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David Snyder – Secrets of Internal Power – Self Defense Supercharger

David Snyder’s Combat Secrets Revealed!

Finally, By Insane Demand … All My Martial Arts, Self-Defense, & Energetics Secrets in One Place

After Years of Student Requests, David Snyder is Finally Revealing All His Martial Arts & Energy Manipulation Secrets. You’ve Gotten Bits & Pieces in His Other Programs, and Now You Can Have His Entire System for Self-Protection, Energetic Persuasion, & Physical Power

Here it is … the program that I almost never released, and may never release again.

If you’ve seen any of my material, whether it’s a recorded program, a live seminar, or even a YouTube video… you’ve seen me use training exercises and demonstrations from Karate, Tai Chi, Systema, and many other fighting systems.

Martial Arts has always been integral to my development…

As a seducer…

As a persuader…

As a healer…

And as a manifester…

What I love about martial arts is the skills you learn apply to everywhere in life.

    • You learn how to control your state.
    • You learn rapid self-healing methods.
    • You develop a keen awareness of your environment.
    • You learn how to tap into someone’s energy and practically read their mind.
    • You master the ability to almost magically shift others’ energies & emotions to whatever you want.
    • You cultivate a cosmic rapport with the Universe that brings luck into your favor and puts you in the natural flow of things where everything works out to your advantage.

And of course, you learn how to defend yourself and loved ones from attack.

While that last one is very important, it’s probably the aspect of martial arts I think about the least.

However, it is very rewarding and absolutely necessary to have a plan and skillset for what to do in a life-threatening situation.

At any moment, you or the ones you love could be accosted on the street… whether it’s by a mugger, some drunks coming out of a pub, or a road-raged maniac who you just had a fender bender with.

You need to be prepared for the worst

And even more important… you need to learn how to dissolve dangerous situations, or make sure they don’t happen at all.

When you’re someone who’s mastered martial arts, you get the strange paradox of not needing to use them.

Predators, thugs, and other offenders can just smell when someone will not be an easy target. Consciously and unconsciously, they filter out potential victims who will give them a run for their money.

And if you practice the Energetic Martial Arts like I do… then you will know ways of performing a protective bubble around yourself…

Where anyone who enters the bubble immediately either wants to be your friend or stay the hell out of your way.

In fact (and I’ll get to this later), this energetic bubble protection can even be used to strike fear in others and intimidate, so you must use this ethically.

The problem is that most martial arts will not give you these benefits.

Why Every Martial Art Will Let You Down
(And How to Fix This)

Now I’m not going to get in a war about which martial art is the best. The common factor is that all fighting systems are likely to let you down in some way.

Traditional Martial Arts (Like Karate & Kung Fu) take years or sometimes decades to be “street ready.” They make terrific hobbies and sources of personal growth, but are very much the slow path to being able to defend yourself.

And that’s assuming you actually find good teachers, who not only know the right techniques, but are willing to take the time to teach you. As anyone seasoned in martial arts knows, there are a sea of McDojos out there who will take your money in return for a false sense of confidence.

What about the other choices?

Modern Combat Sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and Muay Thai kickboxing are excellent for getting good at fighting, and have a much shorter learning curve than the traditional martial arts.

However, they have some big problems too:

• They require athleticism and constant practice. (Say goodbye to all your other hobbies!)
• They will destroy your body over time.
• They don’t teach you any of the really powerful energetic skills

It’s a dark secret that most people who persist in Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or MMA will have permanent injuries that last far longer than their time in the sport.

Broken fingers, snapped knees, and broken ribs are all over the place. And that’s just the obvious accidents. What’s more common is the everyday wear & tear on your joints, leading you to constant pain every day.

That leaves one last major category… self-defense classes like Krav Maga.

Classes like these can be effective but have their own issues. The moves have to be practiced regularly, and you need to be comfortable being very brutal at the drop of a hat.

If gouging eyes out and biting ears is out of your comfort zone, then you’re going to want something more balanced.

So what’s left?

Here’s the Only Way to Master Self-Defense
Without Getting Punched in the Face
Every Day or Doing Forms for Years

As a martial arts enthusiast, I’ve spent many, many years mastering different types of Martial Arts.

My “ranking” credentials as a martial artist include:

• 5th Degree Black Belt Shaolin Kuntao
• 2nd Degree Black Belt Kosho Kenpo Ryu
• 1st Degree Black Belt Phan Ku Ryu Jujitsu
• Certified Instructor Combat Systema
• Certified Instructor: Cinco Mano Escrima
• Certified Instructor: Modular Blade Concepts CQC (CSSD)
• Certified (Basic) Instructor Modern Arnis
• Brown Belt Small Circle Jujitsu

Along with that, I’ve studied Tai Chi Chuan in China, as well as Malaysia’s deadly art of Silat, Wing Chun Kung Fu, American Kenpo, and Aikijujutsu.

Now if you’re asking “David, how in the world did you have enough time to practice all of these?” then you’re onto something.

Learning all of these martial arts, one by one, would take hundreds of years.

And for most people, trying to learn multiple arts at the same time would be vastly confusing… especially when you’re practicing very different arts that seem to contradict each other.

Remember that my certifications above are from third-party, highly-credible boards of approval, so it’s not like I just took a few lessons from each art and declared myself an expert.

So how did I manage to pull this off?

What I did was find the unifying factors among all martial arts that work. Then I put them to use, and refined them until I could apply them to every martial art and all aspects of life.

There are a few core components in each martial art, that if you master them… you can unlock the door to all fighting systems and get these skills in a shockingly shorter period of time.


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