Create Outstanding Posts with ChatGPT, Notion AI and Canva – AI for Bloggers and Content Creators


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About This Class

Together we’ll explore how AI Tools, including ChatGPT, Notion, and Canva AI can revolutionize your writing process and make you a better writer and content creator in 5 key ways. While used responsibly, these tools can help you develop the narrative that will grab the audience’s attention.

That’s our goal.

I believe none of us will be replaced by AI Tools; rather, the ambitious creators and bloggers who study its possibilities, understand them, and continue to improve their ideas of how to use them will be the ones who benefit and grow the most!

In this course, you’ll learn how to optimize your content writing process using AI tools, freeing up your brainpower to focus on different parts of your content and marketing efforts.

I advocate using the AI tools as co-creators, your smart writing partners, instead of using the output of the tool without any editing. I will show you the whole process and teach you how to optimize it. This is also the safest way to avoid Google penalties.

We’ll discuss:

– How AI-Powered tools work

– Which AI tools should you use for the best content creation results

– How to use AI tools the safe and ethical way

– What makes a good ChatGPT prompt?

– The basics of prompt engineering

– How to level up your content creation process in 5 simple steps

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