in tough industries (software, energy, transportation, aerospace). Not one, but FOUR.

As if these feats weren’t enough… He currently has three other startups (OpenAI, Neuralink, and The Boring Company), which are on track to be multi-billion dollar companies…

All of these accomplishments point to one thing—Elon Musk’s success is not a result of luck. But skill. Specifically, it’s how he thinks.

Because I just wasn’t satisfied by popular Musk interviews and presentations — most people have heard about those before anyway — I spent over one hundred hours digging through every single interview he did, as well as every single book that mentioned him… And I discovered 10 rare and valuable mental models he has, which have helped him to learn faster, make better decisions, and build billion-dollar businesses.

I share these mental models in the Elon Musk Billionaire Mind Report, and a lot more.

Here’s a sneak peek of this exclusive online report…

Mental Model #1 and #2: How Elon Musk rapidly masters multiple fields of expertise (turns out, there are two specific steps he takes whenever he learns something new)

Mental Model #3 and #4: How Elon Musk thinks before he makes any big decisions (in fact, did you know Warren Buffett thinks just like Musk?)

Mental Model #6: How Elon Musk developed “disaster-proof” confidence (even after the third SpaceX rocket crashed, and he was on the cusp of personal bankruptcy)

Each mental model will come with exercises, so that you can start thinking like Elon Musk.

Bonus #3 Jeff Bezos Billionaire Mind Report

How did he go from being raised by a broke teenage mom and a Cuban refugee step-father, to running a company that’s worth $1 trillion dollars?
Why was he willing to lose money for decades? Why has he invested tens of millions of dollars into a 10,000-year clock? And more recently… Why does he think Amazon isn’t his most important work?

To get a deeper understanding of Jeff Bezos’ mental models beyond cliche sound bites, I read every shareholder letter that Bezos has written multiple times, every annual report from, and nearly every interview that Bezos has done over the last 25 years.

As I spent more time studying Bezos, I noticed that there is a deeper level to Bezos’ thinking beyond what is reported in the media.

More specifically, he has ONE unique mental model he returns to over and over, which allows him to make bold, complex decisions very rapidly… Without any complicated analysis.

By learning this one mental model, all of his other ones suddenly make sense.

By the end of this exclusive online report, you will have a toolkit to make dramatically better decisions across every area of your life, so that you can start thinking like Jeff Bezos. Here’s what included:

How to outcompete everyone else, no matter how smart, rich and successful they are (a famous Stanford professor surveyed over 10,000 people, and came to the same conclusion as Bezos)
How to find million-dollar skills — way before anyone realizes their potential (hint: it’s a simple three-word question)
How to avoid career-and-life-destroying mistakes that even the smartest people make (Bezos found this little-known 1976 study, and now recommends it to everyone he knows)

And much more…

Bonus #4 Mental Model Mini-Course

Mental models are an abstract concept that can be difficult to grasp at first. So, I created an online Mental Model 101 mini-course to help you “get” mental models at an intuitive level.

You’ll learn about the history of mental models, multiple definitions of models, the academic research on mental models, types of mental models, how to use mental models to make better decisions, and much more.

Bonus #5 Mental Model Encyclopedia

In addition to going deep on the most important models, it’s also helpful to have a basic understanding of the full mental model landscape. So, we created a mental model “list of lists” that features hundreds of the most cited mental models by mental model experts.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What happens in your life when you can see one extra chess move ahead?
  • When you’re better at seeing what’s going to happen in the future?
  • When you’re better at choosing the right investment of your time, money, and energy?
  • When you’re better at connecting to important people and building your network?
  • When you’re better at bringing in business and getting clients?
  • What would all this be worth to you?

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