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Burt Goldman, fondly known to his fans as The American Monk, is a world-renowned meditation master, a spiritual coach, and a mind power expert and has dedicated his life to helping people find their inner confidence and self-esteem in their own lives. When he is not helping others, he is on a constant quest to better himself and always working on new and exciting projects.

To Burt, age is never an excuse to stop living.

At the age of 83, he’s just like any other person his age who relishes in peace and quiet, likes spending quality time with my grandchildren, and enjoys nothing more than sitting down to a good book, but Burt is also an accomplished author, artist, photographer and musician. If Burt can master life, so can you.

For more than 50 years, Burt has been improving the lives of people who want to live better. His techniques are so amazingly effective he calls them the lazy man’s way to achieve enlightenment.

Burt Goldman Collection Contains: 

  • Burt Goldman – The American Monk
  • Burt Goldman – The American Monk
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – Enlightenment
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – Healing
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – Inspiration
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – LOA
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – Mastery
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – Meditation
  • 7 Free Meditation Lessons – Thinkbig

Burt Goldman’s Album

  • CD 1 Enlightened NLP_The 3 Pil
  • CD 1 Enlightened NLP_The 3 Pillars of modeling
  • CD 2 Enlightened NLP_Advanced


  • Mindbox Silver
  • Prosperity Program
  • Quantum Jumping _ CD 1 – Quantum Jumping 101
  • Quantum Jumping _ CD 2 – The Key To Success & Satisfaction
  • Quantum Jumping _ CD 3 – Dwadles + Cocktails + Programming = Prosperity
  • Quantum Jumping _ CD 4 – Goals & Relationships
  • Quantum Jumping _ CD 5 – Becoming Fearless
  • Quantum Jumping _ CD 6 – The Frequency Of Abundance
  • The Liberty Program
  • The Victory Program


2)The New Moon Programming is Burt’s latest course that leverages on the moon’s magnetic pull for visual manifestation and goal setting.

The New Moon Programming Course is a collection of audio lectures, tools and specially created ‘Luna Meditation Exercises’ that will empower you to leverage the gravitational pull of the moon—and add more thrust to your manifestations, programming and also Quantum Jumps.

Audio Course  18 MP3s 64k

Burt Goldman – Quantum Jumping Past Life Regression

You’ve Learned To Quantum Jump Across Space, Now Learn To Quantum Jump Across Time.

Uncover A New Dimension Of Self Discovery With
Past Life Regression—The Next, Most Advanced Chapter
Yet In Your Quantum Jumping Journey

What Secrets Lie Waiting In Your Past Lives… And How Are They Influencing
Your Reality Today? The Answer, As You’re About To Find Out,
Could Change Everything…

Dear Quantum Jumper,

A t different phases in our lives, we experience different struggles. Some problems come and go. Others take a little longer to solve. But are there issues that you have been lugging around all your life? And no matter how much you analyze, pick or pound at them, they just refuse to go away?

Has it ever occurred to you that some of these issues are not issues that come from your current life but are actually from your soul’s journey across multiple lives? Let me ask you this…

# Do you have some kind of crippling phobia or irrational fear that you’ve suffered all your life but don’t know why?

# Do you have personal insecurities that seem so much a part of your characters such as confidence issues or low self-esteem, and no matter how much you work on personal growth, you just can’t get rid of them?

# Do you have health issues or pains that have had your doctors stumped for years?

# Do you have problems with wealth? Does attracting money seem a struggle for you? Are you currently broke despite trying all kinds of ways to generate the money you deserve?

# Do you have unexplainable behavioral or thought patterns that seem to come out of nowhere and were never nurtured by your parents or those close to you?

# Do you sometimes have an unusual negative feeling towards someone that’s important to you like your parents, sibling, or a business partner but you can’t understand how you developed these negative thoughts?

If your answer is YES to most of the above, there is a solution. To find the root of these unexplainable issues, you need to head to the source of your problem.

Many, if not all these problems can be traced back to your past in this life, and in your lives before this one.

Yes, I am saying that your very existence today is the sum of many lives before you. And in order to fix this life and your future ones as well, you have to go back to see what is causing you the dilemma.

Hypnotherapists call this Past Life Regression.

4)This is the Quantum Jumping Course 1 and 2 including the Enlightened NLP course of Burt Goldman.


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