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Are you tired of…

Not knowing what content to create for your launches and promotions…

Being clueless about what you should be saying in your emails versus blog posts and feeling like you’re missing something…

If you’re launching anything at all, you’ve heard it time and again. Content is critical.

Only it isn’t as easy as sending a couple of blog posts links via email and then linking to your sales page.

Getting all the parts to work together in harmony is anything but simple!

Because a content strategy is just 1 part of the puzzle. You need to know how it feeds into your launch roadmap so that  you have the RIGHT message delivered at the RIGHT time!

The problem?

Most businesses don’t know how to combine both these elements. They have no idea how to nudge their audience toward the sale.

If you answered YES to any of the above, you will love the Content Marketing Template Pack.

The pack contains a carefully curated selection of content hooks based on your customer journey, as well as quick start video trainings on my tested and perfected launch and content roadmap so that you can reproduce the same results for your own campaigns and promotions.

Content Marketing doesn’t have to be a pain. Having the right swipe file will take the weight off your shoulders!

What’s included in this template pack?

  • 80+ content hooks divided into the 3 stages of the customer journey so you never get stumped on what to create again
  • The 4 elements of my proven and perfected launch roadmap (and why your launch roadmap should work hand in hand with your content roadmap!)
  • THE most important element which determines how much content you should create for a launch
  • How to differentiate your blog posts/videos from your emails
  • All of this complete with transcripts and slides.

Who am I to be teaching you this?

I’m Meera Kothand, Email Marketing Specialist and Amazon Bestselling Author

I know what it’s like.

Creating an offer itself can be overwhelming, frustrating and stressful.

You spend weeks holed up…

… recording videos
….editing them
… planning your launch
…designing your worksheets

And you realize you STILL have to create content that attracts the right eyeballs and convince them that it’s your offer they need…

that has them saying…”I couldn’t possibly say no to that!”

If you’ve launch an offer or business to crickets…it’s likely your content hasn’t done your offer any justice or you didn’t know how to lead your audience to the sale.

I’ve been there and have spent years perfecting my content and launch roadmap.

Rather than wasting hours writing content that may not perform…

…there’s a much easier way to strategize and plan your launches and promotions.

Creating content that actually sells doesn’t have to be a pain. Let me make it as easy as ‘Fill in the blanks’ for you.

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