Colleen Welsch – The Freelance Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy


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This course is for you if:

  • You want to turn your writing skills into income so you can give yourself the time freedom and money freedom that you deserve
  • You’re tired of spending all of your time feeling stuck and uninspired
  • You’re committed to your goals and want step-by-step direction and guidance for helping you get there
  • You want to know exactly what tools and processes you need to run a sustainable and profitable freelance business

What’s inside the course? Take a look

Module One: Get Your Mind Right

  • Introduction
  • Lesson One: Prepare Your Workspace
  • Lesson Two: Write Down Your Mission Statement
  • Lesson Three: Create a Writing Routine
  • Lesson Four: Develop (A Couple of) the 8 Habits of Success
  • Module One Actionable Steps

Module Two: Getting Started

  • Lesson One: What is Copywriting?
  • Lesson Two: Choose Your Services
  • Lesson Three: Choose Your Niche
  • Lesson Four: Build Your Portfolio
  • Lesson Five: How to Write a Great Blog Post
  • Module Two Actionable Steps

Module Three: Finding Your First Client

  • Lesson One: Cold Pitching
  • Lesson Two: Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Lesson Three: Other Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Module Three Actionable Steps

Module Four: The Business of Freelance Writing

  • Lesson One: Setting Your Rates
  • Lesson Two: Building Out Your Services
  • Lesson Three: Defining Your Process
  • Lesson Four: Sales
  • Lesson Five: Contracts
  • Lesson Six: Sending Invoices and Collecting Payments
  • Lesson Seven: Managing Your Finances
  • Lesson Eight: Taxes
  • Lesson Nine: Insurance
  • Module Four Actionable Steps

Module Five: Doing the Work

  • Lesson One: SEO 101
  • Lesson Two: How to Create a Content Calendar
  • Lesson Three: How to Generate Blog Post Ideas
  • Lesson Four: How Long Should a Blog Post Be?
  • Lesson Five: How to Sharpen Your Writing Skills
  • Lesson Six: How to Write Faster
  • Module Five Actionable Steps

Module Six: Getting It All Done

  • Lesson One: Managing Your Projects
  • Lesson Two: Managing Your Time
  • Module Six Actionable Steps

Module Seven: Marketing Yourself

  • Lesson One: Defining Your Ideal Client
  • Lesson Two: Build Out Your LinkedIn Presence
  • Lesson Three: Create Your Freelance Writer Website
  • Lesson Four: In-Person Networking
  • Lesson Five: Social Media
  • Module Seven Actionable Steps

Module Eight: Transitioning to Full-Time Freelancing

  • Lesson One: Creating an “FU” Fund
  • Lesson Two: When It’s Time to Make the Leap
  • Module Eight Actionable Steps

Module Nine: Growing Your Business

  • Lesson One: Raising Your Rates
  • Lesson Two: When to Fire Clients
  • Lesson Three: Hiring Subcontractors
  • Lesson Four: Selling Digital Products
  • Module Nine Actionable Steps


  • Lesson One: Freelance Writing When English Isn’t Your First Language
  • Lesson Two: Freelance Writing as a Digital Nomad
  • Lesson Three: Further Reading

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