Content Accelerator – Generate Sales with an Automated Content System & Persuasive Video


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content-accelerator-generate-sales content-accelerator-generate-sales-with-an-automated-content-system-persuasive-video

Generate Sales with an Automated Content System & Persuasive Video

Get the system, roadmap + support you need to generate money online with video.

If you’ve felt like…

  • You don’t have time
  • You don’t know what to say
  • Being consistent is hard
  • It has to be perfect
  • You’re alone

This program is for you.

  • The 15-minute script & recording method
  • Get over fears, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm
  • Overcome procrastination with accountability
  • Get feedback and weekly advice to stay on track

For solopreneurs—coaches, consultants, speakers and thought leaders (”experts”).

Hi I’m Stephen,

After I sold my previous company, one of Inc Magazines’ fastest companies—I started over. My previous business was built on blogging and doing good work. But that took years. I needed a faster way, I was older, and had a wife and kids.

I noticed the rise of video and social media, but I had zero knowledge on how to use them. Fast forward a couple of years and now I’ve been able to build an entirely new business using only video and social media. I’ve been able to launch new products out of no where and generate $40K in 30 days (without sales calls).

But it didn’t happen overnight.

From Scared Of Video To $50K months

I used to be terrified of video and I felt insecure—why would someone listen to me? That made no sense, I have a lot to share. I knew I could make an important impact in the world. You may have felt the same way.

I kept pushing forward.

In the beginning I was bombarded with information on what to do. I tried a lot of things that didn’t work and wasted a bunch of time. Since then I’ve been constantly refining, throwing out what didn’t work, simplifying what did work, and creating repeatable systems.

Now I’ve packaged up my unique automated systems and experience to help you save time and avoid the time-consuming mistakes I made.

Introducing the…

A simple automated system + support to generate sales from persuasive video content.

How It Works:

  • Create persuasive video content that makes people say “Wow, I’m glad I saw that!”
  • Use good video to generate traffic to products and services people can buy
  • Nurture leads that aren’t ready to buy (yet) with valuable video content

What You Get

A simple automated content system—everything you need to generate sales with video content.
Automated Systems
  • Project management
  • Content calendar
  • Working with editors
  • Posting content
  • Performance analytics
Sales Funnels
  • Social profiles
  • Lead magnet
  • Community building
  • Email list
Persuasive Video
  • Video equipment
  • Idea generation
  • Scripting videos
  • Recording videos
The People
  • How to hire a video editor
  • Working with a video editor
Onboarding & Ramp Up:
  • Platform Strategy (TikTok, YT, LinkedIn, etc…)
  • Setting Up Your Content Systems
  • Generating Traffic with Content
  • Convert Viewers into Clients
Support & Accountability
  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Priority Support (Community)

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