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How to Build & Grow an Ecom Brand From Scratch WITHOUT dropshipping from China OR spending thousands on ads & inventory.


“What does mindset has to do with building a store?” Someone might think.

Mindset plays a huge role in the success of any business really.

I would say 80% of the success of any project is mindset.

20% is hard work, dedication, consistency, techniques & strategies.

Having the belief that this project will be a success.

And no, I am not talking only about the “think positive” crap.

Inside my Master method, you will learn every loophole you need to avoid.

I’ve made the mistakes already so you don’t have to.

✅ You will learn how the MASTER model works in details.

✅ You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of every ecommerce business model.

✅ You will learn how we take all the good stuff from each model.

✅ And how we throw away all the crap that we don’t want to deal with.

And more importantly…

✅ You will learn what is the mindset you need to develop in order to be a successful brand owner.

A for Audience.

Everyone talks about winning products.

But without Winning audiences, a product means nothing.

✅ Insider the master method, you will learn how to find the ideal buyer for your products.

✅ You will find what people want so you can give it to them.

✅ You will find how to create your ideal customer avatar & how you can sell again and again and again.

✅ You will find what are the characteristics that your ideal buyer that makes buy almost anything you’ll put in front of them.

This is going to be a game changer for you.

Especially if you have tried making money online with eCommerce before.

S for Solution.

This is where it gets interesting.

✅ This is where you will start selling the products that our hungry A for Audience wants.

✅ This is where you will start developing your brand.

✅ This is where you will craft the long term vision.

✅ This is where you will learn how to find trustworthy suppliers.

✅ This is where you are building your store from scratch.

✅ This is where you are giving the Solution that your customers asking.

✅ This is where you are Solving the big pain of your customer.

You don’t have to test a hundred different products to see what works.

Cause you’ll know before hand what your A for audience wants.

And you’ll just give it to them.

T for Traffic.

And this is where I do things differently.

Not because I am smarter than anyone.

But because FB is smarter than all of us.

You’ll just have to understand how the platform works.

Its like women.

When you understand what they want & you give it to them, they are happy.

If they are not happy, this is where the problems start. 🙂

When you feed FB with a good offer, good creatives and target an ideal audience, the traffic will convert.

Here’s a big misconception.

FB is just a traffic source.

It can’t turn a bad product to a good one.

And vice versa.

Brand Master Accelerator

Week 1 : Mindset

The WINNING mindset: The 6 things you need to do daily that will be responsible for 80% of your success
​How to build your own brand from scratch WITHOUT huge advertising budgets or inventory
​Cash on delivery: How to capitalize on the most preferred payment method in Europe (more than 90% of people use this)
​Why the new MASTER model is better than everything else combined.
​And way more!

Week 2:Audience

How to know EXACTLY to the point who your ideal buyer is & how to sell to to them AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN
​Learn how to solve problems ONCE and get paid AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN from that one problem
​How you can be ALWAYS be one step ahead of your competition & never run out of customers again
​Why you don’t need to EVER sell commodities & ALWAYS be on top of your game
​And way more!

Week 3: Solution

PRODUCT RESEARCH on STEROIDS: The 5-step CHECKLIST to choose winning PRODUCTS with 90% success rate
​How to find trustworthy suppliers & never get scammed out of your hard earned money
​The logo, the colors, the fonts & the brand name that will increase the trustworthiness & authority of your brand
​The PROVEN formula on setting up your branded store for MAXIMUM sales (suggested themes & apps to use INCLUDED)
​How to write copy that converts visitors to buyers WITHOUT ever being salesy or pushy
​The elements of a HIGH converting product page (PROVEN formula)
​And way more!

Week 4: Traffic

The 4 Steps of the Customer Journey (80% of advertisers dont even know about this)
​The creatives that work like clockwork- Step by step how to create video & photo ads that convert
​FB ads TESTING strategies: How to test ads & quickly cut down the losers & scale the winners to graduation phase
​FB ads SCALING strategies: How we QUICKLY scale our ad campaigns to 4 figures per day
​Remarketing on steroids – How to setup all your audiences so they can convert like clockwork
​Google Ads : How to Set up your ads that makes people tick. Step by step video tutorials on creating high converting Google ads
​YouTube ads : The 5 high converting audiences that you need to set up immediately
​SCALING: How we predictably scale our Google & YouTube ads to 4 figures per day
​And way more…

Week 5: Excel

How to cut down your advertising costs WITHOUT sacrificing your valuable product margin
How to increase the profitability of your ads WITHOUT spending any extra money on advertising
TARGETING on steroids : How to identify your ideal buyers inside the data so you target them every single time
​The 5 Key Audiences to Focus that Convert like Clockwork
​And many more!

Week 6: Retention

The 7 things to Avoid that will Kill your Conversions
ECOM BEST PRACTICES: the Strategies that the big brands use & turn buyers to LOYAL FANS
How to increase every user you turn into BUYER without spending any extra money on ads
​The proven formula to increase how much people spend on your store REPEATEDLY
​And many more!

Bonuses BMA masterclass!

Bonus #1: Behind the numbers of a million dollar store

Learn Exactly How we Find Opportunities for Scaling to Millions of Dollars by Deep Diving into the DATA
Discover How to Scale your Store to the Millions & How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table.

Bonus #2: Done for you Cash on Delivery fulfillment center

The EXACT fulfillment solution that covers over 20 countries in Europe that use Cash on Delivery
They fulfillment center will collect the money from your customers and deposit daily to your bank account.
​Inserts, custom packaging, your own software platform, super competitive prices, next day delivery in many countries
​Super low competition, enter while it’s still early

Bonus #3: 200 Million Visitors with Native ads Taboola workshop

200 Million Visitors with Natives ads (Taboola workshop)
Learn the secrets behind the power of Native ads & Taboola
The unlimited traffic source that very very FEW brands capitalize!
​Super detailed step by step workshop over the shoulder!

Bonus #4: Outsourcers ROLODEX

Looking for some one to write the ads for you? Looking for some one to edit your videos? Or maybe someone to build your store?
Researching for the write outsourcer takes time, a lot of trial and error and of course money.
I’ve compiled a list of every outsourcing task you can imagine that I’ve PERSONALLY worked with.
​This will list will save you a lot of time and money as they are people that i can vouch for the quality of their work
($297,00 VALUE)

Bonus #5: Done For You Ecommerce Template

This is a Done For You Ecommerce Template ready to plug and play
We have been utilising funnels since 2016 (hey, even this page you are now is a funnel!) & we’ve seen amazing results
Just change the images with your product and replace the text with yours & get ready to see more revenue pouring in because of this funnel!


Brand Master Accelerator

6 Weeks Brand Master Accelerator Masterclass (value $997,00)
Private Mastermind Community (value $497,00)
PDFs, mp3s, and transcripts of videos (value $297,00)
​Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls to Make Sure you Stay on Track (value $497,00)


Bonus #1: Inside a Million Dollar Ad Account (value $497,00)
Bonus #2: Done For You Cash on Delivery Fulfilment center (value $999,00)
Bonus #3: 200 Million Visitors with Native ads Taboola workshop (value $497,00)
Bonus #4: Outsourcers ROLODEX (value $297,00)
Bonus #5: Done For You Ecommerce Template (value $1000,00)

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