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The Connection Course

Connection is the Root of Success and Fulfillment

Join an impactful program synthesized from 30 years of research, study of neuroscience, exploration of wisdom traditions, and high-performance coaching of top company C-levels.

The course is offered both as self-paced lessons you can begin any time or in a community-centered Cohort, offered occasionally.

The 3- Week Cohort option gives you the added benefit of learning in connection with other engaged members of our community.  It includes live group sessions and a Q&A with Joe with rapid fire coaching.  Join our next Cohort, running between January 9th to January 27th.

Discover the impact that more connection can bring to every facet of your life.



I discovered that whenever I was struggling, I was also out of connection.

If I was struggling with my relationship, I’d lost connection with my partner.

If I was struggling with sales, I was out of connection with my customer.

If there were office politics, I’d lost connection with my team.

If I was struggling with bad habits, I was out of connection with myself.


Through continued experiments, it slowly dawned on me:

The first step of solving any problem was to get back into connection.

The more I stayed in connection, the less I struggled.

Now, not all problems are caused by a lack of connection. Sometimes problems are caused by incidents outside our control. But… the struggling I did around the problem always stemmed from me moving out of connection. And often it was this struggling and lack of connection that then caused the next sequence of problems.

The thing about struggling is that it is a tremendous waste of effort.

It is wildly inefficient, and not enjoyable at all.


I began to think there must be another way, and to experiment with struggling less and staying more connected. While this was counterintuitive at first, I discovered that remarkably, the less I struggled and the more connected I was able to stay, the more I could get done.

It was more enjoyable to do, and I accomplished more.

And what I accomplished was more in line with my truth.

When you are in connection with yourself and others, both joy and achievement come easily and effortlessly.

Our accomplishments, love life, business, family, and more are all based on the quality of our relationships.

And when we create depth with ourselves and others, all aspects of life transform.


The Connection Course is a unique approach to connecting with yourself and others.

The course is the sum of years of study into people who were geniuses at connection. The exercises and teaching methodology of the course were carefully developed from 20 years of exploring dozens of spiritual traditions and psychological frameworks, backed by the findings of current neurological research. This wisdom was then distilled into a series of interactive modules that help people radically and rapidly transform themselves and their relationships, and make great progress towards that which they wish to accomplish.

It will help you examine and choose the way that you show up at work and in your personal life, all through training a mindset that leads to more connection and more satisfying relationships.

Unlike esoteric workshops offered only to elite executives, this course empowers all people to be more effective and successful, create authentic connections, and foster life-changing self-discovery and empowerment.

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